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Diplomatic Motor Vehicles Notes & Notices

-05/31/13   Diplomatic Note 13-448: Diplomatic Parking at Washington DC Metropolitan Airports  [1059 Kb]
-12/18/12   Diplomatic Note 12-348: Legal basis of OFM/DMV  [577 Kb]
-08/08/96   Diplomatic Note 96-172: Return of ID Cards, Tax Cards, Driver's Licenses and License Plates upon Termination  [141 Kb]
-11/08/91   Diplomatic Note 91-322: Commercial Use of DOS Plated Vehicles  [82 Kb]
-10/26/89   Diplomatic Note 89-346: Motor Vehicle Policy  [156 Kb]

Diplomatic Driver Services
-02/12/15   Notice: New Email Address for Motor Vehicle Record Requests  [26 Kb]
-09/05/14   Diplomatic Note 14-1470: Motorcycle Licensing Requirements  [101 Kb]
-05/30/14   Diplomatic Note 14-978: Driver's License Acquisition Policy with regard to Vehicle Registration  [101 Kb]
-10/18/13   Diplomatic Note 13-964: Removal of Minimum Age Requirement when Obtaining OFM Issued Non-Driver Identification Card  [19 Kb]
-10/18/13   Diplomatic Note 13-965: Requirements for Non-Eligibility Letter  [86 Kb]
-05/21/12   Notice: Closure of the DC DMV Georgetown Service Center  [21 Kb]
-09/15/11   Notice: Announcing Launch Date and Procedures For OFM's Newly-designed Driver's Licenses  [148 Kb]
-05/26/11   Diplomatic Note 11-93: New Department of State Driver's Licenses and Diplomatic Tax Exemption Cards  [24 Kb]
-07/15/08   Diplomatic Note 08-88: Requirements for Requesting Driver's License Non-Eligibility Letter  [123 Kb]
-12/12/06   Diplomatic Note 06-270: Return of Driver Licenses  [61 Kb]

Diplomatic License Plates
-05/30/14   Diplomatic Note 14-978: Driver's License Acquisition Policy with regard to Vehicle Registration  [101 Kb]
-10/01/07   Diplomatic Note 07-201: New License Plate Replacement Process  [75 Kb]
-06/07/07   Diplomatic Note 07-125: Announcement of New License Plate Design  [16 Kb]

Insurance Requirements
-12/03/13   Diplomatic Note 13-1134: Enhanced Insurance Compliance Program  [180 Kb]
-12/18/12   Diplomatic Note 12-342: Changes in Insurance Notification  [30 Kb]
-04/27/09   Diplomatic Note 09-20: Insurance Requirements Update  [40 Kb]
-02/24/04   Diplomatic Note 04-37: Insurance Requirements for Rental Vehicles  [73 Kb]
-02/20/04   Diplomatic Note 04-21: Reporting Requirements for Aircraft and Vessel Insurance  [107 Kb]
-03/17/87   Diplomatic Note 87-75: Insurance Liability Requirement  [300 Kb]

Law Enforcement Matters
-09/24/10   Diplomatic Note 10-181: Resolution of Motor Vehicle Law Violations  [47 Kb]

Parking Tickets & Traffic Citations
-04/05/13   Diplomatic Note 13-198: DC DMV Online Parking Ticket System Upgrade  [169 Kb]
-04/05/13   Diplomatic Note 13-199: DC Parking Ticket Registration Renewal Policy  [178 Kb]
-06/29/04   Diplomatic Note 04-127: Unpaid Parking Fines in Washington D.C. and New York City  [174 Kb]
-12/16/94   Diplomatic Note 94-333: Parking Ticket Payment Policy Update  [59 Kb]
-12/22/93   Diplomatic Note 93-555: Notification of New Parking Ticket Payment Policy  [186 Kb]


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