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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is FAN?

    The Foreign Affairs Network (FAN) is the Department of State’s network, which provides access to State-specific Web pages, email, and other resources. In addition, users can access the World Wide Web.

  2. Why does this help me?

    Customers on the FAN will not have to maintain their own agency circuits, which can be expensive to maintain and operate (Note: an assessment is performed for every potential new FAN customer).

  3. How would I access my agency corporate applications?

    FAN customers will access their agency specific corporate applications on the FAN (via FAN workstations) through a customized design developed collaboratively with the State Department project team.

  4. How will joining the FAN affect my ICASS charges?

    ICASS charges will increase; however, the costs of maintaining a separate overseas network will no longer be required. FAN customer agencies will be able to save money because they will be sharing the administrative costs of their IT services with other agencies.

  5. How is customer service governed?

    The FAN Customer Advisory Board (FANCAB) will provide the foundation for governing the processes and procedures for FAN customers. Transitioned customer agencies will have representation on the FANCAB and will have a forum outside of existing customer support procedures to escalate and address issues.

  6. Who do I contact if I am interested?

    If you are interested in obtaining more information about FAN, or how it could benefit your agency, please send an email to

  7. Who will manage agency transitions?

    The DOS Bureau of Information Resource Management’s (IRM) Project Services Office (IRM/BMP/PSO) will provide Project Management for agency transitions.

  8. Who will benefit from these services?

    Overseas personnel will benefit from FAN services; domestic users will not be impacted by FAN services or enhancements.


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