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2009 Diplomatic Security Press Releases

-12/29/09  Defendants Plead Guilty In Work Visa Fraud; Philadelphia, PA
-12/29/09  Diplomatic Security Service Arrests 13 for Passport Fraud in California's Central Valley; Washington, DC
-12/29/09  Top Private Sector Security Concerns in 2009; Washington, DC
-12/23/09  Pastor Who Owns Religious School Accused In Visa Fraud Scheme ; SANTA ANA, CA
-12/16/09  Nevada Man Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Lying To Obtain New Passport ; Los Angeles, CA
-12/15/09  Defendant Convicted Of Passport Fraud and Identity Theft; Miami, FL
-11/25/09  Alaska Homicide Suspect Ariel Patrick Apprehended in Guatemala; Washington, DC
-11/24/09  Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges New York City Employee For Theft Of Welfare Recipients' Birth Certificates And Social Security Cards; New York City, NY
-11/20/09  Alaska Man Indicted By Federal Grand Jury For Identity Theft, Passport Fraud; Anchorage, AK
-11/13/09  Man Guilty of Aggravated Identity Theft; San Juan, PR
-11/06/09  Florida Native Honored As Bureau Of Diplomatic Security Employee Of The Year; Washington, DC
-11/06/09  State Department Selects Jeffrey Culver to Head Diplomatic Security Service ; Washington, DC
-10/29/09  Seventeen San Francisco Bay Area Residents Charged With False Passport Or Entry Visa Offenses; San Francisco, CA
-10/25/09  Federal, State, and Local Cooperation Nabs Homicide Suspect; Phoenix, AZ
-10/16/09  Wanted Suspect Captured in Belize; Inglewood, CA
-10/09/09  Walnut Creek Woman Found Guilty of Trafficking Nanny from Peru; San Francisco, CA
-10/01/09  Diplomatic Security, Venezuelan Police Return U.S. Fugitive ; Washington, DC
-10/01/09  Massachusetts Man Convicted Of Making False Statements In U.S. Passport Application; Boston, MA
-09/21/09  Diplomatic Security Locates and Will Help Return A Fugitive from Belize; Washington, DC
-09/11/09  Three People Indicted In Identity Theft Conspiracy; New Brunswick, NJ
-09/09/09  Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent Awarded The Paraguayan National Police Medal Of Merit; Washington, DC
-08/31/09  Jury Convicts Three Men of Conspiracy To Use Fake Diplomatic Identification; Kansas City, MO
-08/26/09  Document And Benefit Fraud Task Forces Expand To Houston And San Juan; Washington, DC
-08/26/09  State Department Offers Private Sector Security Overseas Seminar for U.S Businesses, Academic Institutions, and NGOs, September 21 - 22, 2009; Office of the Spokesman; Washington, DC
-08/21/09  Florida Man Sentenced On Passport And Identity Theft Charges; Miami, FL
-08/21/09  Suspects Arrested For Defrauding W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 3rd Co-conspirator At Large; Grand Rapids, MI
-08/20/09  Drug Trafficker Sentenced to Over Eight Years For Lying About His Citizenship; Orlando, FL
-08/18/09  Marriage Broker Sentenced To 19 Months Prison; San Francisco, CA
-08/03/09  "Operation Whose House" Mortgage Broker: Extradited From Jamaica Pleads Guilty ; Washington, DC
-07/31/09  Eight Arrested in ICE-led, Multi-agency Operation Targeting Area Gang Members; San Jose, CA
-07/29/09  Ex-Foreign Service Officer, International Jeweler Sentenced In Corruption Case; Washington, DC
-07/28/09  Eight Individuals, Law Firm, Property Company Face Federal Charges Alleging Alien Smuggling, Visa Fraud; Salt Lake City, UT
-07/24/09  Grand Jury Indicts Former U.S. Embassy Beijing Project Manager For False Statements; Jacksonville, FL
-07/17/09  Diplomatic Security Locates And Will Help Return Fugitive From The Philippines; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-07/15/09  Brinks Employee Charged With Theft Of $75,000; Miami, FL
-07/15/09  Defendant Convicted of Passport Fraud and Identity Theft; Miami, FL
-07/14/09  Diplomatic Security Passport Fraud Investigation Results in Jail Sentence; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-07/14/09  U.S. Marshals Instrumental in Local's Arrest in Israel; Harrisonburg, PA
-07/13/09  Diplomatic Security Special Agent Honored by Women in Federal Law Enforcement Foundation; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-07/01/09  Saudi National Charged With Fraud In Obtaining Visa For Domestic Employee; Houston, TX
-06/30/09  U.S. National Charged With Sexual Abuse While Overseas; Washington, DC
-06/05/09  Former State Department Official And Wife Arrested For Serving As Illegal Agents Of Cuba For Nearly 30 Years; Washington, DC
-06/02/09  Three Colombian Nationals Arrested, Charged In Alien Smuggling And Visa Fraud Scheme; Washington, DC
-05/29/09  Civilian Contractor Sentenced To Prison For Making False Statements To Federal Agents; Houston, TX
-05/12/09  Diplomatic Security Locates and Returns A Fugitive From Brazil; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-04/15/09  NH Man Sentenced To 33 Months In Prison For Mail Fraud, Identity Theft; Concord, NH
-04/13/09  Department of Homeland Security Employee Convicted In Fraud And Bribery Scheme; Atlanta, GA
-03/31/09  Brazilian Man Guilty In Passport Fraud Case; Worcester, MA
-03/31/09  Eight Individuals Indicted and Arrested for Identity Theft, Fraud; San Juan, PR
-03/13/09  Chinese Entry Visa Broker Sentenced For Fraud and Fugitive Charges; San Francisco, CA
-03/12/09  Mortgage Brokers Indicted on Wire And, Passport Fraud, Money Laundering, Other Charges; Sacramento, CA
-03/11/09  46 Arrested and Prosecuted at California Ports of Entry for Passport and Visa Fraud ; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; News Release; San Diego, California
-03/07/09  Fugitive Sex Offender Returned From Ukraine To United States; Johnstown, PA
-02/26/09  16 Suspects Prosecuted For False Passport Offenses; San Francisco, CA
-02/25/09  Defendants In 'Focus On Children' Case Sentenced In Federal Court; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Salt Lake City, UT 
-02/25/09  Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer and International Jeweler Guilty in Visa Case; Washington, DC
-02/20/09  Four Extremists Arrested for Threats and Violence Against UC Researchers ; San Francisco, CA
-02/18/09  U.S. Passport Fraud Operation Nets Fourteen Arrests in Georgia; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-02/17/09  Diplomatic Courier Honored for Heroism ; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-02/12/09  DS Investigation Results In Conviction For False Statements On I-9 Employment Verification Forms; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC
-01/30/09  U.S. Postal Worker Arrested For Embezzlement; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; Washington, DC


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