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Energy is at the nexus of national security, economic prosperity, and the environment. The Department of State’s work in national security, bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, commercial advocacy, environment and development are widely affected by energy concerns. The Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR) is working to ensure that all our diplomatic relationships advance our interests in having access to secure, reliable, and ever-cleaner sources of energy.

The Bureau of Energy Resources has three core objectives:

Energy Diplomacy: To manage the geopolitics of today’s energy economy through reinvigorated energy diplomacy with major producers and consumers of energy.

Energy Transformation: To stimulate the market forces that will sustain transformational energy policies in terms of alternative and renewable energy sources, electricity, development, and reconstruction.

Energy Governance and Access: To expand good governance, increase transparency, and improve commercially viable and environmentally sustainable access to the 1.3 billion people without modern energy services.

Dentons 2016 Energy Outlook Event

Special Envoy Hochstein (Aug. 2): "To put it simply, the United States is the world’s energy superpower. That’s as simple as I can put it. Now, the question becomes, why are we that superpower and what makes us a superpower in energy? And that’s in oil, gas, and renewables across the board." Full Text»

Second Washington Oil and Gas Forum

Special Envoy Hochstein (June 9): "Energy is interlinked with foreign policy like no other commodity, like no other economic sector... Without energy you cannot have a sustainable economy.” Full Text»

Energy Security in the Caribbean Video, Bureau of Energy Resources

Special Envoy Hochstein (May 4): "When you look at the Caribbean, you have a series of island states who have a very high cost of electricity, in a region that needs an enormous amount of power in order to succeed and to prosper. Most of that electricity in this region, in the Caribbean, is being achieved through fuel oil." Full Text» DipNote»

U.S.-Caribbean-Central American Energy Summit, May 3-4

May 4: Vice President Joe Biden delivers a keynote speech at the U.S.-Caribbean-Central American Energy Summit.

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Secretary Kerry (May 3):
"The choices we make with respect to energy are going to define whether your country is up or down, where it's going, whether you're moving in the right direction or staying in the past or even moving in the wrong direction." Full Text» Task Force Report: English | Spanish» More»

Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

Secretary Kerry (Apr. 5):
"For the first time in history -- despite the low price of coal, oil, and gas -- more of the world's money was spent fostering renewable energy technologies than was spent on new fossil fuel plants. That's a revolution." Full Text» More»


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