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The Rwandan Genocide: June 1 - 10

-Congressional Correspondence - Rwandan Radio Broadcasts  [59 Kb]
-June 1, 1994 Letter from Senator Edward M. Kennedy to Secretary of State Warren M. Christopher  [64 Kb]
-USG Meetings with Kofi Annan on Rwanda  [70 Kb]
-EU Funding of Humanitarian Assistance for Victims of Conflict in Rwanda  [36 Kb]
-Zambian Contribution to Rwanda Peacekeepers  [24 Kb]
-Rwanda Summit  [27 Kb]
-Rwandan Ambassador Habimana Pleads for Cease Fire and Quick UNAMIR Buildup  [27 Kb]
-Arms and Tough Talk on Rwanda  [32 Kb]
-Zaire: Regional Issues; the Arms Embargo  [213 Kb]
-USG Meeting with Kofi Annan on Rwanda  [56 Kb]
-Rwanda: Joint Demarches to Burundi and Uganda in Support of UN Peacekeeping Deployment in Rwanda  [103 Kb]
-Agreement of Support for UNAMIR Under Section 607 of the FAA  [63 Kb]
-South Africa: South Africa to Provide Humanitarian Aid for Rwanda  [27 Kb]
-UNESCO Assistance to Rwanda  [61 Kb]
-Memorandum for the Secretary of State Re: Determination Pursuant to Section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as Amended  [37 Kb]
-Talking points delivered to RPF  [49 Kb]
-Arrest of US Citizen Implicated in Attempted Arms Purchase for Rwandan Army  [81 Kb]
-Arrest of AMCIT in Brussels  [62 Kb]
-Official - Informal (06-04-1994)  [84 Kb]
-Rwandan Central Bank Transfer to Hong Kong Firm  [32 Kb]
-Belgian Deputy Foreign Minister Discusses Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire with AF Acting A/S Brynn  [45 Kb]
-Rwanda: Ambassador Briefs Uganda Foreign Minister on UN Demarche  [19 Kb]
-Rwanda: Joint Demarche to Burundi in Support of UN Peacekeeping Deployment in Rwanda  [43 Kb]
-Senegal PKO to Rwanda  [19 Kb]
-Ending the Arms Flow from Zaire to Rwanda  [21 Kb]
-AF/C Presses GOR and RPF Reps  [265 Kb]
-Rwanda: Request for UN Troop Contributions  [62 Kb]
-Draft Resolution on Rwanda  [67 Kb]
-Q & A Rwanda (drafted 06-06-1994)  [116 Kb]
-"Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States", Timothy E. Wirth, June 6, 1994  [85 Kb]
-Council Reactions to Draft Resolution on Rwanda  [304 Kb]
-Zaire and Arms for Neighbors  [50 Kb]
-ECOSOC Resumed Session Endorses HRC Resolution on Rwanda  [167 Kb]
-Official - Informal (06-07-1994)  [99 Kb]
-Talking Points for Congress on New UNSCR for Rwanda  [95 Kb]
-June 7, 1994 Memo from Arlene Render to A/S Moose Re: Decisions on Strategy on Rwanda for OAU Summit  [130 Kb]
-Museveni's Constructive Statement on Rwanda  [41 Kb]
-Official - Informal (06-09-1994)  [63 Kb]
-UGANDA Not Supporting RPF Museveni Tells Danes  [180 Kb]
-OAU Summit: Meeting of Regional Leaders on Rwanda  [89 Kb]
-AMCIT Nuns Trapped in Rwanda  [39 Kb]
-President Museveni Urges RPF to Accept a Ceasefire  [20 Kb]
-Additional Information on AMCIT Nuns in Rwanda  [48 Kb]
-Deputy Foreign Minister Calls for Immediate Ceasefire in Rwanda and Implementation of UNSC Resolutions and Arusha Agreement  [232 Kb]
-June 10, 1994 Memo from Arlene Render to Prudence Bushnell re: U.S. Options to Support Rwanda Peacekeeping  [88 Kb]
-Letter from Arlene Render to U.S. Committee for Refugees Director Roger P. Winter  [75 Kb]
-Press Availability by U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev Friday, June 10, 1994  [66 Kb]
-L Press Guidance June 10, 1994: Rwanda: Genocide  [43 Kb]
-Officials Told to Avoid Calling Rwanda Killings 'Genocide'  [84 Kb]
-Letter from Representative Alcee l. Hastings Re: Genocide = Rwanda Condemnation = H. Res. 453  [78 Kb]
-Friday, 6/10/94 Q and A  [148 Kb]


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