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School Transportation Safety - Field trip procedures (A Suggested Plan)


Every school should have field trip procedures. These procedures should include:


Initial form requesting a field trip

This should include date, type of transportation needed for trip, a list of who will be going on trip (along with emergency numbers for all students and adults), who will chaperone, and time of departure and return. Other relevant information schools deem needed may be added by each individual school.


This form needs to be approved by the appropriate administrator. Once the form is approved, then transportation is requested. A copy of the request form is kept in the office during the duration of the trip.


On the day of the trip the responsible faculty member will take along:

q  Communication tool (radio or cell phone)

q  First-Aid Kit

q  List of all participants along with emergency numbers for each student

q  List of school numbers, road service numbers, and other numbers considered important by each individual school

q  A copy of the each student's health record and personal insurance information

q  A copy of each student's passport

q  Emergency currency

q  Map to and from destination

q  Emergency numbers at the location (i.e. police, hospital, etc.)

q  Accident report forms


Check-in Plan

Each faculty member who accompanies students on a trip should have a set "check-in plan" and should follow this for the duration of the trip. This can be simply a daily call to the school to assure that all is well, or it may be calls at specific times, set prior to departure, throughout the trip.


International Trips

All of the procedures above should be followed but with the following additions:

q  The school should insist on cancellation insurance for all trips outside the country

q  The school should invest in added insurance to cover special out of country trips

q  The faculty member in charge should hold all tickets and passports

q  The faculty member in charge should have a list of contact persons in the city in which the student will visit. This will include various embassies, consulates, local international schools, doctors (if available) and other pertinent persons

q  All students should have maps of the city with specific locations noted, i.e. hotel, contact hospital, police, etc.


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