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Chapter 4: Group Focus Session 1: One More Hour


Group Size: Class or seminar setting.

Time Needed: One class period 45 - 60 minutes

Physical Set up: Circle or Classroom set up

Materials: Recording Material, Blackboard, whiteboard or flip chart

Goal: To help students match their allocation of time with their personal STEPPs.

Procedure: Identify a recorder.

Explain to the students that slowly over that last few days the earth has been slowly decreasing the speed of its rotation around the sun. Beginning today and forever more there will no longer be 24 hours in a day but now there will be 25 hours in each day. Clocks will need to be redesigned, schedules will have to change. For the rest of our lives we will have one extra hour each day. What will you do with the hour? Go around the room and answer the question "If I had one more hour everyday for the rest of my life I would spend more time..." .

During the sharing have the recorder record the comments and suggested activities for our extra daily hour.

Look at the activities as a group.

 Are they expansions of things we are already doing? (more reading, exercise, more work, more play ....)

 Are they new things we would like to do but are not now doing? (write poetry, go for long walks, enjoy nature ... )

 Are they things we have neglected? (get more sleep, spend more time with family or friends ... )

 Are they consistent with being in STEPP?

 Place an S.T.E.P.P. next to each item listed by the group if that word applies. Place an X next to any activities that are not in STEPP.

Follow up: Ask class for summary, observations and conclusions

Reflection: Have students record reflections in journal. Can they match the things they would do with their extra hour each day to their own personal STEPP? Be prepared to share with the larger group in a later session.

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