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Evening Walkthrough in Beijing, China

Stephen W. Bosworth
Special Representative for North Korea Policy 
St. Regis Hotel
Beijing, China
February 24, 2010


AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: Good evening. It’s good to be back in Beijing. We are here for consultations with the Chinese government, with my friend and colleague Ambassador Wu Dawei. This is the first stop of the visit to three countries in the region, all members of the Six-Party process. We're going to Seoul tomorrow and then to Tokyo the next day. We just completed a very useful exchange of views with Ambassador Wu on the status of the efforts to resume the Six-Party process, on views for the future, exchanging some ideas about how to best move forward. The Chinese have had recently several contacts with the DPRK, and it was a very timely opportunity to exchange views and observations. I look forward to visiting Seoul and Tokyo, and we all look forward to an early resumption of the Six-Party process and a renewed pursuit of all of the goals of the Joint Statement of September 2005 including, of course, very importantly, denuclearization but also a peace regime for the Korean peninsula, economic and energy assistance, and normalization of diplomatic relations. So I might take one or two questions and that might be it.

QUESTION: Mr. Ambassador how would you describe the momentum for renewed talks now? What position are we in at this stage?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: How would we describe renewed momentum for Six-Party Talks? I think everybody shares the view that it is important to get back to the negotiating table as soon as we can. I wouldn’t try to characterize, one way or the other, the current state of play.

QUESTION: Did Mr. Wu Dawei suggest to the U.S. that it do bilateral talks with the DPRK?

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: We discussed a number of things that we might do, on each side, to try to regain momentum and to try to get back to the negotiating table. I think it would be premature to discuss specific options only to say that from the U.S. point of view, we remain strongly committed to the use of diplomacy in the pursuit of denuclearization and stability on the Korean peninsula. We think it’s very important for the entire region, indeed for the entire world. Thank you all very much. It’s good to be back (interrupted).

QUESTION: What are the sticking points? Is there anything that is…

AMBASSADOR BOSWORTH: No, I don’t want to comment on the substance of these discussions because I believe it would not be all that helpful for the overall diplomatic effort. Thank you all.

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