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EPAP Spring and Summer 2015 Positions

The Regional Bureaus and the Bureau of Information Resource Management have created the current list of EPAP available positions. More positions than can be filled are advertised because there is no guarantee that there will be a qualified family member available at post at the right time to apply for every position. The Regional Bureaus make all hiring decisions based on a range of factors. Due to the limited number of positions worldwide, bureaus may not be able to fill an advertised position even if there are candidates who are qualified. 

HOW TO APPLY FOR THE POSITIONS: Review the list of available positions above. Candidates must already be qualified in the advertised area in order to apply for the position. For example, for a position in Human Resources, candidates must have been previously qualified in EPAP in Human Resources. Qualification in Management does not cover an EPAP position in Human Resources or any other area. 

Candidates must be qualified in both areas for any positions that are listed in two areas, e.g. Professional Associate – Economics/Political; candidates must be qualified in both Economics and Political to apply. Candidates are expected to make a one-year commitment to the program and their sponsoring employee must have at least one year remaining on their overseas posting. Candidates may only be employed at the same post to which his/her sponsoring employee is assigned. 

U.S. citizen eligible family members who have been qualified in the program in the area(s) a position is advertised, depending on when they received their qualification, must submit to the appropriate Regional Bureau Representative (see email addresses below) the following documents:

  1. Candidates who qualified for the advertised EPAP area during the Spring or Fall 2014 open season: a letter of interest that includes all required information (use the template below).
  2. Candidates qualified in the advertised EPAP area before the Spring 2014 open season (during the open seasons from 2008 – 2013) must submit both:
    1. a letter of interest that includes all required information (use the template below) and
    2. a Resume or a DS-174 form (pdf).

Required documents will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. (EST), Friday, February 27, 2015. No documents will be accepted or applications considered if they arrive after this deadline. Applicants should send their documents and address any questions related to the advertised positions to the appropriate Regional Bureau using the email address listed below:

For general questions regarding the program, e-mail


Letter of Interest for EPAP Professional Associate Position - Instructions

  • Please copy the template below.
  • Insert into the body of an email addressed to the appropriate Regional Bureau.
  • Include the following subject line: Letter of Interest for EPAP Professional Associate Position
  • Complete the form and send with any required documents listed above before 5:00 p.m. EST, Friday, February 27, 2015.

Applicant’s Full Name: (First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)

Applicant’s Email Address: (email address)

Position(s): list all at a single post to which you are applying

(Name of Post)
(Position(s) Advertised) - Professional Associate - (Area Advertised, e.g. "Professional Associate - Human Resources)

Qualification(s): list all areas that correspond with the positions to which to are applying

(EPAP area(s)) - (Date qualified)

Additional details:

Sponsoring Employee’s Full Name (this is your spouse or same-sex domestic partner):

Sponsoring Employee’s Agency:

Sponsoring Employee’s arrival at post listed above:

Sponsoring Employee’s Transfer Eligibility Date (TED) from post listed above:


Information provided by the Family Liaison Office
Contact the Family Liaison Office


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