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ILEA Roswell

Logo: ILEA RoswellInternational Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA)
Roswell, New Mexico


International Law Enforcement Academy, Roswell, New Mexico - Main BuildingVery early in the development of the ILEA’s it became apparent that an additional facility was required for the achievement of important foreign policy objectives of the Department of State. A major goal of the US is the enhancement of the professionalism of foreign law enforcement officials to enable them to efficiently combat crime in their respective countries and at, the same time, prevent the movement of transnational criminal elements into the United States and throughout the world. The most effective and efficient way to accomplish this goal was the creation of an ILEA providing training to a global, not just regional student body.

International Law Enforcement Academy, Roswell, New Mexico - LobbyIn furtherance of this effort the Department of State established an International Law Enforcement Academy at the deBremmond National Guard facility located in Roswell, New Mexico. The ILEA in Roswell became operational in 2001.


ILEA Roswell is administered by a consortium of universities and private industry under a cooperative agreement with the Department of State. Courses have been designed by and are taught by academicians, for foreign law enforcement officials. This Academy is unique in its format and composition with a strictly academic focus and a worldwide student body.

Operational Procedures

International Law Enforcement Academy, Roswell, New Mexico - Water FountainThe ILEA Policy Board has designated the Department of State as the Lead Agency, to provide infrastructure and program support for this Academy and the Board provides overall policy guidance for the operation of the academy. The Department of State funds most of the training at the ILEA through the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL). Some specialized courses are funded by other USG agencies and/or foreign governments.

Courses are selected on the basis of needs assessments conducted by the USG to evaluate both the needs of the target nations and those of the USG. The selection of courses is approved by the ILEA Steering Group. Currently, ILEA Roswell conducts several four-week management courses per year. The participants are mid-to-senior level law enforcement and criminal justice officials drawn from pools of ILEA graduates from the Academies in Bangkok, Budapest, San Salvador, Lima and Gaborone.

International Law Enforcement Academy, Roswell, New Mexico - Computer LaboratoryInitial offers of training to participating nations are made through the U.S. Embassies in the countries concerned. Participants must have previously participated in training at one of the regional ILEA’s and are nominated by these countries. They are then vetted to ensure that attendees meet US requirements that exclude intelligence officers and known violators of human rights. The ILEA maintains an ever expanding list of alumni and engages in several activities to ensure that alumni obtain the maximum benefit from their training.


The Academy is located in Roswell, New Mexico. The Academy has a dedicated campus facility and in addition to administrative offices there are several classrooms, a computer lab, and office space for instructors.

Overview of Programs

International Law Enforcement Academy, Roswell, New Mexico - Graduating ClassThe instruction includes topics such as police organization and administration, psychology of criminal behavior, ethics in policing, dealing with domestic violence, planning for police operations, women in policing, human resources, role of citizens in policing, dealing with civil disobedience and dissent, etc. In addition, a cultural and institutional orientation component is blended throughout the courses.

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