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Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance: Georgia

Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
December 1, 2009


Date: 12/01/2009 Description: Georgia pie chart shows  Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance FY 2009 by Objective. Line graph shows  Total USG Assistance 1992-2008 (Millions) Total USG (solid) and FSA (dashed). Click for text version. - State Dept Image

Georgia: Fiscal Year 2009 (USD Thousands)

Total Accounts:


Assistance to Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia (AEECA):


Foreign Military Financing (FMF):


Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs (NADR):


Global Health and Child Survival (GHCS):


International Military Education and Training (IMET):


For More Information:

AEECA Annual Report:

U.S. Embassy, Tbilisi, Georgia:

Millennium Challenge Corporation:

Flag of Georgia is red cross on white background, with smaller red cross in each of four quadrants.
Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance:

FY 2008: $378.85M ($153.90M AEECA, $224.96M Other)
FY 2009: $309.70M ($294.50M AEECA, $15.20M Other)

Assistance Goals: United States Government (USG) assistance promotes consolidation and advancement of the democratic reforms undertaken since the November 2003 Rose Revolution; assists Georgia’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic community through the implementation of free-market reforms; and supports Georgian efforts to attain energy security by diversifying its energy sources. In June 2009, the USG fulfilled its pledge of a $1 billion, two-year economic support package for Georgia to assist internally displaced persons (IDPs), rebuild damaged infrastructure, and help restore investor confidence in the Georgian economy following the August 2008 conflict with Russia.

Areas of Focus (Foreign Operations Appropriated Assistance):

Peace and Security (PS): FY 2008: $29.79M; FY 2009: $41.88M

  • Reform, train and equip the Georgian military to meet NATO standards and to support contributions to international peacekeeping and security operations
  • Improve the capacity of the Georgian Border Police and Custom Service to fight smuggling, increase revenue and improve border control
  • Increase the skills of the Georgian judicial and law enforcement officials
  • Enhance forensic capabilities to meet international standards

Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD): FY 2008: $35.98M; FY 2009: $34.63M

  • Improve executive, parliamentary and local government capacity, transparency, accountability and citizen outreach, as well as institutional checks and balances
  • Strengthen the rule of law by improving judicial independence, legal profession reform, judicial and legal education, and the criminal procedure code, and by supporting the implementation of jury trials
  • Bolster political party competitiveness and promote free and fair elections
  • Strengthen civil society, independent media and civic education

Investing in People (IIP): FY 2008: $15.76M; FY 2009: $76.67M

  • Increase access to affordable quality health and social services
  • Support decentralization and accreditation of education system
  • Strengthen vocational education in the tourism and road construction sectors

Economic Growth (EG): FY 2008: $284.82M; FY 2009: $153.83M

  • Promote regulatory reform to foster growth of small/medium-sized businesses
  • Build the infrastructure necessary for a competitive economy and labor market
  • Increase diversification of energy sources and export markets
  • Restore investor confidence and rebuild infrastructure damaged in the August 2008 conflict with Russia

Humanitarian Assistance (HA): FY 2008: $8.00M; FY 2009: $2.20M

  • Relieve suffering of vulnerable populations
  • Build partnerships between the people of Georgia, local NGOs and local officials and the people of the United States
  • Delivered in donated pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies valued at $25M to health care facilities in Georgia

Recent Successes:

  • Increased foreign trade, raising GOG’s position on the World Bank’s trading across borders index from 149 in 2007 to 30 in 2010.
  • Distributed $7,2M worth of humanitarian aid, medicine and supplies to schools and orphanages to help the local population recover from the military conflict in August 2008
  • Awarded 38 democracy commission and democracy outreach grants to Georgian CSOs and individuals to support their grassroots activities
  • Returned 8,400 acres of land to productive use following the August 2008 military confrontation, clearing away over 3,700 items of explosive ordnance

Graph Explanations

Pie Chart: For estimate Fiscal Year 2009, thirteen percent of U.S. assistance to Georgia went to support the objective of Peace and Security (PS), fifty percent to Economic Growth (EG), eleven percent to Governing Justly and Democratically (GJD), twenty-five percent to Investing in People (IIP), and one percent to Humanitarian Assistance (HA).

The Line Graph depicts FREEDOM Support Act (FSA) and total U.S. assistance to Georgia from 1992 through 2008:

  • In Fiscal Year 1992 $1.83 Million dollars in Freedom Support Act (FSA) funds was given in assistance to Moldova and total United States Government (USG) assistance was 30.99 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1993: FSA: 29.22 Million dollars; Total USG: 169.01 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1994: FSA: 49.6 Million dollars; Total USG: 143.08 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1995: FSA: 46.77 Million dollars; Total USG: 152.18 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1996: FSA: 21.97 Million dollars; Total USG: 116.43 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1997: FSA: 25.79 Million dollars; Total USG: 54.09 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1998: FSA: 97.95 Million dollars; Total USG: 221.32 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 1999: FSA: 89.45 Million dollars; Total USG: 208.99 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2000: FSA: 109.13 Million dollars; Total USG: 233.64 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2001: FSA: 71.92 Million dollars; Total USG: 223.15 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2002: FSA: 91.68 Million dollars; Total USG: 242.49 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2003: FSA: 84.17 Million dollars; Total USG: 231.81 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2004: FSA: 71.92 Million dollars; Total USG: 220.21 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2005: FSA: 86.23 Million dollars; Total USG: 215.33 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2006: FSA: 67.49 Million dollars; Total USG: 220.21 Million dollars;
  • Fiscal Year 2007: FSA: 58 Million dollars; Total USG: 131.58 Million dollars.
  • Fiscal Year 2008: FSA: 50.09 Million dollars; Total USG: 209.59 Million dollars.

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