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Intellectual Property Rights/Cyber Crimes

The spread of information technology (IT) and networked systems throughout the world has had an enormous positive impact on economies and societies. Unfortunately, criminals are exploiting the new technology in ways that drain wealth and undermine the rule of law. Intellectual property rights (IPR) theft, from songs and movies to machine tools and pharmaceuticals, is spiraling. A host of IT-enabled crimes across the spectrum such as hacking and viruses, cyber-smuggling and identity theft are also increasing. We are also seeing attacks of increasing severity on the Internet itself. Given the borderless nature of cyberspace, an effective U.S. law enforcement response must emphasize international cooperation and capacity building with our foreign law enforcement partners. INL works to ensure that U.S. policy remains consistent and focused in these areas with an emphasis on long-term planning and capacity building.

INL Intellectual Property Rights/Cyber Crime programs help to strengthen IPR criminal enforcement globally including through training and technical assistance to combat IPR piracy/theft, cybercrime, identity theft, smuggling of counterfeit goods, help create strong laws and to set up specialized high tech anti-crime units.


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