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Chapter 5: Group Focus Session 3: Would you tell me?


Group Size: Class

Time needed: one class period 45-60 minutes

Physical Set up: Normal classroom.

Materials: Overhead projector or flip chart.

Goal: To learn about passive, assertive and aggressive communications styles.

Procedure: Facilitator should be familiar with the communications styles section of Essential Information. Use a "Meet and Greet" activity. "My most embarrassing moment (that I will tell you about)." Ask for volunteers to follow your example to reveal an embarrassing moment. Begin by sharing a moment of your own. I.e. the time you forgot your wallet, or were overheard by someone you were speaking about. ...

Brief class discussion about the types of things that embarrass us and why we are embarrassed.

Show the activity sheet transparency for this session and follow the directions contained on it.

1. Would you tell me?
2. Who would you tell?
3. Why?
4. Would you want to know?

Administer the Passive - Assertive - Aggressive stress test to class and discuss as a group.

Divide class into groups of four or five students. Have student groups discuss the results of the class survey. Would you tell me? Ask each group to identify a reporter to report the group findings of the things they observed in their discussion. Specifically they should discuss, why class attitude is the way it is. Is the class satisfied with the attitude of class survey? Would they like to change anything and why? How could we change these attitudes?

Follow Up: Discuss what style the students think they are?

Reflection: Reflect on today's activity. Did you agree with the class majority attitude? Why or why not? Describe your communication style and give an example.

 Would you tell me?

Step #1 Identify and List the things that people do unaware that they doing that are likely to cause them embarrassment if observed by others.

Unzipped Zipper            ______________
Mustard on shirt             ______________
______________            ______________
______________            ______________
______________            ______________
______________            ______________
______________            ______________

Step #2 Take a class vote on who you would warn about these issues.

A Friend
A Stranger
A Best Friend
Someone you dislike
Other person

Step #3 Discuss the logic in who you would warn and why.

Would you like to know? Y____ N ____

Who is most stressed?

Draw a line matching the style of the communicator to the stress level.

Passive Communicator                          Some Stress

Assertive Communicator                        Some Stress

Aggressive Communicator                      Most Stress

Stress Levels are directly opposite the style of the communicator.
All lines should be horizontal.

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