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State/INL Armenia Program

Fact Sheet
Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
December 6, 2011


Funding FY 2005-2011:

  • FY 2005 - $2,500,000 (FSA*)
  • FY 2006 - $3,000,000 (FSA*)
  • FY 2007 - $2,950,000 (FSA*)
  • FY 2008 - $2,853,000 (FSA*)
  • FY 2009 - $3,550,000 (AEECA**)
  • FY 2010 - $3,083,000 (AEECA**)
  • FY 2011 - $3,083,000 (AEECA**)

*FSA: FREEDOM Support Act
**AEECA: Assistance to Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia

Program Goals:

  • Armenia is located at one of the world’s major crossroads of conflict, an area where the interests of neighboring Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as other outside powers, have frequently clashed.
  • In the first decade of its independence, Armenia faced the challenges of economic reform and democratization even as it engaged in a bitter territorial conflict with Azerbaijan. Now in its second decade as an independent nation, Armenia seeks more and better economic and political integration with European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.
  • Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) programs have assisted the Government of Armenia (GOAM) implement legislation to track, freeze and seize terrorist assets and have expanded law enforcement assistance and cooperation and laid the groundwork for anti-drug and anti-crime legislation, with a focus on trafficking in persons.

Program Components:

  • Law Enforcement Assistance Programs:

Through the Regional Computer Network Project, a single database was created for the Armenian Police departments to include reported criminal cases, missing persons, wanted suspects, stolen vehicles, and stolen weapons and ammunition. Other assistance focuses on police corruption, civil disturbance management, crowd management training, cybercrime, and mid-level management police training and police survival skills.

  • Criminal Justice Sector Programs:

1.) The Resident Legal Advisor Program supports an experienced federal prosecutor from the U.S. Department of Justice who provides in-country targeted judicial sector assistance to components of the GOAM, including: Criminal Procedure Code reform, anti-money laundering and anti-trafficking in persons.

2.) The Armenian Legal Socialization Project continues to bridge understanding between law enforcement professionals and students in secondary schools around the country with legal education curriculum and community-based workshops. This project is implemented by Project Harmony International, and has received wide support from the GOAM Juvenile Justice Department and the Armenian police.

3.) The Rule of Law Initiative: Criminal Law Reform Project carried out by American Bar Association, works to enhance the skills of defense advocates, ensure due process and protect human rights.

4.) Anti-money laundering projects include coordinating with U.S. Department of the Treasury to provide training sessions and guidance to the Armenian Ministry of Finance with reforming money laundering legislation.

5.) INL has continuously funded NGO International Organization for Migration and local organization Hope and Help to assist Victims of Trafficking and build the law enforcement’s capacity to handle TIP cases.

  • Forensic Institute Development:

Forensics is a critical element of any modern criminal justice system. This on-going project assists with laboratory renovations, training and technical assistance as well as procurement and installation of equipment. The goal is to improve and modernize GOAM forensic capability so that law enforcement and prosecutors can more effectively investigate and prosecute criminal activity.

Key Issues/Challenges:

  • Armenian justice institutions are still struggling to overcome the legal legacies of the Soviet times. Organized crime and corruption are persistent problems. Ongoing cross-border tensions with some of its neighbors impedes more effective sub-regional cooperation, critical given the flow of drugs, contraband and other criminal activities in the southern Caucasus.

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