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Frequently Asked Questions From the G/TIP Bidders' Conference

November 5, 2009


Who is eligible to apply for funding?
U.S.-based non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGO), public international organizations (PIO), foreign NGOs, and universities are eligible to submit SOIs. For-profit organizations are also eligible to submit SOIs; however, they may not take a profit from grant-funded activities. Organizations may form consortia and submit a combined statement of interest; however, one organization should be designated as the lead applicant. Some projects may be accomplished by USG implementers through Interagency Agreement.


Are small businesses, as defined by the USG, eligible to apply?
Yes, but as for-profit organizations, small businesses may not take a profit from grant funds.


Can organizations that currently receive funds from G/TIP apply for additional funding under this solicitation?


Is there a limit to the number of SOIs that can be submitted by a single applicant?
No, however, we intend to provide funding to a wide range of qualified, capable organizations that do well in the competitive review.


If an applicant proposes a partnership with an NGO, does the partnership agreement have to be finalized at the time of the SOI application?


Can an organization submit an application that includes a new partnership or must it be an established partnership with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)?
We encourage partnerships, whether they are new or old. The specifics of a partnership in a proposal are up to the applicant.


If the country I plan to work in is not on the priority countries list may I work from another country that is?
G/TIP cannot advise you on how to target your proposal. The direction of your proposal should be taken under your own consideration.


Can an organization submit a proposal that includes non priority countries?
We cannot guide you on which countries to target; that is up to each applicant.


How much money will be allocated to each region or priority country?
We did not indicate the amount that would be allocated to a specific region in the 2010 solicitation. The final amount allocated or awarded for each country will depend on the quality of the proposals and the nature of the proposed activities.


Can an organization work with more than one country?


There are many examples listed in the solicitation. Must my application propose one of these projects?
No. The examples are not an exhaustive list.


Does G/TIP have a preference when it comes to Bilateral, Regional, or Global proposals?
G/TIP has funded many bilateral proposals, but we are also seeking projects that address cross border and regional trafficking problems.


The award ceiling is $750,000 for this solicitation for 36 months. Does this mean $750,000 each year for up to 36 months?
No. G/TIP will award projects that total up to $750,000 for the duration of the project. The amount requested should be consistent with the scope of the project.


Does the award ceiling of $750,000 include indirect costs?
Yes. All costs requested, including indirect costs, must be included in this amount.


Do I need to submit a complete budget at the time of submitting the SOI?
No, only estimated budget figures for (a) program costs, (b) administrative costs (which include indirect costs, and (c) any cost sharing must be included with the SOI.


How much elaboration or discussion of the budget figures is needed in the two-page SOI?
The solicitation states that we are seeking estimated budget figures in US dollars. How you distribute space throughout two pages is tough choice, but we leave it up to applicants to decide.


In the past, G/TIP awarded extra points for NGO partnerships. Is that the case this year?
Partnerships are one of the six evaluation criteria that will be used in the rating of full proposals received, but will not constitute any extra points.


Is there any difference between submitting applications to versus Should applicants submit applications to both?
Please submit your SOI to one of the websites, not both. These websites are acceptable ways of submitting applications, but we especially encourage applicants to use the new web-based method that is accessed at as we currently use GrantSolutions for the electronic processing of all grant applications and awards, as well as the electronic management of our grant portfolio. Applicants using GrantSolutions will receive a confirmation page with submission information, and applications can be submitted without prior CCR registration, which is required for and takes approximately 3-5 business days to obtain. However, applications will be accepted via as well. Regardless of the method use, all applicants are encouraged to initiate applications early in the application development process and to submit completed applications early on the due date or before to allow for any technical difficulties that may arise.


What should I do if I encounter difficulty in using the GrantSolutions or websites?
For assistance with please contact Customer Support at 1-800-618-0223 or 1-301-231-6005 or Customer Support is available 8 AM – 6 PM EST, Monday – Friday. For assistance with, please call the Contact Center at 1-800-518-4726 or The Contact Center is available 7 AM – 9 PM, EST (closed on Federal Holidays).


Why did G/TIP decide to move to a two-stage process this year?
We believe that this two-stage process will help manage the 2010 competitive grant process most effectively and save hundreds of applicants the time and resources required to prepare a full proposal.


How many applicants do you expect to invite to submit a full proposal?
We are not certain of the number that will be invited to submit full applications in stage two of the process. The decision will be made after the review of the SOIs.


Will the addition of a second stage mean that the application process will be longer and lengthen the time involved for successful applicants to receive grant awards?
We hope that by instituting this two-stage process and reducing the number of full applications considered that we will be able to significantly reduce the time involved in the selection process. We expect to award grant funds to successful applicants by September 30, 2010.


When do you expect to notify applicants that are requested to submit a full application?
We expect to notify applicants selected to move to the second stage of the process in February or early March. We expect that each organization will have 30 days from notification to submit a proposal.


How will I know what G/TIP will require for full proposals?
Applicants that are evaluated highly in the first stage of the competitive review process and are invited to submit full proposals will receive application information about the second stage of the process. The criteria for assessing full proposals are listed in the solicitation.


Where can I find specifics regarding previously funded projects?
Applicants are encouraged to look to our website, for G/TIP and other USG TIP related funding.


Will you offer a de-brief for non-selected proposals?
We recognize applicants’ desire to know why a proposal was not funded, and therefore do the best we can to provide constructive feedback to unsuccessful applicants that request this information. However we can not provide a written specific response to every non-selected proposal.


Please clarify U.S. Embassies’ involvement in this year’s solicitation process.
Embassies have a good knowledge of our grants and the programs in their country. A cable was sent to all embassies to provide key information about our solicitation. The cable also provided additional guidance to the Embassies in the 40 countries on our priority list, encouraging them to post information about the solicitation on their websites. Embassies will rank and prioritize all proposed projects that meet the technical requirements. Full proposals will also be shared with the embassy in the country where the work is proposed to take place.


Where can I get additional advice about preparing the SOI or full application?
Neither G/TIP nor other Department of State staff, including Embassy personnel, are permitted to advise you on the content of your application. Persons with questions about the requirements of the solicitation may contact Mark Forstrom at

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