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The Rwandan Genocide: May 25 - 31

-UNHRC: Funding of Special Rapporteur and Human Rights Monitors for Rwanda  [41 Kb]
-INR Assessments  [758 Kb]
-Rwandan Ambassador Makes Contact with GOR Army Commanders in Rwanda  [69 Kb]
-Possible Ethiopian Participation in Rwandan PKO  [38 Kb]
-RPF Meeting with Ambassador Albright, 25 May 94  [29 Kb]
-Talking Points on Rwanda, May 25, 1994  [142 Kb]
-IO Press Guidance, May 25, 1994: Rwanda: Current Situation  [51 Kb]
-RPF Position on Cease-Fire, Expanded UNAMIR Operations  [180 Kb]
-Armored Personnel Carriers (APC's) for UNAMIR  [62 Kb]
-Airfield Facilities for UN Relief Operations to Rwanda  [22 Kb]
-AMCIT Religious Workers Attempting to Return to Rwanda  [38 Kb]
-Ambassador Rawson's Meeting at ICRC Headquarters on Rwanda; Latest Report of Massacres  [129 Kb]
-UN SYG Pressured by Europeans for More High-Level UN Jobs for them, Says U.S. Leadership at UN is Key  [81 Kb]
-Human Rights Commission Special Session Adopts Resolution on Rwanda  [340 Kb]
-Official-Informal  [36 Kb]
-May 26, 1994 Memo to The Secretary Re: UN Human Rights Commission - Special Session on Rwanda  [83 Kb]
-Office of the Spokesman, Taken Question May 26, 1994  [45 Kb]
-New EU Grants for Victims of Conflict in Rwanda  [21 Kb]
-Official - Informal  [42 Kb]
-Rwanda Meeting with Kofi Annan - 26 May  [166 Kb]
-IO Press Guidance, May 27, 1994: Rwanda: Current Situation  [32 Kb]
-Rwanda Policy - U.S., France and Belgium Reading (more or less) from the Same Script  [89 Kb]
-May 27, 1994 Memo from Timothy E. Wirth to The Secretary Re: May 23 - 27, 1994  [133 Kb]
-Press Guidance - Friday, May 27, 1994  [138 Kb]
-Rwanda: UN Request for APC Data  [94 Kb]
-Africa Bureau Friday Report, 05/27/94  [908 Kb]
-Briefing Memo for U/S Tarnoff's Visit to USUN  [144 Kb]
-Text of Non-Paper Delivered to Rwandan Ambassador May 27, 1994  [38 Kb]
-AF Press Guidance, May 27, 1994: Rwandan: Meeting with Ambassador  [26 Kb]
-Letter from Edward Brynn to Kenneth Roth  [34 Kb]
-Rwanda: Joint Demarche in Support of Peacekeeping Deployment/Logistics through Uganda and Burundi  [148 Kb]
-Rwanda: Request for UN Troop Contributions  [75 Kb]
-UNAMIR Comander Dallaire Pleads for Immediate U.S. Military Support in Meeting with AID  [290 Kb]
-Rwandan Embassy Told to Stop Passing the Hat  [133 Kb]
-Official - Informal (05-31-1994)  [106 Kb]
-Report of the Secretary-General on the Situation in Rwanda  [549 Kb]
-Rwanda Flash Appeal, April 25 - May 31 1994; Department of Humanitarian Affairs, United Nations  [535 Kb]
-Checklist for A/S Moose Telcon with Kofi Annan on Rwanda, Tuesday, May 31  [59 Kb]


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