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City or County Parking Stickers

County or City Parking Stickers: Some county and city jurisdictions require Motor Vehicles to display stickers confirming that local taxes have been paid or that parking in a residential area is authorized. Members of the Foreign Mission Community should determine if such stickers are required and if so, acquire them. Problems in this area should be reported to OFM so that assistance can be provided.

Residents of Virginia: There may be residential parking sticker requirements in some cities in northern Virginia. Those in Arlington County should present these documents in person at the Arlington County Office of the Commissioner of Revenue.

Residents of the District of Columbia: Mission personnel residing in some areas of the District of Columbia must display a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) to park their vehicle without restriction. Requirements for RRP are indicated by a two-hour residential restriction sign on your block. Police officers may ticket Motor Vehicles that do not display current stickers.RPPs can be obtained at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles by presenting a copy of the Department of State’s vehicle registration card, pay the applicable parking permit fee and proof of residency. Visit their website at for further information and the location of the DMV Service Centers.


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