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5 FAM - Information Management

5 FAM 100 Information Technology Management
-110 IT Management
-120 Information Managment Staffing Abroad
-130 IT Performance Measures
-140 Acceptablity and Use of Electronic Signatures
-150 Service Agreements

5 FAM 200 Correspondence
-210 Preparing Official Correspondence
-220 Communications to the United Nations
-230 The Organization of American States

5 FAM 300 Information Technology (IT) Green Initiatives
-310 Printing Policy

5 FAM 400 Records Management
-410 Records and Information Life Cycle Management Program
-420 Creating Records
-430 Disposition of Records
-440 Electronic Records, Facsimile Records, and Electronic Mail Records
-450 Management of Digital Imaging Records
-460 The Privacy Act and Personally Identifiable Information
-470 Accessing and Using Departmen of State Information
-480 Classifying and Declassifying National Security Information-Executive Order 13526
-490 Use of Copyrighted Material

5 FAM 500 Telecommunications
-590 Video Teleconferencing On Department Of State Enterprise Networks
-510 Telecommunications Service and Equipment
-520 Telephone Services
-530 Facsimile Transmission
-540 Voice Radio Systems
-550 Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
-560 Tactical Satellite Communications
-570 Television Services and Equipment
-580 Wireless Information Technology

5 FAM 600 Information Technology Systems
-610 Developing and Managing Information Technology (IT) Systems
-620 Information Technology Project Management
-630 Data Management Policy
-640 Project Quality Management
-650 Configuration Management (CM)
-660 Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA)
-670 Information Technology Performance Measures for Project Management
-680 Earned Value Management Program

5 FAM 700 Internet and Intranet Use
-710 General
-720 General Policies
-730 System Security
-740 Cookies
-750 Electronic Mail (Email) Policy
-760 Classification of Web Based Documents
-770 Federal Websites
-780 Internet Access
-790 Using Social Media

5 FAM 800 Information Systems Management
-810 Information Systems Management
-820 Information Technology Roles and Responsibilities
-830 IT Service Center
-840 Managing Systems
-850 Continuity of Operations and Contingency Planning
-860 Hardware and software Maintenance
-870 Networks
-880 Unavailable
-890 Digital Signing Macros

5 FAM 900 Information Technology Acquisition
-910 Information Technology Acquisition Policies
-920 Procedures for the Aquisition of Information Technology
-930 through 950 Unassigned
-960 Publications

5 FAM 1000 Information Technology (IT) Planning
-1010 Information Technology (IT) Planning
-1020 Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan
-1030 Information Technology (IT) Tactical Planning
-1040 Information Technology (IT) Capital Investment Planning Process
-1050 Unassigned
-1060 Information Assurance Management

5 FAM 1100 Cloud Computing
-1110 Cloud Computing Policy

5 FAM 1200 State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolset (SMART)
-1210 Purpose and Scope

5 FAM 1300 Publications and Related Services
-1310 Publication and Graphics Policy and Program
-1320 Department Copiers (Domestic)

5 FAM 1400 Library Services
-1410 Ralph J. Bunche Library Program
-1420 Ralph J. Bunche Library Publication Acquisitions
-1430 Ralph J. Bunche Library Reference and Access Services


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