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Diplomacy in Action

Table of Contents


Overseas Schools Advisory Council


Authors Acknowledgements

          How did this book come to be?
          Needs Assessment
          Where to begin?

Chapter 1: How to Conduct Group Focus Sessions, Multi-voting, and "Meet
And Greet" Activities.
          Introduction and Book Objectives
          Essential Information
               Group Focus Sessions
               "Meet and Greet" Activities
          Group Focus Sessions
               "Conducting a Group Focus Session".

Chapter 2: All you need to know about stress.
          Laurie - A Case Study in Stress and Chapter Objectives
          Essential Information
               Understanding Stress
               Managing Stress, making the best of it!
               Stress Busters to the Rescue!
          Long Term Preventative Techniques
          The Creative Approach
          When All Else Fails!
          Group Focus Sessions
               1: "Identifying Stressors"
               2: Manifestations of Stress
               3: Stress Busters
               4: Visualization
               5: Long Term Stress Management
               6: What's Next? Action Planning.
          Suggested Resources

Chapter 3: Are you in STEPP? 
          Alexander - A Case Study of Expectations out of Alignment and Chapter Objectives 
          Essential Information 
               Alignment Theory
               Personality Traits 
               Ethics, Virtues, and Values: Knowing What Matters Most
          Are You in STEPP? Setting and Evaluating Expectations
          Group Focus Sessions
               1: Keeping in STEPP: Staying in Alignment
               2: Who am I?
               3: What is Your Personality Prototype Profile?
               4: Ben's Story
          Suggested Resources

Chapter 4: Time Management
          Lee - A Case Study in Managing Time and Chapter Objectives
          Essential Information
               Why Time Management? 
               Tips for Time Management
          Summary of Time Management Lessons
          Prioritization and Decision Making
          Planning - Daily, Intermediate, and Long Term 
          Group Focus Sessions
               1: One More Hour
               2: Setting Priorities
               3: Time Quadrant
               4: S.C.A.M.P.E.R. 
           Suggested Resources

Chapter 5: Effective Communications: Did You Hear What I Said?
          Tess's Story - A Case Study in Misunderstandings and Chapter Objectives
          Essential Information
          Active Listening
          Learning to be Assertive
          Transactional Analysis
          "I" Messages
          Image Management
          Group Focus Sessions
               1: Emotional Car Pool
               2: Active or Empathic Listening
               3: Would You Tell Me?
               4: Positively Assertive!
               5: "I" Messages
               6: Image Management Using Film Therapy
          Suggested Resources

Chapter 6: Transitions: Easing the Way 
          Tara's Story: A case study: "To move or not to move...." and Chapter Objectives
          Essential Information
               Psychology of Change
               The Personalities of Change
          Using Creative Problem Solving to Help with Transitions 
          Group Focus Sessions
               1: Describing Transitions 
               2: Stages of Transition
               3: Supporting Transitions
               4: CPS for Action Planning
          Suggested Resources


About the Authors

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