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Jefferson Science Lecture Series

Jefferson Science Fellows Distinguished Lecture Series on Current Issues in Science and Technology

Monthly lecture series at the State Department by our Jefferson Science Fellows, sponsored by the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary (STAS), the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES), and the USAID Office of Science and Technology.

July 23, 2013
Dr. Surya Challapalli, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Department Chair
"In Search of Utopium: The Elusive Metal

May 21, 2013
Dr. M. Samy El-Shall, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University
“Nanoscale Materials for Energy Applications and New Opportunities for Middle East Regional Cooperation”

April 23, 2013
Dr. Jean B. Ristaino, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University
“Emerging Plant Diseases in the Context of Ecosystem Services”

March 26, 2013
Dr. Raj Khosla, Professor of Precision Agriculture and Monfort Professor, Colorado State University
“Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security”

February 28, 2013
Dr. Maureen M. Goodenow, Professor, Stephany W. Holloway Endowed University Chair for AIDS Research, University of Florida
"HIV/AIDS Pandemic: A Global Health Paradigm for Defense, Development, and Diplomacy”

 January 22, 2013
Dr. Rajan Sen, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida
"Reconsidering Urban Utopia: Infrastructure and Innovation for the New Millennium"

December 18, 2012
Dr. Roger Kjelgren, Professor, Department of Plants, Soils and Climate, Utah State University
"Burma’s Trees: A Forest-Agriculture-Climate Nexus"

November 27, 2012
Dr. Clyde Martin, P.W. Horn Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Texas Tech University
"Insuring the Subsistence Farmer"

July 11, 2012
Dr. Nwadiuto Esiobu, Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Florida Atlantic University
"A Fresh Look at Africa: Technologies for Advancing Sustainable Agricultural & Health Outcomes"

June 22, 2012
Dr. Curtis L. Weller, Professor of Food and Bioprocess Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"Cereals and Ag Development: For the Health of It!"

May 22, 2012
Dr. Norma M. Allewell, Professor, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, University of Maryland
"From Proteins to the Pacific: Science Diplomacy in East Asia and the Pacific"

May 9, 2012
Dr. Devinder Mahajan
Professor and Co-Director of Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Stony Brook University; Scientific Staff Joint Appointment, Brookhaven National Laboratory
“A Tale of Two Fuels: Competition or Convergence of Oil and Natural Gas”

April 24, 2012
Dr. Darin Toohey, Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
“The Canary in the Coal Mine: Why the Stratosphere is Still Relevant

March 27, 2012
Dr. Peter Davies, Professor of Plant Physiology, Cornell University
“Crop Biotechnology: Science and Sustainability”

February 28, 2012
Dr. Alan McHughen, Professor, Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics, University of California, Riverside
“What everyone needs to know about modern genetics, or, Who’s getting into your genes?”

February 16, 2012
Dr. Max Rothschild
C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Ensminger Chair in International Livestock, Iowa State University
“The Genomics Revolution: Contributions and Challenges for Science, Health and Diplomacy”

January 30, 2012
Dr. Mark Eberhart, Professor, Department of Chemistry
Colorado School of Mines
“Science, Energy, and the National Strategic Narrative”

November 21, 2011
Dr. Dick Marston
"Land, Life, and Environmental Change in the Himalaya"

July 12, 2011
Dr. Douglas W. Laube, Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Challenges to Reducing Women’s Reproductive Mortality and Morbidity

June 14, 2011
Dr. David Bruce Conn, School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Berry College
Neglected Diseases, Emerging Infections, and America’s Global Health Century

May 24, 2011
Dr. Nicholas P. Farrell, Professor of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
Biodiversity in Health and Medicine

April 22, 2011
Dr. Nicholas B. Suntzeff, Mitchell Professor of Cosmology, Texas A&M University
A Cosmologist at the State Department: Science Diplomacy and the Impending Death of the Universe

February 9, 2011
Dr. Suresh V. Garimella, Goodson Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
Electricity, Development and Emissions

July 9, 2010
Dr. Cynthia Baldwin, Professor of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Feeding the Future: How infectious diseases undermine our goal to achieve food security worldwide

May 25, 2010
Dr. Jerry Dobson, Professor of Geography, University of Kansas; President, American Geographical Society
Geography: Use It or Lose It

April 27, 2010
Dr. Kenneth Verosub, Distinguished Professor of Geology, University of California, Davis
Whiskey is for Drinking; Water is for Fighting Over: Coping with Transboundary Water Disputes in a Water-Scarce World

March 23, 2010
Dr. John Savage, Professor of Computer Science, Brown University
Cyberspace – Taming the Wild West

February 23, 2010
Dr. Wayne Pennington, Chair and Professor of Geophysical Engineering, Michigan Tech
Seismological Aspects of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake: What We Knew; What We Know Now; What We Can Do to Improve!”

January 26, 2010
Dr. Steven L. Garrett, Professor of Acoustics, The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Philip K. Hopke, Distinguished Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Clarkson University
Improved Cookstoves: An Opportunity for Improved Health and Climate in the Developing World

November 24, 2009
Dr. Puru Jena, Distinguished Professor of Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University
Cold Facts and Green Dreams: A Global Approach for Renewable Energy

October 27, 2009
Dr. Paul M. Kintner, Jr., Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
Space Weather and a Fragile World

September 22, 2009
Dr. Michael El-Batanouny, Professor of Physics, Boston University
The Future of the Cyber-Network

June 23, 2009
Dr. Melba M. Crawford, Interim Associate Dean of Engineering for Research, Director of the Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing, Professor of Agronomy, Civil and Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Chair of Excellence in Earth Observation, Purdue University
Geospatial Technologies for Reconnaissance, Response, and Mitigation of Disasters: Imagery and Beyond

May 26, 2009
Dr. Claudio Cioffi-Revilla, Professor of Computational Social Sciences, George Mason University
Science and Complexity in Foreign Policy: Insights from the Frontiers of Computational Social Science"

April 28, 2009
Dr. Michael J. Prather, Fred Kavli Endowed Chair, Professor of Earth System Science, and Director of the Environment Institute, University of California at Irvine
“Climate: to everything there is a season, but the times they are a-changin'”

March 31, 2009
Dr. James Harrington, Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Rutgers University
Dual-Use Technologies and Export Controls: A Case Study of Lasers and Sensors

February 24, 2009
Dr. Tim DeVoogd, Professor of Psychology, Cornell University
“What You Need to Know About Your Brain for Work at the State Department”

December 19, 2008
Dr. Bruce Averill, Bureau of Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State;
formerly Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry, University of Toledo
“Geothermal Energy: A Vision for the Western Hemisphere”

November 21, 2008
Dr. Osama Awadelkarim, Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Pennsylvania State University
“Physical, Material Sciences, and Engineering: Science Diplomacy with African Nations”

October 17, 2008
Dr. Nina Fedoroff, Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State and to the Administrator of USAID
“Seeds of a Perfect Storm: GM Crops & the Global Food Security Crisis” Video | Transcript


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