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Diplomatic Notes and Notices

-12/06/10   Banking Town Hall Notice  [126 Kb]
-06/26/07   Supreme Court Decsion  [44 Kb]
-04/10/07   Purchasing Agent Arrangements  [68 Kb]
-12/22/06   Return of Driver Licenses  [61 Kb]
-10/24/06   Completion of Shell Oil's Federal Excise Tax Exemption Certificate  [65 Kb]  Shell Oil Tax Exemtion Notice
-09/20/06   Retirement of John P Gaddis, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Foreign Missions  [13 Kb]
-06/29/04    [106 Kb]
-Air Port Taxes  [52 Kb]
-Airline Passenger and Baggage Screening  [176 Kb]
-Airline Ticket Tax Exemption  [57 Kb]
-Changes in Procedures for Bonded Warehouse Purchases  [84 Kb]
-Customs Duty Free Importation
-Deliveries to the Department  [169 Kb]
-Department of State Requirements for Clearance of Diplomatic Shipments Into the United States  [37 Kb]
-Diplomatic Vehicle Tax Exemption
-Domestic Employees  [289 Kb]
-E-government update #1  [170 Kb]
-Enforcement of Wood Packaging Materials Regulation Enters Second Phase  [47 Kb]
-Escort Screening Courtesies  [125 Kb]
-Exemption from Parking Fees in Arlington County, VA  [66 Kb]
-Food Importation Requrements for Non-Commercial Shipments  [18 Kb]
-Gross Receipts Tax Surcharge  [78 Kb]
-Importation of Firearms and Ammunition  [133 Kb]
-Importation of Wood Packaging Materials  [134 Kb]
-Improvements to Application for Utility and Fuel Tax Procedures  [202 Kb]
-Improvements to Utilities and Gasoline Tax Exemption Programs  [189 Kb]
-Income Tax Information Forum  [263 Kb]
-Insurance Requirements for Rental Vehicles  [73 Kb]
-Issues Relating to the Diplomatic Tax Exemption Card Program  [390 Kb]
-New Pouch Procedures  [91 Kb]
-New Procedure for "Notification of Authorities"  [69 Kb]
-New Procedures for Arriving and Departing Aliens  [105 Kb]
-New Procedures for Missions  [78 Kb]
-New Wood Packing Requirements  [116 Kb]
-Notification Requirements  [176 Kb]
-Notification of Head of a Consular Post  [62 Kb]
-Notification of Honorary Consular Officers  [279 Kb]
-Permanently Resident In  [139 Kb]
-Personal Tax Exempt Accounts no longer available from BP and Amoco  [62 Kb]
-Persons Considered to be "Permanently Resident In" the United States  [46 Kb]
-Procedure for Claiming Tax Exemption on the Purchase or Lease of an Official or Personal Vehicle  [65 Kb]
-Procedures for Customs Duty-Free Import of Items for an Exhibition  [27 Kb]
-Protection of Diplomatic Pouches - supplemental guidance  [104 Kb]
-Real Property Transactions, Tax Exemption and Diplomatic Parking in DC  [537 Kb]
-Reporting Requirements for Aircraft and Vessel Insurance  [107 Kb]
-Request for Questions Regarding "Permanently Resident In"  [24 Kb]
-Requirement to Return/Surrender Sales Tax Exemption Cards  [500 Kb]
-Resolution of Motor Vehicle Law Violations  [189 Kb]
-Revised Procedures for Duty and Tax-free Purchases from Bonded Warehouses  [55 Kb]
-Revised Procedures for Official Duty-Free Importation of Alcoholic Beverages  [69 Kb]
-Shell Oil Notice  [85 Kb]
-Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement  [404 Kb]
-Tax Exemption Credit/Debit Notice  [61 Kb]
-Tax-Exempt Credit/Debit (TECD) Program Information Forum  [117 Kb]
-Unpaid Parking Fines in Washington, DC and New York City  [174 Kb]
-Update on Social Security Number Procedures  [191 Kb]
-Use of Embassy and Chancery Premises  [181 Kb]
-Video of OFM's Income Tax Forum Available  [43 Kb]
-Video of OFM's Tax-Exempt Credit/Debit Card Program (TECD) Forum Available  [20 Kb]


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