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Before an Unaccompanied Tour

Taking an assignment at an unaccompanied post impacts the Foreign Service employee and family members in different ways. While these differences may vary in scope, all are important and may have a profound effect on what was "normal."

The Department provides a number of resources and services that may be helpful when an employee is considering bidding on an unaccompanied post.

Contact Information Sheet – for unaccompanied tour employees and family members so we know who/where you are and can keep in touch.

A Decision Tree – a tool to help you decide where to live during an unaccompanied tour. – for all questions you may have in preparation for your unaccompanied tour.

Long Distance Relationships and Separated Tours: When Couples Live Apart – suggestions for members of the Foreign Service facing a geographic separation from their mate.

Managing Your Unaccompanied Tour brochure – outlines FLO’s support resources for unaccompanied tours.

Information Quest – the Department of State’s contracted resource and referral service for employees and their family members. Use Information Quest to find resources on home services, schools, eldercare, and legal and financial services. For log-on information, contact us at

FLO’s Employment Team – email FLO’s Employment Team for guidance on family members seeking employment in the Washington, D.C. area.

Sesame Street Deployment Videos – a series of videos developed by the Military to help children cope with pre-deployment.

For information on EFM employment at UT posts, please contact the following:

  •  Afghanistan – Kabul: 1) Bureau email address:
                                             2) Post email address:  
  • Pakistan – Islamabad: 1) Bureau email address:  
                                               2) Post email address:
  • Iraq – Baghdad: 1) Bureau email address:  
                                   2) Post email address:  

"Managing your Unaccompanied Tour Successfully" – a DVD about pre-departure planning, communication, and family reunification. Copies are available at the Overseas Briefing Center at FSI, in FLO, or by request through

SUPPORT:          BEFORE            DURING            AFTER              ALWAYS (UT Homepage)


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