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Cooperation With European Partners in Counternarcotics and Rule of Law Programs in West Africa, Central America, and Around the World

Principal Deputy Assistant Nichols (Nov. 19): "The U.S. and Europe work together on three levels. We work on policies, we work on programs and we work on in law enforcement coordination. On policies we work with coordinating our approach both within our respective nations as well as in third countries as providers of assistance and that translates into programs. On the ground we work in West Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, Afghanistan, and Europe. We are continually looking for areas where we can cooperate ever more closely to deliver real benefits for our peoples." Full Text» Video»

The Impact of the UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime and Its Protocols in Combating Crime Around the World

Principal Deputy Assistant Nichols (Oct. 24): "This is a convention of the parties of the UN Transnational Organized Crime Convention. This is an opportunity for over a hundred and seventy countries to come together to harmonize our policies in an effort to combat international crime, money laundering, trafficking in persons, human smuggling, theft of cultural property and a whole host of other problems that affect our peoples. Crime affects all of us and it’s a globalized world now." Full Text» Video»

Gangs, Youth, and Demand Reduction

Assistant Secretary Brownfield (Oct. 1): "Tens of thousands of disaffected, under-educated, and poorly prepared youth, seeing little hope for a future in their traditional communities, band together in criminal organizations. They consume the product of the illicit drug industry. They facilitate the logistics and transportation for the trafficking industry in Central America and Mexico and, in the United States, they are a primary distributor and retailer of the finished product. We also know the outlines for the solution to the problem." Full Text» Video»

Transnational Organized Crime and How the State Department Is Addressing This Threat, Both Historically and Currently

Assistant Secretary Brownfield (July 26): "We recognize the fact that it’s not just cocaine that we deal with on the drug front. It’s also heroin, methamphetamine, some versions of marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs that are licitly produced but illicitly used. We are also dealing with problems and crises such as trafficking in persons, gangs with their headquarters overseas, the movement and flow of firearms and explosives, cybercrime, crime involving intellectual property, terrorism, and the general requirement to support the development of rule of law institutions throughout the world." Full Text» Video»


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