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2011 Diplomatic Security Press Releases

-12/28/11  Diplomatic Security Service Arrests Nine on Passport Fraud; San Francisco, Calif.
-12/28/11  Russian National Sentenced to 48 Months in Federal Prison for Aggravated Identity Theft, Passport & Wire Fraud; Providence, RI
-12/21/11  Former Branson Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Visa Fraud Scheme; Springfield, MO
-12/20/11  Former Branson Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Visa Fraud Scheme; Springfield, Mo.
-12/14/11  Illegal Immigrant Sentenced for Benefits Fraud; Yakima, Washington
-12/07/11  Coldwater Residents Arrested In Identity Theft Scheme; Oxford, MS
-12/01/11  Barrio Azteca Gang Associates Plead Guilty in El Paso to Racketeering Conspiracy; Washington, DC
-11/30/11  Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges 20 Individuals for Participating in Scheme to Recruit Illegal Immigrants to Work in Adult Entertainment Clubs Controlled by La Cosa Nostra; New York, NY
-11/23/11  Egyptian Couple Indicted for Forced Labor; Alexandria, VA
-11/03/11  Two Dozen Members and Associates of Belizean Bloods Street Gang Facing Federal Narcotics and Passport Fraud Charges; Chicago, Illinois
-10/21/11  Six Indicted for Scheme to Obtain Government Identity Documents for Illegal Aliens; Richmond, VA
-10/11/11  Hercules Man Sentenced for Filing False Tax Returns, Illegally Obtaining Citizenship; San Francisco, Calif.
-10/06/11  State Department Employee Indicted on Domestic Battery Charge for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon; Washington, DC
-09/28/11  Former Guard Charged with Attempting to Communicate National Defense Information to People's Republic of China; Washington, D.C.
-09/20/11  U.S. Marshals Announce the Extradition of Lionel Scott Harris; San Francisco, Calif.
-08/25/11  Former Anchorage police officer sentenced for passport fraud and making false claim to United States citizenship; Anchorage, Alaska
-08/24/11  Florida Woman Charged With Witness Tampering, False Statements and Obstruction of Justice in Relation to Her Husband's Disappearance; Washington, DC
-08/22/11  Fifteen More Bay Area Residents Charged with Federal Passport Offenses; San Francisco, CA
-08/15/11  Clovis Real Estate Broker Sentenced To Maximum Term of Imprisonment for Tax Fraud; Fresno, Calif
-08/12/11  Repeat Identity Thief Sentenced to Prison for Passport Fraud; Western District, WA
-07/26/11  Fourteen Charged in Marriage Fraud Scheme; Sacramento, Calif.
-07/15/11  Mexican Citizen Convicted of Receiving Supplemental Security Income and Food Stamps Illegally; Yakima, WA
-07/12/11  Mexican National Indicted for Passport Fraud and Making a False Claim of US Citizenship; McALLEN, TX
-07/07/11  Armor Group North America and Its Affiliates Pay $7.5 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations; Washington, DC
-06/23/11  Diplomatic Security Helps Locate and Return Fugitive Sex Offender to the United States; San Francisco, Calif
-06/20/11  Three people charged for using fraudulent passports; Queensland, Australia
-06/10/11  Illegal Alien Sentenced in Federal Court for Drug Trafficking and Passport Fraud; Anchorage, AK
-06/10/11  Navy Deserter Sentenced In Federal Court For Passport Fraud; Anchorage, AK
-06/09/11  San Fernando Valley Man Arrested in Visa Fraud Scheme; Los Angeles, CA
-06/02/11  Diplomatic Security Locates and Helps Return a San Francisco Fugitive; San Francisco, CA
-05/31/11  Diplomatic Security Service Agents Locate and Return Nathan Kent Lumbard to the United States to Face Federal Charges for Passport Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft; Washington, DC
-05/31/11  Former Seattle Area Resident Sentenced To Three Years in Prison for Aggravated Identity Theft and Passport Fraud; Western District of Washington, WA
-05/27/11  Providing False Information on Passport Application Leads to Federal Prosecutions; Salt Lake City, UT
-05/26/11  Salinas Man Sentenced to 57 Months for Dealing Firearms Without a License; San Jose, CA
-05/14/11  Six Individuals Charged for Providing Material Support to the Pakistani Taliban; Miami, FL
-05/13/11  Convicted drug trafficker sentenced to prison for using stolen identity to renew passport; Tucson, AZ
-05/13/11  Fredericksburg Native Honored by U.S. Justice Department; Washington, DC
-05/13/11  Mechanicsville Native Honored by U.S. Justice Department; Washington, DC
-05/13/11  Morgantown Native Honored by U.S. Justice Department; Washington, DC
-05/11/11  Plea Hearing in United States v. Bruce A. Reid; Syracuse, NY
-05/09/11  Antiguan Man Arraigned on Federal Identity and Government Benefit Fraud Charges; Portland, ME
-05/06/11  Paso Robles Couple Plead Guilty to Harboring Filipino Aliens Who Were Smuggled into U.S. and worked under abusive conditions at Elder Care facilities; Central District of California, CA
-05/02/11  Former Carson City/Incline Village Resident Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for False Passport Offense; Reno, NV
-04/27/11  Sex Offender Captured and Indicted; Boston, MA
-04/22/11  Anchorage Police Officer Charged With Passport Fraud; Anchorage, AK
-03/29/11  North Dallas man who fled to Belize to avoid prosecution is extradited and pleads guilty to federal felony offense; Dallas, TX
-03/25/11  Concord Businessman Sentenced to Prison for High-Tech Worker Visa Fraud; Oakland, Calif
-03/25/11  Fort Lauderale Man Sentenced to Thirty Years Imprisonment After Being Convicted of Child Enticement and Transportation of a Minor; Miami, FL
-03/22/11  Northfield man sentenced for using another's identity to commit passport fraud, Social Security fraud; St. Paul, MN
-03/21/11  U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Jessica Tata Captured in Nigeria; Washington, DC
-03/09/11  Thirty-Five Members and Associates of Barrio Azteca Gang Charged with Racketeering and Other Offenses, Including 10 Charged in U.S. Consulate Murders in Juarez, Mexico; Washington, DC
-03/04/11  Alleged Supporter of Terrorist Group Extradited from Paraguay (Moussa Ali Hamdan); Philadelphia, PA
-03/04/11  Former FBI "Ten Most Wanted" Fugitive Extradited from Mexico; Salt Lake City, UT 


-03/03/11  Former U.S. Official Sentenced to 65 Months in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Woman on Embassy Property in Algeria; Washington, DC
-02/11/11  Elementary School Teacher Arrested for Molesting Student; East Palo Alto, CA
-02/10/11  Robert Ryann Woods Sentenced in U.S. District Court; Billings, MT
-02/04/11  A Dozen People Arrested for Passport and Visa Fraud in Calexico, California; Bureau of Diplomatic Security; San Diego, CA
-02/03/11  U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Captured in Argentina; Washington, DC
-01/28/11  Former OLCC Investigator Sentenced to 24 Months in Federal Prison for Aggravated Identity Theft and Passport Fraud; Portland, OR
-01/27/11  Ketchikan Man Sentenced in Federal Court for Fraud and Illegal Possession of a Firearm; Anchorage, AK
-01/25/11  San Francisco Fraudster Fugitive Returned from Mexico After 13 Years on the Run; San Francisco, CA
-01/19/11  Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Third New York City Employee with Fraud and Identity Theft; New York City, NY
-01/14/11  Hercules Man Found Guilty of Unlawfully Obtaining U.S. Citizenship; San Francisco, CA
-  Hercules Man Found Guilty of Unlawfully Obtaining U.S. Citizenship; San Francisco, Calif
-  Jury Convicts Brazilian Woman of Alien Smuggling and Worker Visa Fraud Conspiracy; Orlando, FL


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