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Section Five - Helpful Print Resources



Brain Development


Title                                                                             Author                                  Year

Building Healthy Minds                                             Greenspan                              1999

A Celebration of Neurons                                        Sylwester                               1995

Inside the Brain                                                        Kalulak                                    1997

The Owners Manual for the Brain                           Howard                                  1994

Start Smart! Building Brain Power

            in the Early Years                                         Schiller                                   1999

Teaching with the Brain in Mind                              Jensen                                    1998


Curriculum, Environments, and Activities


Title                                                                            Author                                   Year


Creative Activities for Young Children                    Mayesky                               1998

Creative Expressions and Play in Early

Childhood                                                                     Isenberg & Jalongo             1997

Creative Resources                                                     Herr & Libby                        1998

Creative Resources of Colors, Food, Plants,

and Occupations                                                        Herr & Libby                         1998

Designing Music Environments for Early                The National Association

            Childhood                                                         for Music Education           2000

Developmentally Appropriate Practice:

            Curriculum and Development in Early

            Education                                                           Gestwicki                             1999

Don't Move the Muffin Tins: A Hands-off

            Guide to Art for the Young Child                       Bos                                         1978

Early Childhood Activities for Creative

Educators                                                                 Briggs, Pilot, Bagby                2001

Early Education Curriculum                                    Jackman                                  2001

474 Science Activities for Young Children           Green                                      1996

Play and Playscapes                                                  Frost                                       1992

Play at the Center of the Curriculum                     Van Hoorn, Nowat,

                                                                                    Scales, Alward                      1993


Title                                                                            Author                                    Date


Storytelling in Emergent Literacy:                         Brand & Donato                     2001

  Fostering Multiple Intelligences

Strategies for Developing Emergent                      Miller                                      2000


Week by Week: Plans for Observing and

            Recording Young Children                                 Nilsen                                     2001


Culture and Diversity


Developing Cross-Cultural Competence:

A Guide for Working with Young

Children and heir Families, 2nd Edition                           Lynch & Hanson                    2000

In Our Own Way: How Anti-Bias Work

Shapes Our Lives                                                           Alvarado, et al                       2000

Multicultural Teaching:                                             Tiedt & Tiedt                         1999

            A handbook of activities,

            Information, and resources                              

Roots and Wings:  Affirming Culture

in Early Childhood Programs                                         York                                          1991

Start Seeing Diversity                                             Wolpert                                    2000


Children with Special Needs


Adapting Early Childhood Curricula                        Cook, Tessier, & Klein            2000

  For Children in Inclusive Settings


Strategies for Including Children                          Klein, Cook, & Richardson      2001

  With Special Needs in Early Childhood



Guiding Behavior of Young Children


Guiding Young Children:                                            Reynolds                                 2001

  A Problem-Solving Approach

Your Child's Self-Esteem:                                         Briggs                                     1975

  Step-by-Step Guidelines for Raising Responsible,

  Productive, Happy Children (a classic!)


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