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Foreign Operations Assistance: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fact Sheet
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs
June 1, 2014


United States Department of State
Office of the Coordinator of U.S. Assistance to Europe and Eurasia
Foreign Operations Assistance Fact Sheet, June 2014*

U.S. assistance helps Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) achieve Euro-Atlantic integration by making the reforms necessary for NATO and EU accession. To that end, U.S. programs seek to build a multi-ethnic democracy that protects the rights of all its citizens and enables them to flourish. The United States supports effective government institutions and civil society organizations, which facilitate active citizen involvement in governance and advance the fight against corruption; foster effective and accountable law enforcement, judicial and prosecutorial systems that uphold the rule of law for all citizens; develop an ethnically-integrated military that meets security needs and NATO membership goals; provide economic opportunity for all citizens; and, foster private-sector development.

Assistance Activities by U.S. Goals in BiH

BiH is a Vibrant, Tolerant, and Multi-Ethnic Democracy Supported by a Robust Civil Society

Date: 2014 Description: FY 2013 Foreign Operations Assistance by Objective*: Bosnia and Herzegovina -- Peace and Security = 40%; Governing Justly and Democratically = 41%; Economic Growth = 19% - State Dept Image

• U.S.-supported technical experts are assisting civil-society organizations (CSOs) to carry out advocacy and government oversight efforts. The United States also provides small grants to local non-governmental organizations to build inter-ethnic trust.

• The United States provides training and technical assistance to state and Federation governments to help them adopt and implement more effective policies, laws, and budgets, as well as to improve local governments’ ability to deliver public services and influence policy development.

• The U.S. government is supporting political party development in the lead-up to BiH’s October 2014 general elections.

• The United States plays an integral role in continuing to develop the Armed Forces of BiH, one of the best examples of reconciliation and integration as a multi-ethnic national institution, which prioritizes service to civil society.

BiH Has Strong State-Level Law Enforcement And Judicial Institutions


FY 2013

FY 2014

FY 2015

TOTAL (in thousand $)




Economic Support Fund




Foreign Military Financing




International Military Education and Training




International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement




Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programs




• U.S. assistance helps the Bosnian government and civil society implement the country’s Justice System Reform Strategy, including support to implement procedural reforms of judicial institutions and capacity building assistance for CSOs.

• Training and mentoring by U.S. experts build the capacity of Bosnia’s state- and entity-level justice-sector institutions to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate terrorism cases and complex crimes, including transnational organized crime, war crimes, financial crimes, and corruption. U.S. assistance also helps the government to make improvements in its crime victim-witness support.

A Prosperous BiH that is Attractive to Foreign Investors

• U.S. experts are introducing small and medium-sized businesses to innovative technologies, improving the quality of their products to meet standards demanded by international markets, and generating youth-focused workforce development and entrepreneurship activities.

• Within the public sector, the United States is helping select institutions to adopt EU-compliant policies and regulations to facilitate trade and enable growth of companies in productive industries, including policy and regulatory reform and increased access to finance.

• U.S.-supported government-to-government partnerships with BiH institutions and agencies at the national/entity and local levels, aim to transfer best practices to local partners, introduce new technologies, and support public-private partnerships.

BiH Effectively Counters Terrorism at Home and Abroad


FY 2013

FY 2014

FY 2015

TOTAL (in thousand $)




Peace and Security




Governing Justly and Democratically




Economic Growth




• U.S. programs, including education, training, and equipping of the Armed Forces of BiH, enabled the Armed Forces to achieve successes in their path towards NATO interoperability and eventual accession in NATO, reinforcing an environment that denies haven and ease of operations to terrorists and/or violent extremists. All U.S. programs reinforce the commitment of the military to serving civil society and their role in a democratic country, to include readily providing support in national crises, whether they are natural or man-made. U.S.-sponsored seminars on combatting terrorism and violent extremism foster and reinforce a whole-of-government approach, with the Armed Forces providing key strategic enablers such as military aviation, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) teams, and trauma medical expertise. Among law enforcement agencies, U.S. training and mentoring encourages police-prosecutor cooperation, greater collaboration between law enforcement agencies; increased security for courts, judges, prosecutors and witnesses; and, pursuit of complex criminal cases including organized crime and corruption.

• U.S. training of customs and border security officers helps Bosnia implement strategic trade controls, increase the capacity of licensing officers and reviewers, and enhance controls over brokers. Equipment donations build the capabilities of Customs and Border Police to better detect and interdict contraband and other illegal cargo.

• U.S. experts are helping to demilitarize excess small arms/light weapons and munitions, destroy aging munitions, and reduce civilian risk from landmines and explosive remnants of war from the 1992-1995 conflict.

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*This fact sheet does not reflect centrally managed or regional Foreign Operations funding that is not specifically budgeted for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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