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Using the Internet to Assist Family Members with a Local Employment Search

The variety of information available on the Internet today is making international job searching faster and easier. There is no single list, network, or resource that will contain everything you need for a fully effective online job search.

A job search has four main parts regardless of the job location being sought. First, job leads must be found and reviewed. Then employer research must be conducted and contacts made within the organization to determine opportunities. This involves networking with everyone you meet. Finally, you must be prepared with an excellent accomplishment-focused resume to present when opportunities present themselves. The successful job search will involve using both the World Wide Web and the traditional job search resources.

Major reasons for using the Internet in the job search:

  • Accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Free access to information and resources.
  • Research deeper into local area as well as search far beyond regular boundaries.
  • Using the Internet demonstrates leading-edge skills.
  • Through the Internet your network will be much broader geographically and professionally.
  • Widens the career alternatives and options available to explore.
  • Free resume posting.

Step One

Determine answers to the following questions:

  • What skills do you possess that you want to use?
  • Who do you want to work for, an organization, U.S. company, multi-national company, large firm, small firm?
  • Where do you want to work, geographic location as well as environmental?
  • Develop a keyword list.

Step Two


Visit Virtual Libraries and Internet Directories

Read Online Resource Guides

Top Search Engines

Research employers, opportunities, occupations, & industries

Additional Research

Step Three

Networking - Usenet Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

80% of available positions are never advertised - to know about them you must network.

Learn the etiquette rules

  • Read FAQs first !
  • Listen patiently

Make contacts

  • Look for those who are knowledgeable on topic discussed
  • Note name, position, and signature info
  • Prepare careful first email message - only make a first impression once
  • Contact directly not through the list or newsgroup
  • Be concise, identify yourself, state why you are contacting this person, and list some of your interests and where you noticed some correlation with the individual's postings.

Step Four

Find job listings and recruiter sites

Step Five

Post your resume (before posting, answer the following questions).

  • Do you want your resume public?
  • How confidential is the database or service where you are placing your resume?
  • Once your resume is listed, can it be updated at not cost?
  • Will your resume be deleted from the databank if you don't update it, and if so, when?

Time Management for Internet Job Search

  • Start someplace new every time you connect.
  • Visit the large information databases first.
  • Move on to smaller, more exclusive resources and services.
  • Use search engines to locate new and hidden resources specific to your occupation and field.
  • Don't overdo the use of the Internet. Remember to maintain some balance in your life.


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