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2014 Diplomatic Security Press Releases

-12/10/14  British Citizen Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy To Commit Visa Fraud; Oakland, CA
-12/04/14  Rancho Cordova Man Indicted For Passport And Immigration Fraud; Sacramento, CA
-11/19/14  Diplomatic Security Returns 'Most Wanted' Fugitive from Thailand; Washington, DC
-11/04/14  Former Fugitive Sentenced To Five Years In Prison For Mortgage Fraud Scheme; Sacramento, CA
-10/28/14  Turkish Man Sentenced For Smuggling Counterfeit Cancer Drugs; St. Louis, MO
-10/20/14  Anchorage Woman Sentenced For Passport And PDF Fraud; Anchorage, AK
-10/02/14  21 Year Fugitive Sentenced On 1992 Tax Fraud Charges; San Francisco, CA
-09/19/14  Alcala Pleads Guilty To Two Charges In Visa Fraud Case; Sentenced To 56 Months In Federal Prison; Salt Lake City, UT
-09/19/14  Previously Deported Mexican National Pleads Guilty To Aggravated ID Theft And Drug And Firearms Offenses; Sacramento, CA
-09/17/14  Second Colombian National Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping And Murder 0f DEA Agent Terry Watson; Washington, DC
-09/16/14  International Cooperation Against Counterfeit Currency and Travel Documents Focus of INTERPOL Meeting; Lyon, France
-09/05/14  Italian National and Previously Convicted Felon Arrested for Unlawful Reentry; Boston, MA
-09/04/14  N.J. Man Pleads Guilty to Operating Fraudulent Visa and Payroll Scheme to Facilitate Illegal Immigration; Washington, DC
-09/03/14  Colombian National Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping and Murder of DEA Agent Terry Watson; Washington, DC
-08/19/14  Businessman Sentenced To Prison And Ordered To Forfeit $100,000 For High-Technology Worker Visa Fraud; San Jose, CA
-07/22/14  Turkish Man Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Counterfeit Cancer Drugs; St. Louis, MO
-07/19/14  Fugitive Neil Stammer in Custody; Albuquerque, NM
-07/17/14  21-Year Fugitive Pleads Guilty For Failing To Appear for 1993 Court Appearance; San Francisco, CA
-07/14/14  Diplomatic Security Returns Nevada Fugitive from the Philippines; Washington, DC
-07/03/14  Brooklyn Man Convicted Of Conspiracy To Commit Honor Killings In Pakistan; Brooklyn, NY
-07/02/14  21-Year Fugitive Found Through Facebook Makes Court Appearance; San Francisco, CA
-07/02/14  7 Colombian Nationals Charged in Connection with the Murder of a DEA Agent Extradited to the United States; Washington, DC
-07/02/14  International Employee Recruiter Sentenced To Two Years In Prison For Visa Fraud; Greenbelt, MD
-06/02/14  Fugitive Convicted in Fiery 1998 DUI Crash that Injured Trooper Captured in Panama; Miami, FL
-05/29/14  Five Individuals Charged In Manhattan Federal Court With Participating In Student Visa And Financial Aid Fraud Schemes; New York, NY
-05/28/14  Former Denver Woman Pleads Guilty To Charges Related To Identity Theft; Denver, CO
-05/23/14  Lebanese Man Convicted of Attempted Naturalization Fraud; Detroit, MI
-05/22/14  Last Defendant Sentenced In Marriage Fraud Scheme; Sacramento, CA
-05/21/14  U.S. Marshals, INTERPOL Nab Fugitive from Hungary in Florida; Washington, DC
-05/20/14  Texas Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Smuggle and Traffic Counterfeit Viagra Tablets; Washington, DC
-05/19/14  Anchorage Woman Arraigned On Identity Theft, Passport, Permanent Dividend Fund, And Benefits Fraud; Anchorage, AK
-05/15/14  Attorney Indicted for Defrauding Two International Companies out of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars; Newark, NJ
-04/28/14  Attorney, Others Named in Superseding Indictment Alleging Money Laundering Related to Marijuana Cultivation and Distribution; Denver, CO
-04/24/14  Previously Deported Mexican National Charged with Passport Fraud, Aggravated ID Theft, Drug and Firearm Offense; Sacramento, CA
-04/17/14  Former Denver Woman Appears on Charges Related to Aggravated Identity Theft; Denver, CO
-04/15/14  Bill A. Miller Named Director of the Diplomatic Security Service and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-04/02/14  Former Federal Contract Employee Sentenced to 13 Months In Prison For Disclosing National Defense Information; Washington, DC
-04/01/14  Cupertino Businessman Pleads Guilty To High-Tech Worker Visa Fraud; San Jose, CA
-03/28/14  FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Juan Elias Garcia Now in Custody; New York, NY
-03/14/14  250th San Francisco Bay Area Resident Charged With Federal Passport Offense; San Francisco, CA
-03/06/14  Former English Tutor Sentenced for Sexually Exploiting Children in China and the United States; Washington, DC
-03/05/14  Alexandria, Va., Couple Arrested on Immigration Charges for Harboring Domestic Servant in Their Home; Washington, DC
-02/11/14  Four Employees of Adoption Services Provider Charged with Conspiracy to Defraud the United States in Connection with Ethiopia Operations; Washington, DC
-02/11/14  Highlands Ranch man sentenced for forced labor and trafficking in forced labor as well as other offenses; Denver, CO
-02/06/14  Former Rosedale Resident Sentenced To 27 Years In Prison For Armed Robbery Of A Business Resulting In The Owner's Death; Baltimore, MD
-02/05/14  Five Individuals Charged with Immigration Fraud; Miami, FL
-01/24/14  Dominican Man Sentenced for Social Security and Passport Fraud; Boston, MA
-01/24/14  Dominican Man Sentenced for Social Security and Passport Fraud; Boston, MA
-01/21/14  Da Vance: Naval Academy Graduate Indicted For $1 Million Ponzi Scheme; New York, NY
-01/17/14  Alleged Fraudster Apprehended In Puerto Vallarta; San Francisco, CA
-01/14/14  Gregory B. Starr Sworn in as Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-01/06/14  Individual Suspected of Damaging the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China Office in San Francisco Arrested; San Francisco, CA


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