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Primary Goals of the International Communication and Information Policy Group

1. Promote business opportunities for U.S. ICT and telecommunications companies and create jobs at home by:

  • Negotiating to open foreign markets to U.S. providers of goods and services;
  • Seeking to ensure fair competition;
  • Helping to resolve specific regulatory, trade or technical issues with individual governments on a bilateral basis.

2. Promote the advancement of ICT and telecommunications technologies by:

  • Negotiating the allocation of adequate electromagnetic spectrum resources for current and future technologies at organizations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU);
  • Advocating the acceptance of a variety of technical standards, including U.S. standards, so that the global market can choose the best technologies.

3. Promote access to and expansion of ICT and telecommunications technologies to improve the education, health and welfare of the world's population by:

  • Cooperating with international agencies to help match areas with challenging and unmet ICT needs to institutions able to provide assistance:
    U.S. Agency for International Development
    ITU Development
  • Advocating the elimination of unnecessary regulations overseas and the privatization of state owned firms.

4. Protect the national security interests of the United States by:

  • Cooperating with other agencies and governments to establish and use legal regimes that prevent ICT technologies from being used for illegal or destructive purposes;
  • Cooperating with other agencies and governments to establish and use legal regimes that protect the lawful and beneficial activities of the global "on-line" community.


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