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-FMP-84 (03-10-2014) H-610, H-630, H-640, H-650 and H-670  [90 Kb]
-FMP-83 (03-07-2014) H-460 and H-470  [89 Kb]
-FMP-81 (08-29-2013) H-310, H-410 and H-430  [172 Kb]
-FMP-80 (08-28-2013)  [173 Kb]
-FMP-79 (08-23-2013) H-660 and H-680  [174 Kb]
-FMP-78 (08-23-2013) H-620 and H-630  [173 Kb]
-FMP-76 (08-20-2013) H-110 Budgeting  [172 Kb]
-FMP-76 (08-20-2013) H-110 Budgeting  [173 Kb]
-FMP-73 (06-27-2013) H-390 Cashier Operations  [170 Kb]
-FMP-72 (05-30-2013) H-140, H-150 and H-160  [173 Kb]
-FMP-71 (04-23-2013) Updates 5 Subchapters  [99 Kb]
-FMP-70 (02-04-2013) H-530 Pay and Allowances Computation  [94 Kb]
-FMP-68 (09-18-2012) H-050 Obligation Validity Criteria  [168 Kb]
-FMP-67 (06-22-2012) Global Administration Change  [91 Kb]
-FMP-66 (09-20-2011) H-160 Funding Matrices  [92 Kb]
-FMP-65 (08-29-2011) H-540 Payroll Deductions and Contributions  [90 Kb]
-FMP-64 (03-11-2011) H-390 Cashier Operations  [94 Kb]
-FMP-63 (03-01-2011) H-060 Authorization Procedures  [94 Kb]
-FMP-62 (01-28-2011) H-460 Travel and Travel Advances  [107 Kb]
-FMP-61 (10-07-2010) H-390 Cashier Operations  [106 Kb]
-FMP-60 (09-20-2010) Removes H-440  [79 Kb]
-FMP-59 (08-25-2010) H-310 Cash Management  [93 Kb]
-FMP-58 (08-23-2010) Removes H-200 Funds Management  [81 Kb]
-FMP-57 (07-07-2010) Removes H-480 Claims against the United States  [77 Kb]
-FMP-56 (06-29-2010) H-470 Transportation of Passengers and Things  [114 Kb]
-FMP-55 (05-21-2010) H-060 Authorization Procedures  [102 Kb]


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