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Date: 03/27/2013 Description: Official portrait: Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources - State Dept Image

Assistant Secretary Linda Thomas-Greenfield leads the Department of State’s Bureau of African Affairs, the division in the Department focused on the development and management of U.S. policy concerning the continent.  There are four pillars that serve as the foundation of U.S. policy toward Africa.

1) Strengthening Democratic Institutions;
2) Supporting African economic growth and development;
3) Advancing Peace and Security;
4) Promoting Opportunity and Development.

Read the full description of the pillars here: U.S. Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa.

U.S. Government Response to the Ebola Virus

USAID leads the U.S. Government's response to the West Africa Ebola outbreak. Our priority is combating and containing the virus at its source. USAID» More»

On August 11, 2015 the State Department, the Paul G. Allen Ebola Program and MRIGlobal unveiled first of-their-kind biocontainment units at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, GA. This unique public-private partnership brought together diverse resources and advanced thinking to develop the next generation of biocontainment, greatly improving U.S. medevac capability and better preparing us for global health threats in the future.  DipNote»

U.S.-South Africa Relations

Secretary Kerry (Sept. 16): "South Africa is playing an increasingly important global role, a very important leadership role on the continent of Africa, and, we are pleased to say, an important cooperative role together with the United States." Full Text» Press Availability»

President Obama Travels to Kenya and Ethiopia

President Obama traveled to Kenya to hold bilateral meetings and participate in the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) on July 25-26.  Following Kenya, President Obama traveled to Ethiopia on for bilateral meetings with the Government of Ethiopia and with the leadership of the African Union.  His trip built on the success of the August 2014 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit and continued our efforts to work with countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including Kenya and Ethiopia, to accelerate economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions, and improve security.  This was President Obama’s fourth trip to sub-Saharan Africa during his presidency.  Presidential Remarks» Fact Sheets» Blog Posts» Welcome to Kenya Video» More»

U.S. Nigeria Partnership

Secretary Kerry (July 21): "We have a ready and willing partner, and we look forward to developing our counterterrorism and our counter-Boko Haram plans even as we also work on energy development, on education, health, and other issues within the country." Full Text» More»


Secretary Kerry Traveled to Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti

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Secretary Kerry traveled to Colombo, Nairobi, Mogadishu, Djibouti, Riyadh and Paris, May 1-7, 2015. Travel Page»

U.S. and Kenya
Secretary Kerry (May 4): "It's with the reality of our shared interests in mind that I come to Nairobi today to consult with the president and with the foreign minister about the many concerns that we share about our two countries in advance of President Obama's visit in July." Full Text»

Visit to Mogadishu, Somalia
Secretary Kerry (May 5): "More than 20 years ago, the United States was forced to pull back from  this country. And now we're returning in collaboration with our international community and with high hopes mixed, obviously, with ongoing concerns." Full Text»

Meeting With Youth Leaders in Djibouti
Secretary Kerry (May 6): "You are, all of you, going to be the future leaders, whether it's political or in business or in the community, and that's exactly what YALI is supposed to do: help people to see the possibilities of building the future." Full Text»

African Union Commission High Level Dialogue

Secretary Kerry (Apr. 13):  "We believe that Africa has enormous capacity – unique on the planet, really, for both political and economic growth and development and we know that the African Union is going to play an absolutely critical role in shaping that growth and that development."  Full Text»


President Obama's Message on the Nigerian Elections

On March 28, Nigerians went to the polls to elect their next President.  President Obama released a message to the Nigerian people to highlight the opportunity that the upcoming election presents for all Nigerians to stand together in rejecting violence and extremism and instead show their support for a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous future. More» Presidential Statement»



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