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Sample Resume and Action Verbs for Resumes


(as to format and content)


Street Address                                                                                   Home Phone
City, State, Zip                                                                    Message/Work Phone

Be specific. Tailor this to the position of interest.

Credential(s) first, including type, institution and date received.
Degree, major, institution, date of graduation, and honors, if applicable.

Note particular areas of strength and any other skills, hobbies or interests that may increase your value and flexibility as a teacher. (This is an optional but helpful category.)

List position, employing organization, a description of your duties and the dates. Include specifics about methods and materials used and any accomplishments. Also, you may include jobs other than teaching-related jobs. You might choose to separate your experience into "Teaching-Related Experience" and "Additional Work Experience."




People: Administered, Organized, Conducted, Stimulated, Motivated, Accomplished, Promoted, Adapted, Directed, Adjusted, Coordinated, Advertised, Supervised, Analyzed, Advised, Arranged, Explained, Assisted, Managed, Catalogued, Taught, Collaborated, Activated, Calculated

Things: Used, Expedited, Built, Drafted, Constructed, Edited, Compiled, Enlarged, Specified, Established, Designed, Evaluated, Changes, Examined, Improved, Expanded, Prepared, Facilitated, Completed, Formulated, Invented, Generated, Created, Governed, Programmed, Guided, Revised

Ideas: Established, Educated, Wrote, Synthesized, Proposed, Initiated, Coordinated, Integrated, Illustrated, Modified, Maintained, Analyzed, Adapted, Marketed, Investigated, Monitored, Negotiated, Defined, Devised, Persuaded, Innovated, Implemented, Presided, Created, Developed

Excerpted from NewsLinks, a publication of International Schools Services.

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