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2012 Events

-12/18/12   Fostering Dialogue Between U.S. Companies and the Polish Government
-12/14/12   Doing Business with the World Bank Group
-12/12/12   Doing Business in the Philippines
-12/12/12   Overview of Benin's Business Environment
-12/11/12   USOECD Paris Advocating Competitive Neutrality
-12/04/12   Doing Business in Europe
-11/19/12   Opportunities in Lesotho's Energy and Water Sectors
-11/19/12   Trade and the Economic Climate in Vietnam
-11/15/12   Business Opportunities in Infrastructure and Clean Energy in Costa Rica
-11/15/12   Japanese Renewable Energy Market
-11/14/12   An Overview of U.S. Trade With Guatemala
-11/14/12   Doing Business in Latvia
-11/14/12   Promoting the U.S. as a Travel and Tourism Destination in Spain
-11/13/12   Doing Business in Haiti
-11/13/12   Infrastructure and Investment Opportunities in Northeast Brazil
-11/13/12   New and Emerging Commercial Opportunities and Strategies for Success in Gabon
-11/05/12   Partnering with Kuwait's Education Sector
-10/30/12   Overview of the Business Climate in Angola
-10/18/12   Botswana - Focus on Coal
-10/16/12   An Overview of the Business Climate in Israel
-10/04/12   An Overview of American Business Opportunities in Afghanistan
-09/26/12   Honduras' Political and Economic Outlook and Opportunities for U.S. Businesses
-09/26/12   Opportunities in Qatar's Wastewater Sector
-09/25/12   Trade Mission to Zambia and South Africa
-09/25/12   Turkish Government Plans to Make Istanbul a World Financial Center
-09/24/12   Markets and Opportunities in Kazakhstan
-09/20/12   Uruguay: Business Opportunities for U.S. Firms in the Gateway to MERCOSUR
-09/18/12   Building on the Success of the June 2012 U.S.-Poland Business Summit
-09/18/12   Opportunities in Oman's Emerging Aquaculture Sector
-09/14/12   Trade and Investment Climate in Bangladesh
-09/13/12   Mexico: Your Trading Partner Across The Border
-09/11/12   Business and Trade Opportunities in the Indian State of Kerala
-09/05/12   Opportunities for U.S. Businesses in the UAE
-07/25/12   Agriculture and Energy Trade & Investment Opportunities in Kosovo
-07/25/12   Introduction to Direct Line Program in Pakistan
-07/23/12   The Promise and Challenges of Turkmenistan's Business Environment
-06/21/12   Opportunities for U.S. Businesses under the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
-06/20/12   Doing Business in Yemen
-06/19/12   Trade and Investment Opportunities in Kosovo
-06/14/12   Brazil's Economic Outlook and Opportunities for U.S. Businesses
-06/14/12   Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Spain
-06/13/12   Opportunities for U.S. Businesses in Indonesia
-06/12/12   Doing Business in Kuwait
-06/11/12   Business and Investment Opportunities in Canada
-06/11/12   Doing Business in China
-06/06/12   Business Opportunities in Botswana and the Botswana Investment Climate
-06/04/12   Attracting U.S. Investment to Jordan
-05/31/12   Opportunities for Trade and Investment in Zambia
-05/24/12   Doing Business in Qatar
-05/09/12   Commercial Opportunities in Gabon
-05/08/12   Opportunities in Oman's Water Treatment Sector
-05/03/12   New Turkish Investment Incentives
-04/25/12   Business and Investment Opportunities in Infrastructure in Peru
-04/03/12   Housing and Infrastructure in Libya


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