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The Rwandan Genocide: July 13 - 20

-Rwanda - French Response to Replacement of Rwanda on UNSC  [22 Kb]
-Situation Report on APC's to UNAMIR  [64 Kb]
-GOF Confirms Troops will Stay Slightly Longer in Rwanda  [67 Kb]
-Preparations for Rwanda Peacekeeping  [19 Kb]
-Consultations with France on Rwanda War Crime Issues  [38 Kb]
-Replacement of Rwanda on the UNSC  [21 Kb]
-Ambassador's Meeting with Prime Minister-Designate Twagiramungu in Kampala  [213 Kb]
-Support for Expanded UNAMIR: APC Donors Sought  [133 Kb]
-Rwanda: UN Request for APC's  [59 Kb]
-Replacement of Rwanda on the UNSC: GOB Views  [21 Kb]
-House of the Representatives Resolution H. Res 45 with Fax Transmittal Form from Representative Elizabeth Furse  [89 Kb]
-Security Council Committee Established Pursuant to Resolution 918 (1994) Concerning Rwanda: Provisional Agenda, 2nd meeting, Thursday, 14 July 1994  [158 Kb]
-Points raised with the RPF  [50 Kb]
-Humanitarian Assistance Meeting July 14, 1994  [62 Kb]
-Next Steps in Addressing War Crimes in Rwanda  [58 Kb]
-RPF to Halt Offensive by Friday Night?  [87 Kb]
-Rwanda: Security Council Adopts Statement July 14 Calling for Ceasefire  [120 Kb]
-Non-Recognition of Rwanda Interim Government  [60 Kb]
-Demarche to Uganda on Rwanda  [22 Kb]
-Government Radio Comments Favorably on French Presence in Rwanda  [145 Kb]
-Non-Recognition of Rwanda Interim Government  [29 Kb]
-Non-Recognition of Rwanda Interim Government of Rwanda  [136 Kb]
-Support for Expanded UNAMIR  [267 Kb]
-Follow-Up on Support for Expanded UNAMIR  [128 Kb]
-Letter to Representative Benjamin Gilman from Wendy R. Sherman  [62 Kb]
-Letter to Representative Dan Burton from Wendy R. Sherman  [61 Kb]
-Letter to Harry A. Johnston, Chairman, Subcommittee on African Affairs from Wendy R. Sherman  [60 Kb]
-Memo from Edward Brynn to The Secretary Re: Rwanda Update  [183 Kb]
-July 15, 1994 Memo from Timothy E. Wirth to The Secretary Re: July 11-15, 1994  [100 Kb]
-Official - Informal (07-16-1994)  [71 Kb]
-Rwanda: 15 Jul 94 Security Council Meeting  [60 Kb]
-Press Guidance - Friday, July 15, 1994  [253 Kb]
-Rwanda/Zaire: Into the Abyss  [40 Kb]
-Statement by the Press Secretary July 16, 1994  [35 Kb]
-July 16, 1994 Memorandum to the Secretary Re: Weekly Activity Report, July 11-15, 1994  [108 Kb]
-Goma Visit of Aid Administrator Atwood  [63 Kb]
-Rwanda: World-Wide SOS; No Cease Fire on the Zaire Border  [17 Kb]
-July 17, 1994 Memorandum for the Secretary of State Re: Determination Pursuant to Section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as Amended  [74 Kb]
-Humanitarian Crisis in Goma: July 17 Conversations with RPF Representative Ruego in Brussels and Belgian MFA Chef De Cabinet Willems  [95 Kb]
-Message to Museveni for the RPF  [54 Kb]
-Rwanda: War Crimes, Non-Recognition, and APC's  [68 Kb]
-July 18, 1994 Briefing Memorandum from Cameron Hume to Amb. Albright Re: July 18 Security Council Informals on Rwanda  [51 Kb]
-Zaire Rwanda Refugee Update (July 18, 1994)  [69 Kb]
-July 18, 1994 Statement by David Johnson, Acting Spokesman  [57 Kb]
-Rwanda: 18 Jul 94 Security Council Meeting  [63 Kb]
-High Protein Food Needed for Rwanda Refugees as Flow to Bukavu Grows; MSF Asks USG Support for French Safe Haven  [76 Kb]
-Daily Press Briefing - Monday July 18, 1994  [559 Kb]
-July 18 EU General Affairs Council - Rwanda  [27 Kb]
-Memo from George E. Moose to The Acting Secretary Re: Near-Term Strategy for Rwanda  [82 Kb]
-Possible Measures  [66 Kb]
-Situation Update from LTC Odum in Goma, Zaire  [82 Kb]
-Rwanda: AID Administrator Atwood's Meetings with GOF Officials  [43 Kb]
-Rwanda: Ghana's Concern About Delays in Equipment for UNAMIR Contingent  [61 Kb]
-Rwanda: AID Administrator Atwood's Meeting with GOF Officials  [73 Kb]
-A/S Moose July 19 Telcon with RPF Commander  [101 Kb]


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