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Schools assisted by the Office of Overseas Schools are highlighted in RED with links provided to their school fact sheet and website.

Disclaimer: The U.S. Department of State provides external links solely for our readers' information and convenience. The U.S. Department of State does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained on a linked website; does not endorse the organizations sponsoring linked websites or the views they express or the products/services they offer, and is not responsible for transmissions users receive from linked websites.

School (Grades)

ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires

Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln (PK-12)
Buenos Aires International Christian Academy
Colegio El Buen Ayre (girls only) (1-12)
Colegio Lincoln (PS-12)
Colegio Los Molinos (boys only) (1-12)
Jardin de Dailan Kifki (PS-4)
Northlands (K-12)
St. Andrew’s School (K-12)
St. John’s School (PK-12)
St. Martin in the Fields School (K-12)

ARUBA, San Nicholas

International School of Aruba (PK-12)

BAHAMAS, Freeport

Lucaya International School (PS-YR13)
Alpha Omega Christian School (K-12) No website available
Bishop Michael Eldon School (N-12)
Freeport Gospel Chapel School (PK-6)
Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Academy (PK-12) No website available
Sunland Baptist Academy (PK-12) No website available


Lyford Cay International School (PK-12)
Meridian School @ Univcorn Village (PS-YR8)
St. Andrew's School (PK-13)
Tambearly School at Sandyport (PK-9)
Windsor Preparatory School (R-YR13)

BARBADOS, Bridgetown

Codrington School (PK-12)
Providence Elementary (PK-9)
St. Gabriel's Primary School (3-11 yrs)

BELIZE, Belmopan

QSI International School of Belize (K-10)

BERMUDA, Hamilton

Bermuda High School for Girls (YR1-YR13)
Mount Saint Agnes Academy (K-12)
Saltus Grammar School (PK-12)
Sommersfield Academy (3-16 yrs)
Warwick Academy (K-YR13)


American Cooperative School (PK-12)
Colegio Montessori (K-12)
Highlands International School (PK-12)

BOLIVIA, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Cooperative School (PK-12)

BRAZIL, Belo Horizonte

American School of Belo Horizonte (PK-12)

BRAZIL, Brasilia

Escola Americana Brasilia (PK-12)
Affinity Arts (PK-5)
Brasilia International School (PK-12)
Escola das Nacoes (K-12)

BRAZIL, Porto Alegre

Pan American School of Porto Alegre (N-12)

BRAZIL, Recife

American School of Recife (N-12)
The Center for International Education and Culture
No website available
Colegio Madre de Deus (PK-12)
     (taught in Portuguese)

BRAZIL, Rio de Janeiro

Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (PK-12)
British School (PK-12)
Our Lady of Mercy (PK-12)
Rio International School (PK-12)

BRAZIL, Sao Paulo

Associacao Escola Graduada de Sao Paulo (PK-12)
British College of Brazil (PK-8)
Chapel School – Escola Maria Imaculada (PK-12)
Pan American Christian Academy (PK-12)

CANADA, Calgary, Alberta

Almadina Language Charter Academy (1-9)
Calgary Academy (2-12)
Calgary Arts Academy (K-9)
Calgary Board of Education
Calgary Catholic Separate School District
Calgary Girls’ School (4-9)
Calgary Science School (4-9)
Foundations for the Future Charter Academy (K-12)
Lycee Francais (PK-12)
Rundle College (PS-12)
Sacred Heart (K-6)
St. Vincent de Paul (K-12)
Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School (K-12)
Webber Academy (PK-12)
West Island College (7-12)
Westmount Charter School (K-12)

CANADA, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Regional School Board

CANADA, Montreal, Quebec

Academie Marie-Claire (PK-6)
Alexander von Humboldt School (PK-12)
Centennial Academy (7-11)
College Prep International (5-12)
Emmanuel Christian School (K-11)
Kells Academy (K-11)
Kuper Academy (PS-11)
Lower Canada College (K-12)
Miss Edgar’s & Miss Cramp’s School
     (Girls only) (K-11)
The Priory School (K-6)
Sacred Heart School (7-12)
St. George’s School of Montreal (PK-11)
Selwyn House School (Boys only) (K-11)
The Study (Girls only) (K-11)
Trafalgar School for Girls (7-11)
West Island College (7-11)

CANADA, Ottawa

Alexander Montessori School (2 ½ - 9 yrs)
Ashbury College (9-12)
Bishop Hamilton – A Christian Montessori
    East Campus–(PS-6) and West Campus–(PS-8)
Elmwood School (girls only K-12)
Fern Hill School (PS-5)
Glebe Montessori School (3-12 Yrs)
Heritage Academy (1-12)
Joan of Arc Academy (girls only K-8)
MacDonald Cartier Academy (7-8)
Ottawa-Carleton School Board “view alpha list”
Ottawa Catholic School Board
Ottawa Christian School (PS-8)
Ottawa Jewish Community School (PK-12)
Ottawa Montessori School (PS-8)
Redeemer Christian High School (9-12)
St. Laurent Academy (PS-8)
Turnbull School (PS-8)
Venta Preparatory School (K-10)
Westboro Academy (PK-8)

CANADA, Toronto, Ontario

Appleby College (7-12)
Bayview Glenn (PS-12)
The Bishop Strachan School (girls only) (JK-12)
Blyth Academy, Burlington (5-12)
Branksome Hall (girls only, boarding) - (JK-12)
Crescent School (boys only) (1-12)
Dearcroft Montessori (PK-8)
Fernhill School (PK-8)
Glenburnie School (PK-8)
Hawthorn School for Girls (PS-12)
Hudson College (PK-12)
Kendelhurst Academy (1-8)
King's Christian School (9-12)
King's College School (3-12) (Gifted)
Lynn-Rose Heights (PK-8)
Lycee Francaise de Toronto (JK-12)
Maclachlan College (PK-12)
Mentor College Primary Campus (PK-4)
Montcrest School (JK-8)
Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (7-12)
North Toronto Christian School (PK-12)
Oakville Christian Schools (PK-8)
Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School (K-8)
Rosedale Day School (PK-8)
Rotherglen School (PS-8)
St. Andrew's College (boys only) (5-12)
St. Michael’s College School (boys only) (7-12)
St.Mildred’s-Lightbourne School (girls only) (PK-12)
Sunnybrook School (PK-6)
Toronto French School (PK-12)
Toronto Montessori Schools (PK-12)
Upper Canada College (boys only, boarding) (K-12)
Willowdale Christian School (PK-8)
The York School (PK-12)

CANADA, Vancouver

Blaine Washington School District
Collingwood School (JK-12)
Delta School District
Lions Gate Montessori (JK-9)
North Vancouver School Board
Richmond Christian School (PK-12)
Richmond School District
Sacred Heart Elementary (K-7)
Southpointe Academy (K-12)
Southridge School (K-12)
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School (K-7)
St. Bernadette Elementary (K-7)
St. Edmund's School (K-7)
St. Patrick Elementary (K-7)
Star of the Sea Catholic School (K-7)
Surrey School District
Vancouver College (boys only) (K-12)
Vancouver School Board
West Coast Christian School (K-12)
West Point Grey Academy (K-12)
West Vancouver School Board
White Rock Christian Academy (K-12)

CHILE, Santiago

International School Nido de Aguilas (PK-12)
The International Preparatory School (PK-YR13)
Santiago College (PK-12)

COLOMBIA, Barranquilla

Colegio Karl C. Parrish (PK-12)


Colegio Nueva Granada (PK-12)
Colegio Anglo Colombiano (PK-11)
Colegio Gran Bretaña (PK-12)
Colegio Richmond (PK-11)
El Camino Academy (PK-12)
Gimnasio Moderno (PS-12)
Knightsbridge Schools International (K-12)
Montessori British School (N-12)

COLOMBIA, Cartagena

Colegio Jorge Washington (N-12)
Corporacion Educativa Colegio Britanico de Cartagena (PK-12)


American International School (PS-12)
Lincoln School (PK-12)
Academy for SEAS (PK-8) No website available
Blue Valley School (PK-12)
Country Day School (ELC-12)
Lighthouse International School (PK-9)
Marian Baker School (PK-12)
The Pan-American School (PK-12)
Tree of Life International School (PK-7)

CUBA, Havana

International School of Havana (PK-12)
Centro Educativo Espanol (PK-12)
Ecole Francaise de la Havane (PS-12)

CURAÇAO, Curaçao

International School of Curaçao (K-12)


Carol Morgan School (PK-12)
American School of Santo Domingo (PK-12)
Ashton School (PK-12)
Colegio Bilingue New Horizons (PS-12)
Colegio Internacional SEK Las Americas (PK-12)
The Community for Learning (PK-12)
Saint George School (PK-12)
Saint Michael's School (1-12)

ECUADOR, Guayaquil

InterAmerican Academy (N-12)


Academia Cotopaxi (PK-12)
Alliance Academy International (boarding) (K-12)
The British School (N-13)
Colegio Americano de Quito (PK-12)

EL SALVADOR, San Salvador

Academia Britanica Cuscatleca (PK-12)
American School of El Salvador (PK-12)
Colegio Internacional de San Salvador (PK-12)

GUATEMALA, Guatemala City

Colegio Maya (PK-12)
The American School of Guatemala
     (Colegio Americano) (K-12)
Antigua International School (K-11)
Bibliotech (K-12)
Cayala Learning Academy (1-12)
Colegio Interamericano (PK-12)
Colegio Internacional Montessori (K-12)
Colegio Monarch Guatemala (PK-12) (Special Needs)
Equity American School (PK-12)

GUYANA, Georgetown

Georgetown International Academy (PK-12)

HAITI, Port-au-Prince

Union School (PK-12)
Morning Star Christian Academy (PK-12)
Quisqueya Christian School (PK-12)

HONDURAS, Tegucigalpa

American School of Tegucigalpa (N-12)
Discovery School (PK-12)
Academia Los Pinares (PK-12)
Del Campo International (PK-12)
Dowal School (N-11)
Escuela Internacional Sampedrana (N-12)
French School (Liceo Franco-Hondureno) (PK-12)

JAMAICA, Kingston

American International School in Kingston (PK-12)
Hillel Academy (K-12)
Immaculate Conception PreparatorySchool  
    (PK-6) (girls only)

MEXICO, Ciudad Juarez

Cathedral High School (boys only) (9-12)
Clint Independent School District
    (public school district in Texas)
Colegio Americano (PK-8)
Colegio Iberoamericano de Mexico (PK-9)
Colegio San Patricio (PK-12)  
Comunidad Montessori Kari (2mths-12yrs) No available website
El Paso Country Day School (K-8)
El Paso Independent School District
     (public school district in Texas)
Immanuel Christian School (K-12)
Loretto Academy (coed PK-5 and girls only 6-12)
Radford School (PK-12)
St. Clements Episcopal Parish School (PK-8)
Ysleta Independent School District
     (public school district in Texas)

MEXICO, Guadalajara

American School Foundation of Guadalajara (N-12)
Canadian School (PK-4)
Lincoln School, A.C. (PK-12)

MEXICO, Hermosillo

Bambu Montessori (PK-6)
Colegio LIDEEL (PK-6) No available website
Instituto Mexicano Americano de Relaciones
      Culturales (PK-6)
Instituto Technologico y des Estudios Superiores
     de Monterrey (10-12 college prep)
TAES (7-9)

MEXICO, Matamoros

The Brownsville Montessori Academy (PK-6)
Colegio Juvenal Rendon (PK-12)
Colegio San Jorge (PK-5)
Coram Deo Classical Academy (1-9)
The Episcopal Day School (PK-6)
First Baptist School (PK-12)
Incarnate Word Academy (PK-8)
St. Joseph Academy (7-12)
St. Mary’s Catholic School (PK-6)

MEXICO, Merida

Agora Communidad Educativa (PK-6) No available website
American School Foundation of Yucatan (PK-12)
Alianz Education Academica (K-12)
Centro Educativo Renacimiento (PK-12)
Colegio Iberoamericano de Merida, A.C. (K-12)
Colegio Peninsular Roger's Hall (PK-12)
     (Taught in Spanish)
Escuelo Modelo (K-12) Taught in Spanish only
Instituto Godwin and Instituto Cumbres
    (Boys and girls attend separate classes
    both are halves of the same institute) (PK-12)
Instituto Moderno American (K-12)
    (Bilingual education primary;
    8hrs per week in English in secondary)
Primaria Aida Mejia Salazarde Gomez (PK-9) No available website
Saint Patrick's School (K-6) No available website
The Workshop (PK-6)

MEXICO, Mexico City

American School Foundation A.C. (PK-12)
Atid School (PS-12) (Jewish)
Cadi Kids (PK-K) No available website
Christa McAuliffe Montessori (PS-12)
Cuidad de Mexico Polanco (PS-12)
Colegio Eugenio de Mazanod (PK-12)
Colegio Junipero (PK-6) (Catholic)
Colegio Vista Hermosa (PS-12) (Catholic)
Edron Academy/El Colegio Britanico (PS-12)
Escuela Lomas Altas, S.C. (PS-6)
Escuela Montessori de la Ciudad de Mexico (PK-6)
Escuela Sierra Nevada Lomas (PS-6)
Eton School (PS-12)
Greengates School (PK-12)
Humanitree (PS-5)
Instituto Cumbres Bosques (1-12) (Catholic) 
     (boys only)
Instituto Cumbres Mexico (1-12) (Catholic) (boys only)
Instituto Rosedal Vista Hermosa
     (1-12) (Catholic) (girls only)
Kinder Andes (PK-K) (Catholic)
Kinder Grove (PK-K) (Catholic)
Lomas Hill (PS-12)
Liceo Franco Mexicano (PS-12)
Monarch Therapy School (age 2 - 15) (special needs)
Oak's Leadership School (PK-K)
Pinecrest Institute (PS-12)
Peterson Schools (PS-12)
Westhill Institute S.C. (PK-12)
Winpenny School (PS-12)
Yaxcheel Montessori (PK-K)

MEXICO, Monterrey

American School Foundation (N-12)

MEXICO, Nogales

Colegio Fray Pedro de Gante (K-12)
Lourdes Catholic School (Nogales, AZ) (K-12)
Nogales Unified School District No. 1
     (Nogales, AZ) (K-12)
Patagonia Public Schools (K-12)
Sacred Heart Catholic School (Nogeles, AZ) (K-8) No website available 
Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No.35 (K-12)

MEXICO, Nuevo Laredo

Colegio Peques (PK-8) No available website
St. Augustine Catholic School (Laredo, TX) (K-12)
United Day School (Laredo, TX) (PK-8)

MEXICO, Puerto Vallarta

The American School of Puerto Vallarta (N-12)

MEXICO, Tijuana

Bonita Vista Middle School (Chula Vista, CA) (7-8)
Bonita Vista High School (Chula Vista, CA) (9-12)
Colegio Reina Isabel (PK-12)
Sunnyside Elementary School (Bonita, CA) (K-6)


American-Nicaraguan School (PK-12)
Colegio Nordico Internacional (K-8)
Lincoln International Academy (PK-12)
Nicaragua Christian Academy (PK-12)
St. Augustine Preparatory School (PK-12)
St. Dominic School (PK-12)

PANAMA, Panama City

Balboa Academy (PS-12)
International School of Panama (PK-12)
Crossroads Christian Academy (PK-12)
Knightsbridge Schools International Panama (PK-12)
Metropolitan School of Panama (PK-11)

PARAGUAY, Asuncion

American School of Asuncion (PK-12)
Asuncion Christian Academy (PK-12)
Pan American International School (PK-12)
Saint Anne’s School (K-12)

PERU, Lima

Colegio Franklin D. Roosevelt -
    The American School of Lima
Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (2-18yrs) (special needs)
Colegio Altair (K-12)
Colegio Leonardo DaVinci (PK-12)
International Christian School of Lima (PK-12)
La Molina Christian School (PS-12)
Lord Byron School (2-18 yrs)
Markham College (PK-12)
Newton College (2-18 yrs)
San Silvestre School for Girls (PS-12)
St. George's College (PK-12)

SURINAME, Paramaribo

International Academy of Suriname (PK-12)
Suriname International School (PK-12)


The International School of Port-of-Spain (PK-12)

URUGUAY, Montevideo

Uruguayan American School (N-12)
The British School (K-12)
Lycee Francais "Jules Supervielle" Montevideo 
Woodlands School (PK-12)


Escuela Campo Alegre (N-12)
Colegio Internacional de Caracas (PK-12)
International Christian School (K-12)










































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