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Section 3: Planning - Table of Contents




What Can Strategic Planning Accomplish?                                                

What Can Strategic Planning do?                                                           

 A Strategic Plan                                                                          

 What IS Strategic Planning?                                                                          

 Strategic Planning: Timing and Readiness                                                    

 Questions to Guide Discussion About Timing and Readiness                      

  Before You Plunge In ...                                                            

  Planning to Plan:  Sequence of Events                                                          

  Strategic Planning Consultants and Facilitators                                            

  The Planning Team  

Strategic Plans:  Examples  

Example #1:  Cheyenne Mountain District Twelve                                       

Example #2 :  Brush School District Re-2(J)      

Goal Setting: Options    

AAIE Goal Setting Technique                                                                      

AAIE Goal Setting Process                                                                           

Learn the Past, Plan the Future  

Action Plans       

Focus the Organization                                                                                  

Last Step ... Action Plans                                                                             

Charge of Each Action Planning Team                                                         

Criteria for Good Action Plans                                                                      

Steps Necessary to Complete Action Plans                                                   

Three Criteria Judge Plans                                                                             

Three Judgments of Action Plan      

Strategic Planning:  A Model  

Six Reasons Why School Boards Should Plan                                              

Why Plan?                                                                                                      

Who Needs to Be Involved?                                                                         

Where Are we Now?                                                                                     

Internal Scan                                                                                                  

Where Do We Want to Be?                                                                           

How Do We Get There?                                                                                

What Resources Will We need?                                                                    

Mission Statements 
Next Step: "When You  Get Home"                                                                                   

          Planning Resources

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