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Zimbabwe’s elections in 2008 were marred by violence and corruption. A constitutional reform process is now underway, and a national referendum will follow. A presidential election is likely in 2013. To gain a better understanding of the conflict dynamics in Zimbabwe and how the U.S. government can play a positive role in preventing a repeat of 2008, the U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe asked CSO to conduct an in-country conflict assessment and assist the embassy in strategic planning to prepare it for potential transition scenarios.

A joint CSO-USAID team deployed to Nairobi from May to June 2012 and conducted a country-wide conflict assessment. Using that information, the team facilitated in-country scenario planning sessions with the U.S. embassy and USAID. Taking that information to Washington in September 2012, CSO led an interagency table-top exercise to better align U.S. policy and to prepare for the transition in Zimbabwe.


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