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The Rwandan Genocide: April 12 - 19

-Potential Truce; UNAMIR's Future Role; Belgian Role in UNAMIR  [54 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Situation Report 30 as 1530 EDT, 04/11/94, No. 30  [71 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 11, 1994  [163 Kb]
-Rwanda Evacuation: 12 April, 1115  [17 Kb]
-Meeting an Urgent Requirement for UNOSOM Armored Personnel Carriers in Rwanda  [53 Kb]
-Blames Right Wing Military for Kigali's Nightmare  [83 Kb]
-Rwanda Evacuation: Advance Notice  [17 Kb]
-TFRWOL: ICRC Update on Activities in Rwanda  [104 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Future UNAMIR and French Roles in Rwanda  [48 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 11, 1994  [161 Kb]
-WGRW01: Talks with the GOF on Rwanda  [42 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Situation Report as of 0400 EDT, 04/12/94 (Report No. 34)  [52 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 12, 1994  [104 Kb]
-Rwanda Evacuation: 13 April, 1145  [20 Kb]
-WGRW01: GOB on Rwanda, April 13, 1000 Hours Local Time  [41 Kb]
-European Union Communique on Rwanda and Burundi  [46 Kb]
-Evacuation of CARE and Seventh Day AMCITS from Rwanda via Tanzania  [14 Kb]
-Rwanda Evacuation: 13 April, 1600  [19 Kb]
-TFRW01: ICRC, IFRC and UNHCR Reports on Situation in Rwanda - April 13  [70 Kb]
-WGRW01: French Forces on Way Out of Rwanda  [18 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Human Rights Activist Freed  [27 Kb]
-TFRWOL: UNOMUR on Stand-by in Uganda  [44 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Situation Report No. 36 as of 1300 EDT, 4/13/94  [55 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Troop Contributors Discuss UNAMIR's Future  [88 Kb]
-Welfare and Whereabouts - Journalists  [51 Kb]
-AF Points for Peacekeeping Core Group Meeting Wednesday, April 13, 1994  [50 Kb]
-April 13, 1994 Memo from Douglas J. Bennet to Secretary Warren Christopher Re: Phone Calls to UN Secretary General Boutros-Ghali on Bosnia and Rwanda  [73 Kb]
-April 13, 1994 Memo from Len Shurtleff to A/S Moose Re: Meeting with Belgian Ambassador Juan Cassiers, Thursday, April 14, 1994  [138 Kb]
-Talking Points: Bosnia and Rwanda  [51 Kb]
-AF Press Guidance - April 13, 1994  [88 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Still no Security Council Action, 4/13  [224 Kb]
-Notes 6 and Final  [48 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Situation Report No. 37 as of 1800 EDT, 04/13/94  [49 Kb]
-Demarche on Reconvening Arusha Talks  [97 Kb]
-TFRW01: Approach to UN Secretariat on UNAMIR  [30 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 13, 1994  [146 Kb]
-Rwanda Evacuation: 14 April, 1020  [20 Kb]
-TFRW01: UNSC Review of UNAMIR  [46 Kb]
-WGRWO1: Belgian Paratroops So Far Unable to Reach Hotel with American Journalists; Ask that Message be Passed via UNAMIR Liaison Officer to UNAMIR Barracks  [70 Kb]
-TFRWOL: RPF Launches Diplomatic Offensive  [225 Kb]
-WGRW01: Paris on Rwanda, April 14  [19 Kb]
-TFRW01: Situation Report No. 40 as of 1130 EDT, 4/14/94  [23 Kb]
-WGRW01: GOF Position on UNAMIR Debate  [52 Kb]
-TFRWO1: UN Recommendations to be Acted Upon 4/15  [138 Kb]
-Talking Points on UNAMIR Withdrawal  [129 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 14,1994  [125 Kb]
-NED from Kigali and an Analysis of What Happened Following the President's Death and Why  [325 Kb]
-TFRW01: Belgian Non-UNAMIR Troops to Leave Rwanda by Mid-Afternoon April 15  [17 Kb]
-Rwanda Evacuation: One Refugee's Story  [132 Kb]
-TFRW01: Zaire Reacts to Rwanda Events  [19 Kb]
-TFRW01: Belgian MFA Briefs UNSC Ambassadors on Its Position on Rwanda Crisis: Help Us Get UNAMIR Out Now  [21 Kb]
-TFRW01: ICRC, UNHR and UNV Reports on Rwanda Crisis - April 15  [70 Kb]
-The Balance Sheet in Rwanda/Burundi: A/S Moose Meets the Belgian Ambassador  [59 Kb]
-TFRWOL: RPF Views  [43 Kb]
-April 15, 1994 Memo from Timothy E. Wirth to Secretary Christopher Re: April 11 - 15, 1994  [122 Kb]
-TFRWOL: Situation Report No. 47 as of 1700 EDT, 04/15/94  [59 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 14, 1994  [115 Kb]
-Africa Bureau Friday Report, 04/15/94  [741 Kb]
-UNSC Gets Update on Rwanda 4/18  [65 Kb]
-Official - Informal No. 25  [54 Kb]
-Bangladesh and UNAMIR  [41 Kb]
-Press Guidance - April 18, 1994  [82 Kb]
-Arusha Talks set for April 23  [50 Kb]
-Ugandan Government Denies Funding RPF  [50 Kb]
-Belgian Meeting with Ghanaian Foreign Minister on Rwanda  [18 Kb]
-A Hutu View of the Rwanda Crisis: A/S Meets Rwandan Ambassador  [116 Kb]
-April 19, 1994 Memo from Arlene Render to A/S Moose Re: Humanitarian Situation in Rwanda  [57 Kb]
-April 19, 1994 Memo from Toby T. Gati to Undersecretary Tarnoff Re: Peacekeeping Forces in Rwanda  [83 Kb]


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