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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the participants in CTC courses? What are they looking for? 

Participants in CTC courses are from all types and levels of employees in the U.S. Foreign Service and Civil Service. And they represent many U.S. foreign affairs agencies, including the Department of State, the Foreign Agricultural Service, the Agency for International Development, and the Foreign Commercial Service.

Retirement Planning Workshops (RV 101, 103, or 104)
The majority of the participants attending the Retirement Planning Workshops will be eligible to retire within five years of their attendance at the workshop. They are wisely planning for their retirement ahead of time.

Job Search Program (RV 102)
All participants in the Job Search Program are retiring from the U.S. Government within the next 30 to 60 days. They are interested in some type of work after retirement, whether it be fulltime or part-time, paid or voluntary. They need the latest information on job search techniques. Both Civil Service and Foreign Service employees sign up for the Job Search Program. The Foreign Service participants include employees who are taking advantage of the early retirement opportunity, some who have to retire because they are 65 years old and some who are non-voluntary retirees.

Who is eligible to take CTC courses?

Retirement Planning Workshop (RV 101)
Participants must be within five years of retirement eligibility. They must be U.S. citizen employees, either Foreign Service or Civil Service.

Financial Management and Estate Planning Workshop (RV 103) and Annuities, Benefits, and Social Security Workshop (RV 104)
Participants in these one-day workshops must be U.S. Citizen employees, either Foreign Service or Civil Service.

Job Search Program (RV 102)
The Job Search Program (JSP) is open only to employees retiring voluntarily and those whose time in class (TIC) has expired. No personnel planning to continue in active duty are eligible to participate in the JSP. Once the JSP is completed, employees become official retirees. Employees may participate in the program up to one year after retirement, but they must register prior to actual retirement.

How do I register for a CTC course?
Find the details here.

Who qualifies for your newsletter distribution list?
This publication is now available online.

Do you offer services for WAEs (When Actually Employed)?
The CTC does not maintain a list of WAE job vacancies in the U.S. Department of State. Moreover, the CTC cannot provide a list of WAEs eligible for hire. To date, there is no central location for WAE enrollment or job leads. You must contact each bureau's Human Resources Office for information.

I am unemployed and interested in working for the U.S. Government. Can I send you my resume?
No, for information regarding employment with the U.S. Department of State, contact the Recruitment Office through the agency website: .

Do potential employers have access to a list of Foreign Service retirees and their specialties/technical skills?
The CTC does not provide this information to private sector employers. Private sector employers frequently advertise their job vacancies to Job Search Program graduates and others through the CTC's Job Leads service.


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