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Section Eight - Recommendations for Early Childhood Classes in the CEESA Region


1. Make sure that all activities, including group activities,

are relevant and meaningful* to children's lives. Eliminate

activities that do not meet these criteria (calendar time,

letter of the week). Some activities may be modified in

order to meet these criteria.

2. Make sure that all activities are age appropriate

(the children are developmentally ready to grasp the concept(s).

3. Make sure that the curriculum and supporting activities are

child-centered, rather than adult-centered.

4. Make sure that creative art activities are open-ended and not


5. Make sure that children have 45 - 60 minutes (or more) to

engage in learning center activities that they have chosen and

that are sufficiently challenging and engaging.

6. Make sure that the unit of inquiry or topic is

• Meaningful and relevant

• Developmentally appropriate

• "Visible" and apparent throughout the environment.

7. Make sure room arrangement supports learning and positive


8. Make sure that children's learning is documented and visible

and that it builds from the beginning of a topic through its


9. Make sure that teachers have sufficient group planning time

(one hour a week does not seem to be enough).

* "Meaningful" means that the activities are significant to the children in relation to their age and cultural background; "relevant" mans that the activities are applicable and purposeful in regard to the children's interests and lives.


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