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Foreign Affairs Manual
1 FAM - Organization and Function
2 FAM - General
3 FAM - Personnel
4 FAM - Financial Management
5 FAM - Information Management
6 FAM - General Services
7 FAM - Consular Affairs
8 FAM (Cancelled - incorporated into 7 FAM)
9 FAM Visas
10 FAM Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
11 FAM Legal and Political Affairs
12 FAM Diplomatic Security
13 FAM Training and Professional Development
14 FAM Logistics Management
15 FAM Overseas Buildings Operations
16 FAM Medical Program

Foreign Affairs Handbooks
2 FAH-1 Foreign Affairs Manual Handbook
2 FAH-2 Post Management Organization Handbook
2 FAH-3 Vital Presence Validation Process Handbook
3 FAH-1 Personnel Operations Handbook
3 FAH-2 Foreign Service National
3 FAH-3 Maternity, Surrogacy, and Adoption Handbook
4 FAH-1 Account Structure and Classification Codes Handbook
4 FAH-2 Disbursing Officer Handbook
4 FAH-3 Financial Management Procedures
5 FAH-1 Correspondence Handbook
5 FAH-2 Telecommunications Handbook
5 FAH-3 TAGS Terms Handbook
5 FAH-4 Records Management Handbook
5 FAH-5 Information Technology Systems Handbook
5 FAH-7 Graphics Standards Handbook
5 FAH-8 Web Development Handbook
5 FAH-11 Information Assurance Handbook
6 FAH-5 ICASS Handbook
12 FAH-12 Accountability Review Board Handbook
14 FAH-1 Department-Wide Personal Property Management
14 FAH-2 Contracting Officer's Representative Handbook
14 FAH-3 Acquisition Career Management Program Handbook
14 FAH-4 Pouch and Mail Handbook
14 FAH-5 Diplomatic Post Office Handbook
15 FAH-1 Facilities Maintenance Handbook


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