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The Three R's - Research, Research, Research


The three R's of resume writing and submission are Research, Research, Research.  You must get to know the prospective school, what the position involves and whether you will be a fit, before submitting your resume. And that means doing research - about the school, about the position, and about the type of teacher the school typically hires.

Research the school.  Read whatever literature about the school you can find, find out how the school is structured and what qualities and requirements the school generally looks for in its teachers.  Look for openings in your field of expertise, find out the name of the school head and contact him/her via e-mail.  Explain that you are considering a position the school has available, and ask for his/her recommnendation for the next steps.  Thank that person for the information.

The Internet is a key tool to utilize in your research.  Most schools have web sites that include information regarding school background, staff, educational programs, and campus facilities.  Be sure to take advantage of the World Wide Web during your job search.

Research the position.  The more you know about the position, the better able you will be to sell yourself and to target your candidacy for that position.  If possible, talk with someone who is currently working or has worked at that school.  In addition to finding out the duties, ask what kind of turnover the school experiences.

Finally research yourself.  Your goal is not just to get a job.  Your goal is to get a job that you will enjoy.  After you find out all you can about the school and the position, ask yourself honestly whether this is what you really want to do and where you really want to be.  This first job will be the base of what could be a lifetime overseas career.  You must start successfully so that future recommendations will always be positive.

Excerpted from NewsLinks, a publication of International Schools Services.

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