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Pets and Their Pests Overseas


Before you send your pet overseas, make sure you've remembered to pack flea and tick products.  These will protect your pet from irritation and possible disease and keep you, your family, and your home free of the same pests. Remember, under the Department's Integrated Pest Management Program, pet owners are responsible for any infestations originating with a pet. Many of the safest and most effective products may not be available overseas, and some must be prescribed by a veterinarian. Plan ahead!

To treat your pets for ticks and fleas, you can use various products, including special shampoos, flea and tick collars, dips, a once-a-month pill such as ProgramTM, and a once-a-month spot application such as AdvantageTM or BioSpotTM. ProgramTM and AdvantageTM are prescription veterinary products. Flea combs can help you identify whether your pet has fleas or ticks and the extent of the problem.

Many flea control products kill only adult fleas and must be applied repeatedly. However, newer products in a variety of forms (bombs, sprays, etc.) contain insect growth regulators (IGRs) such as methoprene, which are safe and kill fleas that hatch well after the treatment. PrecorTM or PetcorTM are two such products that may provide control for four months or even longer.

Consult your veterinarian for the latest effective treatments and make sure you take an adequate supply.

This information was prepared by the Office of Safety, Health and Environmental Management [A/FBO/OPS/SAF (SHEM)]. For further information on pest control contact your GSO or Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer (POSHO).  Note: The U.S. Department of State does not endorse specific trade name products. This listing is for informational purposes only.

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