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The U.S. Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna is Hosting a Virtual Town Hall
Visit the US Mission’s Facebook page and post questions in the comments about nuclear nonproliferation, U.S. policy, nuclear security, or nuclear safety until Friday, January 13, 2012. Charge d’Affairs Robert Wood will provide answers in a video interview next week. You can also email your questions to If your question is chosen for the US Mission Town Hall, you will receive a copy of the fascinating photography book "100 Suns" by Michael Light. The Bureau of International Organization Affairs will post the video responses on its Tumblr page devoted to U.S. engagement with the United Nations and other international organizations.

Security Council Stakeout on Syria

Ambassador Rice (Jan. 10): The briefing we received on Syria was alarming by any standard. The Under-Secretary-General noted that in the days since the Arab League monitoring mission has been on the ground, in fact, some estimated 400 additional people have been killed, an average of 40 a day, a rate much higher than was the case before their deployment. That is a clear indication that the government of Syria, rather than using the opportunity of its commitment to the Arab League to end the violence and fulfill all of its commitments under the protocol, is instead stepping up the violence despite the presence of monitors and carrying out further acts of brutality against its population even often in the presence of those monitors. Full Text»

U.S. Condemns Iran's Announcement on Qom
Secretary Clinton (Jan. 10): "The United States condemns the Iranian government’s decision to begin enrichment operations at its Qom facility, an act contrary to its obligations under multiple United Nations Security Council and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors resolutions." Full Text»

World Wetlands Day Photo Celebration: Wetlands Tourism – A Great Experience (January 3-20, 2012)
Date: 01/04/2012 Description: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo of Wetlands. © UNG imageShowcase the beauty of wetlands along with your talent! Submit your best photos to a World Wetlands Day photo celebration under this year’s theme “Wetlands Tourism: A Great Experience,” sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in partnership with the Ramsar Convention Secretariat. From Jan. 3-20, 2012 upload your best photo(s) to our Flickr site in one of four wetlands and tourism-related categories: wildlife, landscapes, plants, and tourists (one per category per participant). ALL are invited to mark your favorite photo in each category through Jan. 22. The top photos in each category will be showcased on U.S. Department of State, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Ramsar Convention Secretariat and its International Organization Partners’ websites and social media platforms around the world on World Wetlands Day, Feb. 2, 2012. Visit Facebook at and for instructions and more information.

The Passing of National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong Il
Date: 12/19/2011 Location: Berlin, Germany Description: A North Korean national flag sets at half-mast to mourn the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in front of the North Korean embassy in Berlin, Germany. © AP ImageSecretary Clinton (Dec. 19): With the passing of National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong Il, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is now in a period of national mourning. We are deeply concerned with the well being of the North Korean people and our thoughts and prayers are with them during these difficult times. It is our hope that the new leadership of the DPRK will choose to guide their nation onto the path of peace by honoring North Korea’s commitments, improving relations with its neighbors, and respecting the rights of its people. The United States stands ready to help the North Korean people and urges the new leadership to work with the international community to usher in a new era of peace, prosperity and lasting security on the Korean Peninsula. Full Text»

Women, Peace, and Security

On December 19, at Georgetown University, Secretary Clinton discussed new efforts across the U.S. government to support women's participation in peace and security, including plans to better protect women from conflict-related violence and promote women's leadership and perspectives in all aspects of conflict prevention, resolution, relief, and recovery. Secretary Clinton said, "The U.S. National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security [is] a roadmap for accelerating and institutionalizing efforts across the U.S. Government to advance women’s participation in making and keeping peace." Full Text» Fact Sheet»

Keynote Address at the International Crisis Group's "In Pursuit of Peace" Award Dinner
Secretary Clinton (Dec. 16):  We can start by asking what’s missing from most peace talks and the agreements they produce. One answer to that question is women. In the past 20 years, hundreds of peace treaties have been signed. But a sampling of those treaties shows that less than 8 percent of negotiators were women. Now, there is a clear moral argument – after all, women do represent half of humanity and they have, we have, a fundamental right to participate in the decisions that shape our lives. But the moral argument has so far failed to change behavior on the front lines, where it matters most. So we need to move the discussion off the margins and into the center of the global debate, and we frankly have to appeal to the self-interest of all people, men as well as women. Because including more women in peacemaking is not just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. This is about our own national security and the security of people everywhere. Tonight I want briefly to examine the growing body of evidence that shows how women contribute to making and keeping peace – and that those contributions lead to better outcomes for entire societies. Full Text»

Recognition of International Human Rights Day

Secretary Clinton (Dec. 6): "The Obama Administration defends the human rights of LGBT people as part of our comprehensive human rights policy and as a priority of our foreign policy." Full Text»

Presidential Memorandum
President Obama released a memorandum on December 6, 2011 addressing international initiatives to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and Transgender persons (LGBT). This memorandum directs all agencies engaged abroad to ensure that U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons.

UN Human Rights Council Holds Special Session on Syria
Date: 10/03/2011 Location: Geneva, Switzerland Description: Human Rights Room at UN in Geneva, Switzerland. © AP ImageAmbassador Donahoe (Dec. 2): For the third time this year, we join a special session to make clear the international community’s grave concerns over the situation in Syria, where the authorities are committing mass atrocities and gross human rights violations against the Syrian people… We once again call on the Syrian regime to immediately admit the Commission of Inquiry and grant it unfettered access throughout Syria. Similarly, Syria must immediately admit Arab League monitors, independent human rights monitors, and humanitarian organizations, with no restrictions on their activities… We condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing slaughter, the arbitrary arrest, and the torture of peaceful protestors. We will continue to work with regional partners and the broader international community to pressure the Assad regime to end the violence against the Syrian people. Full Text»

Release of the Commission of Inquiry Report on Syria
Ambassador Donahoe (Nov. 28): The United States welcomes the release this morning of the report by the independent international Commission of Inquiry on Syria…The Commission’s findings confirm what we have been hearing for several months -- that on a nearly daily basis the Assad regime is killing peaceful demonstrators and committing arbitrary detentions, torture, and other serious human rights violations. This report amplifies an already growing chorus of international condemnation and call for action It is clear to anyone who reads it that Assad's unwillingness to end his regime's violence is taking Syria down a very dangerous path despite efforts led by the Syrian people to start a peaceful transition to democracy. Full Text»

Syria Human Rights Resolution in the UN General Assembly’s Third Committee
Ambassador Rice (Nov. 22): Today, the United Nations General Assembly spoke up for the people of Syria and against the Asad Regime, which has repeatedly gone to horrific lengths to silence dissent. By overwhelmingly adopting its first-ever resolution on Syria’s human rights abuses, the General Assembly’s Third Committee has sent a clear message that it does not accept abuse and death as a legitimate path to retaining power. Full Text»

International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governor’s Resolution on Iran
Secretary Clinton (Nov. 18): We welcome today’s resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Board of Governors to hold Iran accountable for its failure to cooperate on its nuclear program. The world has sent a clear and unified message to Tehran that it is deeply troubled by the evidence revealed in last week’s report by Director General Amano. This report supplied the clearest confirmation of what the United States has long believed – that, despite its constant denials, Iran’s government has pursued technologies and equipment that could only be applied to a nuclear weapons program. Iran has said that it seeks nuclear power solely for peaceful purposes. However, the Director General’s report and today’s action by the IAEA Board of Governors underscore that the international community does not find Iran’s claims credible. Full Text» Statement by Ambassador Davies»

U.S. Welcomes Lifting of Suspension of Libya’s Membership Rights in the UN Human Rights Council
Date: 11/18/2011 Description: Human Rights Council. - State Dept ImageAmbassador Donahoe (Nov. 18): The United States welcomes the reinstatement today of Libya’s membership rights in the United Nations Human Rights Council. The resolution adopted this morning by the United Nations General Assembly was based on commitments made by the new Libyan government to uphold its obligations under international human rights law, to promote and protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and to cooperate with relevant international human rights mechanisms, as well as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Commission of Inquiry established by the Human Rights Council. Full Text»

Commemorating UN Day With the Houston Community
Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer blogged about her recent trip to Texas

Date: 06/26/1945 Location: United Nations Description: United Nations Conference delegates unanimously adopt the UN charter in San Francisco, CA. © AP Image

Assistant Secretary Brimmer (Oct. 29): " just returned from a trip to Houston during which I met with a dynamic and diverse cross section of the Houston community over the course of two days. United Nations Day, which has been celebrated every October 24th since 1948, was the reason for my visit to Houston. It was only fitting that, on this 66th Anniversary, I travel to one of the United States’ most multicultural, academic and business oriented cities to celebrate this important day. UN Day marks the anniversary of the date that the UN Charter entered into force in 1945; its creation represented the ambition of the nations of the world, who believed that by working through the UN, they could promote global peace and a common prosperity, advancing the mutual security of nations and the universal rights of all peoples."Full Text»

Bridging Divides: Youth, Peace, and Reconciliation

Date: 10/26/2011 Location: Washington, DC Description: IO Assistant Secretary Brimmer and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation Forest Whitaker participated in a live discussion as a part of the Department's Conversations With America program. - State Dept Image
IO Assistant Secretary Brimmer and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation Forest Whitaker participated in a live discussion as a part of the Department’s Conversations With America program.

United Nations Day 2011
Ambassador Rice (Oct 24): Today, we commemorate the creation of the United Nations and its founding Charter, which entered into force 66 years ago. The UN’s founders, who included U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, envisioned amid the devastation of war an institution that would keep peace, support democracy, and promote respect for human rights—a pragmatic, truly global mechanism for furthering our security and well-being in the 20th century. Read More»

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Ambassador Rice (Oct. 17): "On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we recognize that a cruel injustice has been done whenever a child is limited not by ability but by lack of food or water; whenever a woman loses her life simply for giving birth; whenever a precious daughter or son succumbs to a disease that is preventable. Poverty is ruinous to the fabric of societies—but it also tears at the ties between nations. Our greatest threats to international peace and security often incubate in societies that can’t meet the basic needs of their people. In an interconnected world, protecting our humanity and promoting our security means redoubling our fight against extreme poverty." Full Text»

World Food Day
Secretary Clinton (Oct. 16): "Today we remember the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization and re-commit ourselves to ending global hunger. Food security is a foreign policy priority for the United States. We must continue to find new and innovative ways to get food into the hands of more people." Full Text»

Making Progress in the Fight Against Hunger: World Food Day 2011
Jonathan Shrier serves as Special Representative for Global Food Security (Acting) and Ertharin Cousin serves as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture blogged on World Food Day:

Date: 08/07/2011 Location: eastern Kenya Description: Somali refugees walk at UNHCR's Ifo Extention camp set outside Dadaab, eastern Kenya, 60 miles from the Somali border. © AP Image

(October 16): Today, World Food Day, reminds us that hunger is a reality for nearly a billion people worldwide. Rising and volatile food prices since last year have pushed tens of millions of additional people into the ranks of the hungry. This is a particularly poignant day as we have just returned from the Horn of Africa, where there more than 13 million people are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. In Somalia, a lack of effective governance and the actions of the al-Shabaab terrorist group in preventing humanitarian aid from reaching those in need have turned a bad drought into outright famine. More»

Addressing Potential Threats from Iran: Administration Perspectives on Implementing New Economic Sanctions One Year Later

Under Secretary Sherman (Oct. 13): "The world today is unified to an unprecedented degree in its concern that a nuclear-armed Iran would undermine the stability of the Gulf region, the broader Middle East, and the global economy. In defiance of U.N. Security Council and IAEA Board of Governors resolutions, Iran has continued to expand its sensitive nuclear activities, and refuses to cooperate with the IAEA, raising strong, legitimate concerns about the purpose of the nuclear program. Beyond the nuclear issue, Iran continues its longstanding support to terrorist organizations such as Hizballah, Hamas, and Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ), as well as by its support to newer proxy militia groups in Iraq." Full Text»

Protecting the Human Rights of LGBT People
DRL Deputy Assistant Secretary Baer delivers keynote remarks at Compass to Compassion Conference

Deputy Assistant Secretary Baer (Oct. 12): "Hate crimes against LGBT people continue to plague many countries including our own. Hatred of, discrimination against and marginalization of LGBT people hampers economic development, public health, and social cohesion wherever it occurs. Intolerance prevents the achievement of a rights respecting society that preserves the dignity of each person... the United States has been leading within the UN system to make clear that human rights apply to everyone, without exception." Full Text»

America’s Pacific Century
In an op-ed in foreign policy magazine Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton declares that the future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action:

Date: 12/10/2010 Description: A U.S. Navy crew member hoists the Stars and Stripes on the USS George Washington during ''Keen Sword'' U.S.-Japan joint military exercise over the Pacific Ocean. © AP Image

Secretary Clinton (Oct. 11): "Even as we strengthen these bilateral relationships, we have emphasized the importance of multilateral cooperation, for we believe that addressing complex transnational challenges of the sort now faced by Asia requires a set of institutions capable of mustering collective action...So the United States has moved to fully engage the region's multilateral institutions, such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, mindful that our work with regional institutions supplements and does not supplant our bilateral ties. There is a demand from the region that America play an active role in the agenda-setting of these institutions -- and it is in our interests as well that they be effective and responsive." Full Text»

Ambassador Peacekeepers at our Doorstep
Date: 2011 Description: Americans who serve in the police and military components United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). - State Dept ImageIO Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Holt blogged about her recent trip to Haiti: "We imagine United Nations peacekeeping missions in far-off countries, perhaps distant from our own interests. But as I witnessed on my recent visit to Haiti, the issues are very real -- and why we are working to provide support to the rule of law in a country often challenge by political insecurity with the efforts of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)." Read More»

Ambassador Rice Discusses Recent UN Security Council Vote on the Situation in Syria

Ambassador Rice (Oct. 4): "Let me be clear: the United States believes it is past time that this Council assume its responsibilities and impose tough, targeted sanctions and an arms embargo on the Assad regime, as we have done domestically…Yet today, the courageous people of Syria can now clearly see who on this Council supports their yearning for liberty and universal human rights—and who does not. And during this season of change, the people of the Middle East can now see clearly which nations have chosen to ignore their calls for democracy and instead prop up desperate, cruel dictators. Those who oppose this resolution and give cover to a brutal regime will have to answer to the Syrian people—and, indeed, to people across the region who are pursuing the same universal aspirations." Full Text»

U.S. Delegation on Food Security Travels to Horn of Africa
Oct. 4: Date: 08/25/2011 Location: Mogadishu, Somalia Description: Women and children receive food at a distribution center. © AP ImageUSAID Administrator Shah, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Agencies in Rome Ertharin Cousin, and Acting Special Representative for Global Food Security Jonathan Shrier are traveling to Kenya and Ethiopia. During their visit (Oct. 4-5), they will meet with government officials and civil society and private sector representatives to discuss progress in the region and impediments to securing unfettered humanitarian access to the at-risk populations in Somalia and those in camps in Kenya and Ethiopia. Since emergency assistance alone cannot solve the underlying long-term problems, the delegation will also visit programs that demonstrate how Feed the Future projects are supporting local efforts to increase resilience among vulnerable populations. Read More»

Key U.S. Accomplishments at the UN Human Rights Council 18th Session
Date: 10/03/2011 Location: Geneva, Switzerland Description: Human Rights Room at UN in Geneva, Switzerland. © AP ImageThe eighteenth session of the Human Rights Council came to an end in Geneva on September 30, 2011. This was the seventh regular session since the United States joined in September 2009. Though much work remains, in particular ending the Council’s disproportionate focus on Israel, U.S. engagement thus far has resulted in significant improvements to the Human Rights Council as a multilateral forum for promoting and protecting human rights. Accomplishments include groundbreaking resolutions on freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, preventing discrimination against women, LGBT human rights, religious tolerance, and the creation of monitoring mechanisms for Cote d'Ivoire, Libya, Iran, and Syria. Check out our fact sheet outlining key accomplishments at this session.

Teaching Respect for All
U.S. Announces Collaboration with UNESCO to combat racism and racial discrimination

The United States is pleased to announce an innovative partnership between the U.S. Department of State, the Government of Brazil, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to develop and promote an anti-racism curriculum entitled “Teaching Respect for All.” The “Teaching Respect for All” curriculum will be developed over the next two years, after which time it will be disseminated worldwide by UNESCO through education ministries and the extensive network of UNESCO-affiliated schools. The United States’ participation in this initiative underscores the enduring U.S. commitment to combating racism and racial discrimination. Read More»

International Jazz Day
Date: 09/30/2011 Location: Paris, France Description: Jazz singer China Moses singing at a ''Rentree Reception'' for UNESCO's national delegations at UNESCO headquarters. - State Dept Image(September 30): As the birthplace of jazz, the United States was proud to sponsor, in partnership with 31 UNESCO board members, the resolution adopted today by the Executive Board of the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommending that the organization’s General Conference proclaim April 30 of each year as “International Jazz Day.” The resolution will be presented for adoption by the General Conference in November of this year. Read More»


Taking Steps Toward A New Course Of Fiscal Restraint And Prudence At The UN
Ambassador Joseph M Torsella, U.S. Representative for UN Management and Reform delivered remarks to the Fifth Committee on the UN Budget: "We meet at a time of severe – and worldwide – economic challenge. The General Debate that has just concluded made it clear: Member States around the world are under financial strain. This is not a phenomenon of one or even several donor nations, but a global reality, north and south, east and west. … That crisis has made financial resources ever more scarce, made efficient outcomes ever more important, and made leaders – including every one of us in this room today – ever more accountable to the citizens we represent for the fiscal decisions we make…That is the simple reality we face… in a time of scarce resources, the United Nations cannot afford business as usual." Full Text»

Secretary of State Esther Brimmer rings the Opening Bell of the NASDAQ Stock Market
Date: 09/23/2011 Description: Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer rings the Opening Bell of the NASDAQ Stock Market. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Esther Brimmer officiated at the Opening Bell Ceremony on the NASDAQ Stock Market on September 23, 2011, using the opportunity to underscore the vital role played by the UN and other international organizations in the U.S. and global economy. The Assistant Secretary noted that the UN helps protect American patents and intellectual property around the world, promotes global standards for things like international shipping, civil aviation, telecommunications, and postal services, and annually procures millions of dollars of goods and services from American companies. View Video» DipNote Blog»

President Obama Remarks at the 66th UN General Assembly

President Obama (Sept. 21): “Conflict and repression will endure so long as some people refuse to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Yet that is precisely why we have built institutions like this -- to bind our fates together, to help us recognize ourselves in each other -- because those who came before us believed that peace is preferable to war, and freedom is preferable to suppression, and prosperity is preferable to poverty.” Full Text»


Joint Statement on Advancing Women’s Political Participation

Top women leaders signed on to a joint statement with concrete recommendations on ways to advance women’s political participation. Signatories of the joint statement included: H.E. Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil; Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago; H.E. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States of America; Rt. Hon. Baroness Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission; H.E. Roza Otunbayeva, President of the Kyrgyz Republic; Lilia Labidi, Minister of Women’s Affairs, Republic of Tunisia; Helen Clark, Under-Secretary-General and Administrator, UN Development Programme; and Michelle Bachelet, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director, UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.

UN General Assembly: High-Level Meeting on Libya
Date: 09/19/2011 Description: President Barack Obama meets with the National Transitional Council Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil at the UN Building, Tuesday, Sept., 20, 2011. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is at right. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) © AP ImagePresident Obama (Sept. 20): “Libya is a lesson in what the international community can achieve when we stand together as one. I said at the beginning of this process, we cannot and should not intervene every time there is an injustice in the world. Yet it’s also true that there are times where the world could have and should have summoned the will to prevent the killing of innocents on a horrific scale. And we are forever haunted by the atrocities that we did not prevent, and the lives that we did not save. But this time was different. This time, we, through the United Nations, found the courage and the collective will to act.” Full Text»

Fact Sheet: Advancing U.S. Interests at the United Nations
What the President calls a ― new era of engagement has led to concrete results at the UN that advance U.S. foreign policy objectives and American security. The dividends of U.S. leadership at the UN are tangible… In a world of 21st-century threats that pay no heed to borders, rebuilding a strong basis for international cooperation has allowed the United States to work together with others to solve common problems at the United Nations, making the American people more secure. Full Text»

UN General Assembly Convenes High-Level Meetings of 66th Session in New York
Date: 09/19/2011 Location: New York City Description: Photo of UN Headquarters Building © AP ImageAssistant Secretary Brimmer (Sept. 19): “The United States is excited to play an important role in UNGA. When President Obama took office in 2010, he vowed to lead the United States back to the multilateral table. One way to do this is by successfully engaging in the international community whenever possible, including, and most especially, right here in the United Nations. So, not only will President Obama be speaking, but Secretary Clinton, several cabinet secretaries and many State Department officials will also be in attendance. We will engage in as many of the official functions as possible as well as joining a number of private meetings on topics ranging from Haiti, Libya, and the Horn of Africa, to women in politics and agricultural development.” Full Text»

Addressing the Challenges of Non-Communicable Diseases
Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lung diseases, and diabetes, represent an urgent and growing global public health emergency.

  • Worldwide, NCDs kill over 35 million people each year, representing nearly two-thirds of the world’s deaths.
  • Today in the United States, NCDs account for 70 percent of deaths, limit the activities of tens of millions more Americans, and cost our economy billions each year.
  • More than 80% of these deaths are in low- and middle-income countries, where health systems are not equipped to deal with the increasing disease burden associated with these afflictions.

The rising tide of noncommunicable diseases warrants strengthened action and increased focus from the international community. In light of this reality, the UN is hosting a high-level summit on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (Sept. 19-20) to discuss how best the global community can address the growing threat of NCDs. For more information on NCDs check out our fact sheets here.

 UNGA 2011: Administration Goals and Priorities

Assistant Secretary Brimmer (Sept. 15): "We’ll be working to help the UN improve its tools to counter threats to international peace and security and to strengthen UN institutions to better take on these and other challenges of the 21st century." Full Text» More from UNGA 2011»



A Misguided Assault: Why the United Nations Matters
September 15, 2011, 10:00am – 11:30am
Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer participated in a discussion of the critical role the United States plays at the United Nations to ensure the organization can continue to address the broad and growing range of global challenges. Assistant Secretary Brimmer also discussed ongoing administration efforts to ensure the United Nations and its institutions are more effective, efficient, and transparent.
 Remarks» More»

Multilateral Diplomacy and U.S. Global Leadership

September 15: Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer held a conversation with President and CEO of the Stimson Center Ellen Laipson on "Multilateral Diplomacy and U.S. Global Leadership. Full Text»

Assistant Secretary Brimmer Discusses U.S. Commitment to Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases
On September 13, 2011 IO Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer addressed an audience comprised of female members of the DC consular corps at a luncheon hosted by the Sister to Sister Foundation. This luncheon was a part of the Sister to Sister Foundation’s first annual Global Workplace Wellness Program throughout the week of September 12, 2011 at the World Bank Group cafeterias. At the luncheon, Dr. Brimmer discussed goals and priorities for the 66th session of the UN General Assembly and the upcoming high level meeting on noncommunicable diseases. She said, “The harmful impact of NCDs extends with ripple effects beyond the health arena. The United States welcomes the UN’s upcoming high-level meeting on this important issue. It is a timely and appropriate opportunity for the world community to focus needed attention and leadership on the growing threat posed by NCDs.” The Sister to Sister Foundation’s Global Annual Workplace Wellness program is aimed at educating international working women by providing heart-healthy nutrition at their workplace in order to engage and help them to control and prevent obesity - a major risk of heart disease, and the No. 1 killer in women worldwide. Remarks»

Sustaining America's Global Leadership

Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Dr. Esther Brimmer elaborated on U.S. goals and priorities for the upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly in an address at the United States Institute of Peace on Wednesday, September 7, 2011. Assistant Secretary Brimmer’s remarks summarized recent U.S. multilateral accomplishments, continuing challenges, and the crucial importance of sustaining U.S. leadership at the United Nations. Full Text» Photos»

Syria: Demanding Universal Human Rights

Secretary Clinton (Aug. 18): “We have led multilateral efforts to isolate the regime, from keeping them off the Human Rights Council, to achieving a strong presidential statement of condemnation at the UN Security Council…We are heartened that, later today, the UN Security Council will meet again to discuss this ongoing threat to international peace and stability. We are also working to schedule a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council that will examine the regime’s widespread abuses. Earlier this week, I explained how the United States has been engaged in a relentless and systematic effort with the international community, pursuing a set of actions and statements that make crystal clear where we all stand, and generating broader and deeper pressure on the Assad regime.” Full Text»

UN Security Council Stakeout on Somalia, Syria, Eritrea, Sudan

Ambassador Susan E. Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivered remarks at the UN Security Council Stakeout on Somalia, Syria, Eritrea, and Sudan at the United Nations in New York on August 10, 2011. In addition to U.S. assistance to the Horn of Africa emergency, Ambassador Rice highlighted President Obama's statement condemning the violence being perpetrated by the Assad regime. Read More»

U.S. Participates in Emergency Meeting on Horn of Africa at UN Food and Agriculture Organization
Date: 07/13/2011 Description: Somalis flee in hunger in their drought-stricken nation walk along the main road leading from the Somalian border to the refugee camps around Dadaab, Kenya. © AP ImageAmbassador Cousin (July 26): “At the emergency meeting at the FAO yesterday we all agreed that it is not enough to address the present crisis, as we have done in the past, but rather it is essential that we tackle the longer term needs (access to water, agricultural development) of these stricken areas at the same time as we respond to the emergency….No country can solve this problem alone, of course. Along with other donors, we are working closely with UN Agencies like the FAO and WFP in Rome. But more will be required from our other partners around the globe. The only way to truly resolve this recurring humanitarian disaster is through more and deeper global coordination and commitment.” Full Text» Fact Sheet» Crisis in the Horn of Africa»

2011 United Nations Young Professionals Program (YPP) Examination

Assistant Secretary Brimmer (July 22): "I  am delighted once again to let you know about an important way for American citizens to apply to work at the United Nations. The Young Professionals Program examination, formerly known as the National Competitive Recruitment Examination, is currently accepting applications. The United Nations offers opportunities for Americans and others to have exciting careers in internationals relations." Full Text»

Opening Session of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, New Delhi, India
Date: 07/19/2011 Location: New Delhi, India Description: Indian Foreign Minister Krishna and Secretary Clinton attend the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue. © AP ImageSecretary Clinton (July 19): “…Let us not forget the broader regional and global context. There was a time when India’s role as a leading nation was discussed as something that would happen at some point in the distant future. But that is no longer the case. India is a global leader. And the United States wholeheartedly supports this development and sees great benefits in our growing partnership. That’s why we support initiatives like the trilateral forum we are establishing with India and Japan; why we’ve stood in favor of a stronger role for India in forums like the G-20; and why we look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member.” Full Text» Comment on DipNote»

United States UNESCO Youth Forum Representatives Announced
Date: 07/07/2011 Description: Screenshot of You Tube video UNESCO Youth Forum Finalists Announced.
 - State Dept ImageThe U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce the selection of the two U.S. representatives for the 7th United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Youth Forum. Blair Brettschneider of Chicago, Illinois and Andrew Hanna of Jacksonville, Florida will travel to UNESCO Headquarters in Paris this October to participate in the biennial conference. The UNESCO Youth Forum brings together youth from over 80 countries and gives them a voice on how UNESCO addresses global problems within its mandate. At the Forum, youth delegates will discuss UNESCO’s work and provide recommendations on how UNESCO can better foster youth development and strengthen youth participation in civic life. Read More»

Secretary Clinton at the OIC High-Level Meeting on Combating Religious Intolerance
Secretary Clinton (July 15): “The Human Rights Council has given us a comprehensive framework for addressing this issue on the international level. But at the same time, we each have to work to do more to promote respect for religious differences in our own countries. In the United States, I will admit, there are people who still feel vulnerable or marginalized as a result of their religious beliefs. And we have seen how the incendiary actions of just a very few people, a handful in a country of nearly 300 million, can create wide ripples of intolerance. We also understand that, for 235 years, freedom of expression has been a universal right at the core of our democracy. So we are focused on promoting interfaith education and collaboration, enforcing antidiscrimination laws, protecting the rights of all people to worship as they choose, and to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don’t feel that they have the support to do what we abhor.” Full Text»

South Sudan Independence Ceremony
Ambassador Rice (July 9): "I am honored to represent the United States at this hour of celebration. It is my particular privilege to lead such a distinguished, bipartisan U.S. delegation—including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on behalf of the United States; Representative Donald Payne, who has done so much in the U.S. Congress to support the birth of your state; and Ambassador Princeton Lyman, who continues to work tirelessly in the cause of peace. On behalf of President Obama, my fellow delegates, the U.S. government, and the American people, we warmly welcome the Republic of South Sudan to the community of sovereign nations. Today is a day of celebration for all South Sudanese, and a day of triumph for all who cherish the rights of all people to govern themselves in liberty and law." Full Text» Secretary Clinton's Remarks» Op-Ed» President Obama's Statement» More»

2011 UNESCO Youth Forum Finalists
The application deadline has passed, and we are extremely pleased with the large number of applications we received for the 2011 UNESCO Youth Forum. We are pleased to announce the 2011 UNESCO Youth Forum Finalists. To view the finalists and their response to the question, “what is the greatest global challenge facing youth today,” click here.

In the coming days, we will be selecting who will represent the United States at the 2011 UNESCO Youth Forum and will announce the winner on our website. Congratulations to all of the finalists.

Achieving Universal Rights Through Multilateral Diplomacy
Assistant Secretary Brimmer Remarks at the Salzburg Global Seminar Board Weekend

Assistant Secretary Brimmer (June 24): "The international response to the Arab Spring has not been limited to imposing sanctions or authorizing the use of force in the Security Council. We have seen the international community engaged across the United Nations system. And as we consider the question of universal values and the Arab Spring, the ongoing actions of the Human Rights Council in cementing global support for the rights-based goals of the Arab Spring revolutions has highlighted the positive role that body can play in helping achieve human rights." Full Text»

UN Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Date: 10/10/2010 Location: Belgrade, Serbia Description: People wave peace flags at the gay parade in Belgrade. © AP ImageSecretary Clinton (June 17): "All over the world, people face human rights abuses and violations because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, including torture, rape, criminal sanctions, and killing. Today’s landmark resolution affirms that human rights are universal. People cannot be excluded from protection simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The United States will continue to stand up for human rights wherever there is inequality and we will seek more commitments from countries to join this important resolution." Full Text» More on DipNote»

Multilateral Cooperation Between The United States and Israel: Fighting Delegitimization, Moving Forward Together
Date: 06/15/2011 Location: Washington, DC Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer delivered remarks on Israel at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Brimmer (June 15): "We have opposed unbalanced, one-sided resolutions, at the UN General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council, UNESCO, and elsewhere. We have opposed the deeply flawed and biased Goldstone Report, and voted against multiple resolutions on last year’s flotilla incident at the Human Rights Council. On the Goldstone Report, we have been clear that we want to see UN action end in relation to the report. Regarding the flotilla issue, we have joined the Secretary-General in his call on Governments to use their respective influence to discourage future flotillas, and avoid unnecessary and unhelpful provocative actions that seek to bypass the effective mechanisms that exist to deliver goods and services to Gaza." Full Text» Video»

Under Secretary Tauscher Meets With IAEA Director General Amano
Date: 06/15/2011 Location: Vienna, Austria Description: Ellen Tauscher, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, meets with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano at the IAEA's headquarters in Vienna, Austria, on June 15, 2011. [Dean Calma / IAEA]
 © Dean Calma/IAEAEllen Tauscher, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, met with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano at the IAEA’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria, on June 15, 2011.



Remarks at Global Health Council 2011 Conference
Date: 04/30/2010 Description: Nerissa J. Cook, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. - State Dept ImageAddressing Non-Communicable Diseases Through Multilateral Engagement at the United Nations

Deputy Assistant Secretary Cook (June 15) “…we come together to discuss non-communicable diseases at a pivotal moment, as we prepare for the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on NCDs. Once viewed as afflictions limited to the developed world, non-communicable diseases – including cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, diabetes, and cancers – are rising quickly in low- and middle-income countries. This growing prevalence of NCDs has significant health, economic and social implications on the individual, national, and global levels.” Full Text»

Press Statement by Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe Following the Delivery of a Joint Statement by Human Rights Council Members on the Situation in Syria
Ambassador Donahoe (June 15): "The Syrian government continues to use its military and security forces against peaceful protestors,, and over 1000 civilians have died. The region and the wider international community have been shocked by horrific reports of torture and arbitrary arrests, , and widespread use of lethal violence against peaceful protestors. Today, the Human Rights Council has spoken again and used its voice to pressure the Syrian authorities to stop these human rights violations." Full Text» Joint Statement»

Interactive Dialogue with the Commission of Inquiry on Libya
Date: 02/21/2011 Location: Benghazi, Libya Description: A scene in Benghazi, Libya obtained by the Associated Press, February 21, 2011. © AP Image(June 9): Report by the Commission of Inquiry and Chairperson Cherif Bassiouni documents evidence of the serious crimes committed in large part by the Qaddafi government, including the use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances, torture and continued targeted attacks against civilians, mosques, hospitals, and humanitarian ships. Read More»

United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AIDS
The UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on AIDS will be held at UN Headquarters from June 8-10, 2011. The meeting marks the 30th anniversary of the first reported cases of HIV/AIDS in the United States. It is also the 10th anniversary of the General Assembly’s historic Special Session that led to the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. Member States are expected to adopt a new Declaration that will not only reaffirm current commitments, but commit to additional actions to guide and sustain the global AIDS response in the coming years. Factsheet» Ambassador Rice Remarks at a Security Council Debate on HIV/AIDS and International Security»

June 2011: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month
President Obama (May 31): "Because we recognize that LGBT rights are human rights, my Administration stands with advocates of equality around the world in leading the fight against pernicious laws targeting LGBT persons and malicious attempts to exclude LGBT organizations from full participation in the international system. We led a global campaign to ensure "sexual orientation" was included in the United Nations resolution on extrajudicial execution -- the only United Nations resolution that specifically mentions LGBT people -- to send the unequivocal message that no matter where it occurs, state-sanctioned killing of gays and lesbians is indefensible. No one should be harmed because of who they are or who they love, and my Administration has mobilized unprecedented public commitments from countries around the world to join in the fight against hate and homophobia." Presidential Proclamation LGBT Pride Month»

May 29th: International Day of UN Peacekeepers
Statement from US Permanent Representative to the UN

Ambassador Rice (May 27): “On the International Day of UN Peacekeepers, the United States salutes the brave men and women who prevent conflict, save lives, and provide hope to countless vulnerable people while serving under the flag of the United Nations. More than 120,000 military, police, and civilian peacekeepers currently serve in 14 peacekeeping operations around the world. For more than six decades, UN peacekeeping missions have formed the last line of defense between violent groups and vulnerable populations. In the performance of this honorable mission, UN military, police and civilian personnel have risked and lost their lives. Just today, a convoy of peacekeepers was attacked in the south of Lebanon, an act of violence that the United States condemns in the strongest possible terms. Today and every day, we honor peacekeepers’ sacrifices and reaffirm our unwavering support for their lifesaving work.” Full Text» Comment on DipNote»

Global Partnership for Girls' and Women's Education May 26

Secretary Clinton delivered keynote remarks in support of the launch of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education. The Global Partnership will bring together companies, non-governmental organizations, and governments to develop innovative programs to deliver education to women and girls. Secretary Clinton said, "I am confident that by working with other UN agencies, institutions, and private sector partners, UNESCO can help make a much needed difference for women and girls and their educational opportunities around the world." Full Text» UNESCO Global Partnership for Girls»

Making the Grade: U.S. Government Progress in Global Agricultural Development

Ambassador Ertharin Cousin, U.S. Representative to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture, discussed the Chicago Council on Global Affairs' recent Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security (5/24) on the Department’s blog, DipNote. The gathering convened America's most committed leaders such as Congresswoman Kay Granger, Bill Gates, Catherine Bertini, and Dan Glickman, as well as a several high level U.S. Government officials including USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah and US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Ambassador Cousin said, “There is no doubt that food security is vital to national security. In 2009, President Obama announced food security as a priority for the United States, and we are on track to meet our commitment of $3.5 billion over three years through the flagship U.S. global hunger and food security initiative, Feed the Future. To do so, we take a multi-sectoral approach and build on areas where Americans have a comparative advantage.” Read Blog (May 26)»  More Photos: Flickr photostream»

The U.S. and the United Nations Human Rights Council: Principled Engagement
On May 24th IO Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Suzanne Nossel participated in a discussion focused on the United State’s participation in the United Nations Human Rights Council at the Heritage Foundation. Ms. Nossel opened the discussion with remarks outlining the United States’ goals at the Council. She said, “When we joined the council, we focused on four goals. The first is deepening councils engagement in country situations; the second is taking concrete steps to drive thematic human rights priorities, the third is defending core principles and values, and then the fourth is setting a standard for principled engagement and being an example to other countries.” She then gave examples in each area highlighting U.S. efforts to improve the Council and its membership, and the increased level of effectiveness the Council has achieved since the United States became a member in 2009. Ms. Nossel was joined by Hillel C. Neuer, Executive Director, UN Watch and Brett Schaefer, Jay Kingham Fellow in International Regulatory Affairs, The Heritage Foundation. Full Text»

Assistant Secretary Brimmer Addresses UNICRI Center on Policies to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism
On May 24th, Assistant Secretary Brimmer delivered keynote remarks at a workshop hosted by the UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute's Center on Policies to Counter the Appeal of Terrorism. Assistant Secretary Brimmer underscored how U.S. counterterrorism efforts are part and parcel of a broader foreign policy approach in the Obama Administration, that emphasizes multilateral engagement and enhanced global partnerships. She said, " For the United States, strengthening our partnerships with multilateral institutions has been not only a cornerstone on which the Obama Administration has built our counterterrorism efforts, but more broadly has served as a pillar of our foreign policy. The United States has recognized that security and prosperity for some cannot sustainably be pursued at the cost of insecurity and poverty for others…" Full Text»

World Health Organization Reform Agenda Must Address Budget Issue While Not Reducing WHO’s Impact
Date: 05/17/2011 Location: Geneva, Switzerlaned Description: Dr. Nils Daulaire Speaking at a Press Briefing with Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Assistant Secretary Howard Koh. © USUN ImageStatement by U.S. delegation at the 64th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland (May 17): "The United States strongly supports the Director-General’s leadership in promoting a comprehensive reform package for the organization. We believe the future of financing discussion has sparked an important discussion on the role of WHO at the center of global health and how to ensure the organization is best placed to respond to the challenges of the 21st century." Full Statement»  HHS Secretary Sebelius’ Remarks at WHA Press Briefing»

Syria Withdraws Candidacy for Human Rights Council
Date: 05/12/2011 Location: New York City Description: UN Human Rights Council © USUN ImageAmbassador Rice (May 11): “We believe that this is the result of the good sense of the member states of the Asia Group, who determined that they were unwilling to lend sufficient support to a country whose human rights record is deplorable and who is in the process of killing its own people on the streets, arresting thousands, and terrorizing a population that is seeking to express itself through largely peaceful means. We think that this is … one in a series of recent steps that have indicated that the trend line for the performance of both the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council—and the General Assembly in relation to the Human Rights Council—is beginning to move in a more positive direction.” Full Text»

The Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries
Date: 05/10/2011 Location: Istanbul, Turkey Description: USAID Deputy Administrator Steinberg delivered remarks at the fourth UN Conference on the least developed countries. © UN ImageDeputy Administrator Steinberg (May 10): “We are also re-engaging with host governments; civil society, both in-country and beyond; the private sector; private foundations; international financial institutions; and the UN as full partners. We are focusing our efforts in regions where democratic governments and good governance help align our country development policy with local priorities... in this pursuit, we must not lapse into viewing development through the traditional recipient-donor relationship, or reverting to all-too-comfortable blocs of nations, whether developing, emerging, or donor. No nation or group of nations has a monopoly on resources, good ideas, moral imperative, or ground truth. Rather, we must emphasize the respective contributions we can each make in areas such as global health, food security, clean water and sanitation, basic education, and other advances essential to human security. Read More»

The State of Global Food Security
Date: 05/06/2011 Location: Rome, Italy Description: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered remarks on the state of global food security and food price volatility.  © ©FAO/Alessia PierdomenicoSecretary Clinton delivered remarks on the state of global food security and food price volatility to the leadership of the United Nations Agencies and international organizations in Rome. She said, “…we must act now effectively and cooperatively to blunt the negative impact of rising food prices and protect people and communities. We need to respond to the current climb in prices with immediate action while simultaneously deepening our commitment to long-term investments in agriculture and food security worldwide.” Full Text» Press Release» Photos» Travel Page»

The Eighth Annual Global Classrooms D.C. Model UN Event
Date: 05/04/2011 Location: Washington, DC Description: The Eighth Annual Global Classrooms D.C. Model UN Event. The Department will host the eighth annual Global Classrooms D.C. (GCDC) Model United Nations Conference.  - State Dept ImageOn May 4, the Department of State hosted the eighth annual Global Classrooms D.C. (GCDC) Model United Nations Conference. Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Ann Stock delivered the keynote address at the conference’s opening ceremony. More than 600 middle and high school students from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area participated in the daylong program to help them understand the UN system, increase their knowledge of other cultures and traditions, improve their ability to think analytically and creatively, and tackle global problems collectively.

2011 World Press Freedom Day
Date: 04/20/2011 Description: World Press Freedom Day logo © UN ImageSecretary Clinton (May 3): “With two billion people now online, the internet has become the public space of the 21st Century. We have all witnessed the power that this surge in connectivity can have in shaping society and holding governments accountable. New media empowers individuals around the world to share information and express opinions in ways unimaginable just ten years ago. Even as we celebrate innovations that make information easier to share, we are reminded that in many places around the world, journalists are still targeted for harassment and abuse, and are sometimes killed.” Full Statement» Statement by President Obama»

2011 World Press Freedom Day: Defending Press Freedom in the 21st Century
IO Assistant Secretary Brimmer participates in panel discussion on Capitol Hill

“As President Obama has said, our foreign policy and multilateral engagement aims in part “to see that the principles of justice and human dignity are upheld by all.” Indeed, our work in the United Nations and other multilateral bodies does more than just contribute to U.S. national security, or help generate shared responses to common threats and challenges. It is also a critical avenue for promoting global respect for universal values, which is an enduring American interest and one we pursue across the UN system – including at UNESCO.” Read Remarks»  DipNote Blog» Remarks by Under Secretary McHale» Invitation»

Secretary Clinton on the Human Rights Council's Special Session on Syria
Date: 04/29/2011 Description: Syrians Gather in coastal city of Banais, Syria. © AP ImageOn April 29, 2011 The Human Rights Council hosted a special session on Syria. The council passed Resolution S-16/1, shining a light on the deteriorating human rights situation in Syria and condemning the continued human rights abuses by the Syrian government. Following the session Secretary Clinton said, “Today’s resolution - passed with an overwhelming majority by members from all regions of the globe - unequivocally indicates that the use of force by the Syrian government to quell peaceful political demonstrators is unacceptable. The international community has spoken and expressed its outrage at the violence used by the Syrian government to deny its population their universal human rights, including the freedoms of expression and assembly. The Council’s forceful statement, coupled with its decision to establish an urgent investigation led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, ensures that the international community will remain actively engaged in the human rights crisis in Syria.” Full Statement»

Remarks on the Situation in Syria
Date: 04/26/2011 Location: Damascus, Syria Description: Syrian protestors march in funeral procession for slain activists. © AP ImageAmbassador Rice (Apr. 26): “The brutal violence being used by the Government of Syria against its own people is abhorrent and deplorable, and the United States condemns it in the strongest terms. The outrageous use of violence to quell protests must come to an end – and now. The Syrian Government’s actions to repeal the decade’s old emergency law and allow for peaceful demonstrations were clearly not serious, given the continued violent repression against protesters. The United States is currently pursuing a range of possible policy options, including additional targeted sanctions, to respond to the crackdown and make clear that this behavior is unacceptable.” Read More»

UN Habitat Governing Council, GC23
Assistant Secretary Brimmer delivered opening remarks at GC23, which was held in Nairobi, Kenya from April 11 – 15, 2011. In her remarks, she said “Our presence here today is truly a testament to the value of the multilateral arena to addressing urbanization, and the important role of the United Nations and UN Habitat. We come together at a unique and difficult time. Global economic challenges are affecting all sides of the equation: from creating new challenges for the urban poor to decreasing tax revenue available to address urban issues. The United States is confronting many of these same broad trends.“ Full Text»  Video»

Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer's Travel to Geneva, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa
Date: 04/09/2011 Location: Nairobi, Kenya Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer's travel. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Esther Brimmer is traveling to Geneva, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa from April 7 to April 14. In Geneva, she will co-chair a meeting of the Geneva Group to build support for limiting growth in international organization budgets and underscore continued U.S. support for measures to improve transparency, efficiency and effectiveness across the UN system. In Nairobi, she will hold a series of consultations with UN counterparts, deliver remarks at the Governing Council meeting of UN-Habitat, and visit the Dadaab refugee camps. In Addis Ababa, she will meet with officials of the African Union and resident UN agencies to explore avenues for strengthened collaboration. More»

UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize Winner
Secretary Clinton (Apr. 9): “I send my deepest congratulations to jailed Iranian journalist Ahmad Zeidabadi for being named the 2011 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom prize winner. Mr. Zeidabadi, along with his fellow activists, have been banned for life from political or civic activities. This award is a recognition of his legitimate work and the work of the numerous other Iranian journalists who are currently jailed for their courageous efforts to forge a new path for Iran – one where every citizen has the right to express themselves free from persecution or violence.” More»

Reforming the United Nations: The Future of U.S. Policy
Date: 04/07/2011 Description: Ambassador Susan Rice testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee © AP ImageAmbassador Rice (Apr. 7): "As we well know, America’s resources and influence are by no means limitless, and that’s why the United Nations is so important to our national security." More»



UNESCO Youth Forum Application Process Open
Date: 04/07/2011 Location: UNESCO Paris Description: DipNote Blog: UNESCO Youth Forum Application Process Open.
 © AP ImageU.S. Department of State is now accepting applications for the 7th UNESCO Youth Forum. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Youth Forum is a biennial conference that brings together youth from over 80 countries to exchange views and identify shared opportunities to address global problems within UNESCO’s mandate. This year, the Youth Forum will be in mid-October at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. More» | More from DipNote»

Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer Visited Seattle, Washington on March 30 to Meet With Civil Society Organizations and Media
Date: 03/30/2011 Location: Seattle, Washington Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer with participants in the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program on Rule of Law in North Africa and the Middle East.  The visitors were in Seattle as part of their program.  - State Dept ImageWhile there, she delivered remarks to the Seattle World Affairs Council on the Administration’s multilateral priorities. Assistant Secretary Brimmer also met with students and faculty from the University of Washington as well as local chapters of the United Nations Association and the Council on Foreign Relations. 

United States Will Pursue a Second Term on the Human Rights Council
Date: 02/28/2011 Description: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaking at a press conference at the United Nations Office at Geneva on February 28, 2011.  The Secretary took questions from the press after addressing the Human Rights Council and the Conference on Disarmament. Photo by Eric Bridiers (official photographer for this visit). - State Dept ImageThe United States is pleased to note the landmark achievements of the most recent session of the UN Human Rights Council. This session included bold, assertive action by the Council to highlight the deteriorating human rights situation in Iran by establishing a new Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in that country, the first country-specific mandate created by the Council since it came into being. More»

President Obama Dedicates Ronald H. Brown Building
"We need to show the way. That was what Ron Brown did. And that's what America and its tireless diplomats do every single day, around the world and here at the United Nations. And on an occasion such as this, we don't just dedicate a building; we also rededicate ourselves to the principles that guide us, as a sovereign nation, but also as a member of the international community." Full Text» Remarks by UN Ambassador Susan Rice»

The Human Rights Council's Creation of a Special Rapporteur on Iran
Secretary Clinton (Mar. 24): "We applaud today's action by the Human Rights Council to create a Special Rapporteur on Iran who will help the international community monitor and respond to Iran's continuing human rights abuses. This is the first new country mandate established since the Human Rights Council was formed in 2006." Full Text»

Adoption of Resolution at Human Rights Council Combating Discrimination and Violence
Secretary Clinton (Mar. 24): "The United States welcomes today’s action by the UN Human Rights Council to further the international community’s efforts to combat religious intolerance. The consensus resolution adopted by the Council today represents a significant step forward in the global dialogue on countering intolerance, discrimination, and violence against persons based upon religion or belief." Full Text»

Human Rights Council Statement on Ending Violence Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Date: 06/24/2006 Location: Panama City, Panama Description: A hand holds a rainbow flag during a Pride march in Panama City, Panama. © AP ImageSecretary Clinton (Mar. 23): "Today, 85 countries from every region of the world joined together in a historic moment to state clearly that human rights apply to everyone, no matter who they are or whom they love." Full Text» DipNote Blog»

Holding Iran Accountable for its Human Rights Record
On March 15, Deputy Assistant Secretary Suzanne Nossel spoke on Capitol Hill at an event sponsored by the National Iranian American Council before Congressional staffers, civil society and the press to make the case for creating a Special Rappateur on Iran at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Read more» Answering the Iranian People's Call for Human Rights»

Statement from the Press Secretary on the Ongoing U.S. Response to the Earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan
“Our thoughts and our prayers remain with the people of Japan. The President has been kept fully briefed on developments and the response throughout the weekend. As directed by the President, we have offered our Japanese friends whatever assistance is needed as America will stand with Japan as they recover and rebuild.” Read more»

U.S. Humanitarian Assistance for People Affected by the Crisis in Libya
Date: 03/15/2011 Location: Libya Description: Humanitarian crisis in Libya. © UNHCR/ABranthwaiteOn March 14, Eric P. Schwartz, Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, and USAID Assistant Administrator Nancy Lindborg spoke with media about U.S. efforts to provide necessary humanitarian support to people affected by the crisis in Libya. According to Assistant Secretary Schwarz, “I think in this business we know that the most significant humanitarian crises don’t have ultimately humanitarian solutions. They have political solutions. But nonetheless, there is an enormous humanitarian challenge in the region. Some 140,000 or more migrants and refugees have fled – mostly foreign workers – Libya into Tunisia. And the number for – on the Egyptian side of the border is over 110,000.” Read more»

U.S. Calls Attention to Serious Human Rights Situations Around the World
Date: 03/14/2011 Location: Geneva, Switzerland Description: Ambassador Donahoe Speaking on Human Rights Situation in Cote d'Ivoire. © USUN ImageOn March 14, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council Eileen Donahoe delivered a statement during the Council’s 16th Session calling attention to human rights situations in countries including Libya, Iran, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, and Burma. Read more»

Papahanaumokuakea: Promoting and Preserving America’s Treasures Through Multilateral Engagement
Date: 12/03/2010 Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Description: Fish seen among coral reef at Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. © AP ImageIO Assistant Secretary Brimmer blogged from her recent trip to Hawaii where she attended the inscription ceremony for Papahanaumokuakea Marine World Heritage Site. The site, which was nominated in 2009, was added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List earlier this year. She said, “The remote chain of atolls and surrounding waters is the first U.S. site to be added to the World Heritage List in 15 years and joins 20 other U.S. sites including the Grand Canyon and the Statue of Liberty on the list… This inscription is important for the promotion and long-term preservation of this important Hawaiian site, and is an example of the direct benefits of multilateral engagement to the American people.” While in Hawaii, Assistant Secretary Brimmer also delivered remarks at the East-West center, in which she underscored the importance of the relationships between regional and global international organizations. 

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, Secretary Clinton joined friends and colleagues around the world in recognizing December 3 as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities:

"The United States is proud to be a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to support its full and effective implementation. We are also invested in including disability rights as a core focus of our efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. This global undertaking to eradicate extreme poverty and inequality offers hope to millions of people across the developing world, but much remains to be done for people with disabilities, particularly disabled women and girls. We cannot hope to achieve the Millennium Development Goals when those with disabilities are denied the opportunity to lead empowered and autonomous lives by violence or the fear of violence. Disabled people deserve equal access and opportunity within society."  Full Text»


UN Ambassador Rice on North Korea and WikiLeaks
Date: 11/29/2010 Description: Ambassador Susan Rice at the UN Stakeout © UN ImageAmb. Rice (Nov. 29): "The recently reported nuclear activities by DPRK are clear violations of UN Security Council Resolutions 1718 and 1874, and of the commitments made by North Korea under the 2005 joint statement. The U.S. strongly condemns these violations. The Security Council will now need to study carefully the recent revelations and determine the appropriate way forward. In the meantime, these developments underscore the need for all states to redouble their commitment to implementing the strong sanctions imposed in Security Council Resolutions 1718 and 1874…We continue to call on North Korea to cease its irresponsible actions against its neighbors, to fully abide by the terms of the armistice, and to adhere to its international obligations. And we will continue to work with the international community to maintain peace and security in this region as we simultaneously confront the threat posed by North Korea’s ongoing nuclear activities." Full Text» 

Special Envoy Hussain's Travel to Mali to Launch the U.S.–OIC Partnership on Maternal and Child Health
U.S. Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Rashad Hussain, traveled to Bamako, Mali from November 3-4 to speak at the launch the U.S. partnership with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on maternal and child health. More»   

UN Security Council Resolution 1325: Women, Peace and Security
"Including women in the work of peace advances our national security interests, promotes political stability, economic growth, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms." - Secretary Clinton

On Tuesday, October 26th, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addressed the UN Security Council session in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 at the United Nations in New York City. Resolution 1325 calls for increasing the participation of women in peacekeeping and ending sexual violence in conflict. Secretary Clinton announced two important steps that the U.S. will take to advance the goals of Resolution 1325. The United States will commit nearly $44 million to a set of initiatives designed to empower women and develop a National Action Plan to accelerate the implementation of Resolution 1325 across the U.S. government and with civil society partners. Full Text» Video» Fact Sheet» 

Ambassador Glyn Davies, U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna, hosted a lunch in honor of Nicolas Cage, Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (Oct. 21)
Date: 10/21/2010 Location: Vienna Description: Ambassador Glyn Davies of the U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna hosted a lunch in honor of Nicolas Cage, Goodwill Ambassador for Global Justice for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. - State Dept ImageMr. Cage was in Vienna to address a UN conference to fight organized crime. The conference marks the 10th anniversary of the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Transnational criminal activities pose significant national security challenges for the global community. These threats cross borders and continents and undermine the stability of nations, subverting government institutions through corruption and harming citizens worldwide. Ambassador Davies thanked Mr. Cage for his commitment to fighting global threats including organized crime, arms trafficking, child soldiers, and human trafficking. Mr. Cage's efforts, both personal and professional, to highlight the injustices caused by these issues bring well-deserved attention to the continuing struggle to overcome them.

Assistant Secretary Brimmer Meets UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator
Date: 10/07/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: On October 7, 2010, Assistant Secretary Brimmer met with Valerie Amos on her first trip to Washington as the UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.  - State Dept Image
On October 7, 2010, Assistant Secretary Brimmer met with Valerie Amos on her first trip to Washington as the UN Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. Under Secretary-General Amos travelled to Washington for a series of meetings to discuss the issues and challenges facing the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, continuing the close collaboration between the United States and OCHA on issues related to international humanitarian assistance.


IO Welcomes Ambassador Duane Woerth to the U.S. Mission to ICAO
Date: 10/04/2010 Location: washington, DC Description: Photo of Duane E. Woerth, U.S. Representative on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization - State Dept Image
Ambassador Duane E. Woerth was nominated by President Obama to the position of U.S. Representative on the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on July 8, 2010 and was confirmed to that position by the United States Senate on September 29, 2010. More»


Deputy Assistant Secretary Suzanne Nossel participates in a panel discussion: "The Role of Human Rights In US Foreign Policy: Setting Examples or Exercising Leadership?"
Date: 06/14/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Deputy Assistant Secretary Suzanne Nossel participates in a panel discussion: ''The Role of Human Rights In US Foreign Policy: Setting Examples or Exercising Leadership?'' - State Dept Image
The Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights hosted the presentation which featured Deputy Assistant Secretary Nossel, The New Yorker writer, George Packer, Sharon Hom, Executive Director, Human Rights in China and Andrew Apostolou, Freedom House. Ms. Nossel's remarks focused on how "Smart Power" informs the U.S. approach to human rights globally in four key aspects: drawing strength and credibility from the foundation of human rights at home in the U.S.; integrating human rights concerns as part and parcel to U.S. bilateral diplomacy; creating effective and credible multilateral tools for the promotion of human rights; and strengthening and reinforcing international norms. 

Date: 06/09/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer Testifies on ''Women as Agents of Change'' with the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Brimmer Testifies on "Women as Agents of Change" with the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Organizations, Human Rights, and Oversight
"It is an honor for me to appear before this subcommittee which has demonstrated great leadership in supporting the empowerment of women globally. Your attention and that of Congress to this important issue which impacts billions of women, girls and families around the world is welcome and deeply appreciated." Full Text»

International Day of UN PeacekeepersDate: 05/13/2010 Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer meets with U.S. MINUSTAH peacekeepers in Haiti, May 13, 2010. - State Dept Image
Assistant Secretary Brimmer (May 29): "Today marks the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, a day which allows us to pay tribute to the brave and devoted men and women serving in UN peacekeeping missions far from their families and homes under extremely challenging circumstances." Full Text»  


Assistant Secretary Brimmer Welcomes Annual Global Classrooms DC Model UN Delegates
"It is an honor to host the seventh annual Global Classrooms D.C. Model UN Event at the State Department. I cannot think of a better location to hold this Model UN Conference. As we speak, there are thousands of dedicated State Department diplomats and civil servants, men and women, in this building, working around the clock, together, to promote U.S. foreign policy objectives and forging a more democratic, secure and peaceful world." Full Text»


Assistant Secretary's Remarks to President's Committee on the International Labor Organization
"On behalf of Secretary Clinton, who unfortunately cannot be here today, it is an honor to have this opportunity to meet in this venerated building dedicated to the memory of Frances Perkins, a powerful voice for American membership and participation in the International Labor Organization (ILO)." Full Text


Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs, Dr. Esther Brimmer, Delivers Commencement Address at Albany State University May 1, 2010
Date: 05/01/2010 Location: Albany, Georgia Description: Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs, Dr. Esther Brimmer, Delivers Commencement Address at Albany State University. © Albany State UniversityAssistant Secretary Brimmer delivered the commencement address at Albany State University, in Albany, Georgia. Albany State University also presented Dr. Brimmer with its International Citizen of the Year Award. Commencement address» Media Note»



Strengthening Partnerships With Muslim Communities Around the World
Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Rashad Hussain delivered the keynote address at the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy's 11th Annual Conference on April 28, 2010. In his speech, "U.S. Relations with the Muslim World: One Year After Cairo," Special Envoy Hussain spoke about the vision that President Obama articulated in his speech in Cairo. DipNote Blog»  


UN Plaza: Smart Power at the State Department
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of International Organization Affairs Suzanne Nossel speaks with Mark Leon Goldberg of UN Dispatch about “smart power” and the UN Human Rights Council on BloggingHeads.


Assistant Secretary Brimmer Greets Director General Yukiya Amano of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Date: 04/14/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer Greets Director General Yukiya Amano of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the U.S. Department of State. - State Dept ImageThe Bureau for International Organization Affairs welcomed the Director General’s visit following the Nuclear Security Summit on April 14, 2010. During the meeting between Assistant Secretary Brimmer and Director General Amano, the leaders discussed the vital role of the IAEA in the global priorities of nonproliferation, nuclear security, nuclear safety, and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, as well as the importance of carrying the Summit momentum forward. The two seized the opportunity to discuss preparations for next month’s 2010 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference. 


IO welcomes Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference Rashad Hussain
Date: 04/13/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. - State Dept ImagePresident Barak Obama announced the appointment of Rashad Hussain as Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on February 13th, 2010. As Special Envoy, Mr. Hussain serves as the U.S. Envoy to the OIC, and seeks to deepen and expand the partnerships that the United States has pursued with Muslims around the world. More»


Secretary Clinton Meets With UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
Date: 04/12/2010 Description: Secretary Clinton holds a bilateral meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the Department of State. © State Dept photo by Michael GrossSecretary Clinton (Apr. 12): "We have so many matters to discuss because we’re working together to face a myriad of challenges in the world today, but I’m very grateful for his partnership and his friendship. Full Text»




Rebuilding Haiti: A Global Response to a Global Crisis (As appeared in the Huffington Post, April 7, 2010)
Date: 2009-03-31 00:00:00.0 Location: Washington, DC Description: Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs Dr. Esther Brimmer © State Dept PhotoAs a participant at the recent International Donors' Conference for Haiti, I was heartened to see the overwhelming show of support for the people of Haiti as they work to rebuild their nation. Over 150 nations and institutions were present at the Donors' Conference, and all listened intently as Haitian officials, including President René Préval, laid out an Action Plan for National Recovery and Development of Haiti.


International Donors' Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti
Date: 03/30/2010 Location: New York City Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer and Counselor Mills at a Foreign Press Center briefing International Donors' Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti. © UN ImageAssistant Secretary Brimmer (Mar. 30): "Thank you very much to the Foreign Press Center for organizing this gathering and opportunity to talk about both the international support for Haiti, particularly the role of cooperation with the United Nations and that’s where I will focus. I’d particularly like to express appreciation to the United Nations for co-hosting the conference tomorrow entitled, International Donors Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti." Full Text»


So Future Generations Never Forget the Horrors of SlaveryDate: 03/26/2010 Location: UN Headquarters, NY Description: Students commemorate International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. © UN ImageLast week, the world marked the International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Students and teachers from four continents engaged via the UN Cyberschoolbus to discuss the theme: "Expressing our Freedom through Culture." United Nations Headquarters in New York organized the event which gathered approximately 500 students in the audience and linked via video conference to students in Cuba, Ghana, The Gambia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and the United Kingdom. See So Future Generations Never Forget the Horrors of Slavery, DipNote Blog.



U.S. Explanation of Vote on the Defamation of Religions
Date: 03/25/2010 Location: New York City Description: UN Human Rights Council  © UN ImageOver the course of the last year, fueled by our President’s commitment to engage actively and sincerely in this Council, my government has sought to build common ground, to overcome the differences that have defined this debate, and to make progress on the many imperatives that we share in common. We share a deep concern about discrimination, the targeting and ridiculing of individuals based on their religion, and interreligious violence. Full Text»


Rebuilding for Resilience Workshop (March 22-23, 2010)
Date: 01/29/2010 Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti Description: Two men carry zinc sheets to rebuild collapsed home. © AP File PhotoThe U.S. Government co-sponsored a workshop in Miami, Florida with the UN International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, which hosted over 100 internationally renowned technical experts and policy makers. The workshop resulted in the production of a draft set of recommendations. See International Efforts Turn to Rebuilding Haiti, DipNote Blog.


International Leaders Discuss Haiti at the World Urban Forum
Date: 03/24/2010 Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Description: A general view of Rio de Janeiro, March 19, 2010. © AP ImageOn March 23rd , as part of the UN Habitat-organized 5th World Urban Forum (WUF) in Rio de Janeiro, Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer particpated in the Brazilian-hosted Special Session on Haiti called “Building Back Better” at which the Prime Minister of Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive, gave a keynote address. Assistant Secretary Brimmer focused on the United States cooperation with the UN and previewed the upcoming Haiti Donor’s Conference. Assistant Secretary Brimmer participated in WUF as a high-level U.S. Delegate since its opening March 22, and has conducted multilateral and bi-lateral meetings along with outreach sessions throughout her time in Brazil. Full Text» See Addressing Urban Issues: An Important Element of International Engagement, DipNote Blog. 

Acting Assistant Secretary Gerry Anderson greets UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director General Jacques Diouf on March 22
Date: 03/22/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Acting Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs Gerry Anderson greets UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director General Jacques Diouf on March 22, 2010. - State Dept ImageThe parties reviewed FAO technical assistance and field-based expertise provided to Haiti and other countries to develop and/or review agricultural investment plans. The parties also discussed Bureau priorities including the progress of ongoing reform efforts occurring at the FAO.



A World Free of Nuclear Weapons? Progress on President Obama’s Prague Agenda
Date: 03/19/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Amb. Glyn Davies, Permanent Representative of the United States to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the United Nations Office in Vienna. - State Dept ImageAmbassador Glyn Davies (Mar. 18): "We are in the midst of accelerating developments on both the positive and negative sides of the nuclear ledger which will determine how fast and how far the world can go toward achieving a nuclear-weapons-free future – and a future in which the many positive benefits of peaceful uses of nuclear technology are fully realized." Full Text»



Date: 03/12/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Agencies in Rome Ertharin Cousin Conduct Joint Brief Press On U.S. Policy in Somalia. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Agencies in Rome Ertharin Cousin Conduct Joint Brief Press On U.S. Policy in Somalia, March 12, 2010 More»




Assistant Secretary Brimmer Welcomes Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan and head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), March 5, 2010
Date: 03/05/2010 Location: Washington, DC Description: Assistant Secretary Brimmer welcomes Steffan de Mistura, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan and head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Brimmer welcomes Staffan de Mistura, incoming Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Afghanistan and head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). Dr. Brimmer expressed appreciation for the essential work that the UN conducts for the Afghan people. The two discussed plans for future coordination and communication.


International Law and the UN
Date: 03/02/2010 Description: Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer at speaking engagement in Chicago. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Esther Brimmer traveled to Chicago this week to speak at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs and Northwestern Law School on the importance of multilateral engagement. This trip is the third in a series of trips she is taking around the United States to discuss U.S engagement at the United Nations and other international organizations, and to elaborate on the benefits to American citizens of multilateral engagement. Full Text» Audio» DipNote Blog»


Under Secretary Otero Addresses the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
Date: 03/01/2010 Location: Geneva, Switzerland Description: Under Secretary Maria Otero Addresses the Human Rights Council. © U.S. Mission/GenevaUnder Secretary Otero (Mar. 1): "At the September plenary session of the HRC, we made clear that three tenets guide our participation: a commitment to principled engagement; consistent application of international human rights law; and a fidelity to the truth." Full Text»





IO and the United Nations: In Step in Support of Haiti
Date: 02/18/2010 Description: Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer (center) welcomes Under Secretaries General Alain Le Roy of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (right) and Susan Malcorra of the Department of Field Services (left) to discuss their recent trip to Haiti. - State Dept ImageAssistant Secretary Esther Brimmer welcomed Under Secretaries General Alain Le Roy of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Susan Malcorra of the Department of Field Services to discuss their recent trip to Haiti. Dr. Brimmer expressed condolences for the loss of life to the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti. During the course of the meeting, the parties reaffirmed a long-term commitment to support the people of Haiti and to remain in close communications regarding the humanitarian and security situation on the ground.  


IO Welcomes UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova
Assistant Secretary Brimmer welcomed Director-General Bokova, the first woman top executive of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) during her first official visit to Washington, DC. State Department representatives engaged Ms. Bokova about ongoing efforts in Haiti; emphasizing gender equity in education and science; and strengthening freedom of the press.


Cooperation Among Haiti, the United States, and the United Nations in Relief Efforts
Assistant Secretary Brimmer (Jan. 19): "Governments, the United Nations, international organizations, NGOs, private enterprise and hundreds of thousands of private individuals from all corners of the globe have answered the call to help -- to help Haiti at its time of need. Today I'd like to concentrate my comments on that particular effort, and particularly on the role being played by the United Nations, in partnership with my country, the United States, and many others." Full Text»


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