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INL Offices

Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan (INL/AP)

The Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan is focused on directing and overseeing critical foreign assistance programs which support the justice sectors in two countries which are central to our national security interests. More»

Office of Africa and Middle East Programs (INL/AME)

The Office of Africa and Middle East Programs is focused on developing, directing and overseeing critical foreign assistance programs which support comprehensive criminal justice sector capacity development in countries throughout Africa and the Middle East. More»

Office of Anti-Crime Programs (INL/C)

The Office of Anti-Crime Programs advances U.S. national security interests by minimizing the impact of international crime on the United States and its citizens. Three main teams comprise the office: the Crime Programs Division, the International Law Enforcement Academies, and programs on Demand Reduction. More»

Office of Aviation (INL/A)

The Office of Aviation (also known as the INL Air Wing) oversees a combined fleet of more than 240 active airplanes and helicopters in some of the most challenging, remote, austere, and dangerous countries in the world. More»

Office of Criminal Justice and Assistance Partnerships (INL/CAP)

The Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership supports programs to help institutionalize sustainable criminal justice sectors, instill public trust in the Rule of Law and protect human rights. More»

Office of Europe and Asia (INL/EA)

The Office of Europe and Asia programs is responsible for broad law enforcement, rule of law and counternarcotics policies and program management in accordance with U.S. foreign policy objectives throughout Europe and all of Asia, excluding Afghanistan and Pakistan. More»

Office of Iraq (INL/I)

The Office of Iraq is an integral player in the U.S. Government’s efforts to help the Government of Iraq and the Iraqi people to promote security, stability, and respect for the rule of law in Iraq. Through lessons learned in missions all over the world, the Bureau has developed significant criminal justice development experience in post-conflict environments over the last two decades. More»

Office of Policy, Planning and Coordination (INL/PC)

The Office of Policy, Planning and Coordination manages public affairs and public outreach, congressional affairs, multilateral affairs (United Nations, Organization of American States, Group of Eight, European Union, and others) as well as special projects, including coordination of the annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report and the President’s annual List of Major Drug Source and Transit Countries. More»

Office of Western Hemisphere Programs (INL/WHP)

The mission of the Office of Western Hemisphere Programs is to develop policies and manage programs to help partner countries in the Western Hemisphere. More»


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