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The Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO) is the U.S. Government’s primary interlocutor with the United Nations and a host of international agencies and organizations. As such, the Bureau is charged with advancing the President’s vision of robust multilateral engagement as a crucial tool in advancing U.S. national interests. U.S. multilateral engagement spans the full range of important global issues, including peace and security, nuclear nonproliferation, human rights, economic development, climate change, global health, and much more.

Remarks at the Syria Donors Conference

Date: 02/04/2016 Description: Secretary Kerry - State Dept Image

Secretary Kerry (Feb. 4): "So we are called on to act today, and act we will. To date, the United States has provided over 4.5 billion to help Syrian refugees and those displaced within Syria, and I am proud that that makes us to date the largest single donor from external in the world. There are countries like Turkey and others who have a huge burden internally, and out of their budgets they’re trying to meet that. So today the United States is announcing our latest contribution, which is over $925 million. That includes more than 600 million in direct humanitarian aid to provide food, shelter, water, medical care, and other vital relief to millions of people inside of Syria and across the region. It also includes 325 million in development assistance, 290 million of which is new funding specifically to support schooling for 300,000 refugee youth in Jordan and Lebanon – meeting directly, hopefully, the challenge that we face here today." Full Text»

New U.S. Assistance to Respond to Syria Crisis

Feb. 4: Secretary Kerry announced today that the United States is providing nearly $601 million in additional life-saving humanitarian assistance for those affected by the war in Syria. This new funding brings U.S. humanitarian assistance in response to this conflict to more than $5.1 billion since the start of the crisis. Secretary Kerry also announced more than $290 million in U.S. development assistance for education to Jordan and Lebanon. Fact Sheet»

Strengthening The Global Response to Refugee Crises Worldwide

Date: 02/01/2016 Description: DipNote: Strengthening The Global Response to Refugee Crises Worldwide - State Dept Image

Feb. 1: Recently at the World Economic Forum, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the United States is calling for new international commitments to strengthen the global response to refugee crises worldwide. As evidence of the United States commitment to this issue, President Obama will host a Summit on the Global Refugee Crisis during high-level week at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016. DipNote»

Video Statement on Syria Negotiations

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 31): "For almost five years, the world has watched in horror as Syria has disintegrated into a brutal conflict, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions both within and outside the country. Syria today is an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe, unmatched since World War II. In recent months, a new and broad-based diplomatic initiative was launched, for the first time involving all of the key countries in the conflict. The goal is to reduce the violence, isolate terrorist groups such as Daesh, and create the basis for an inclusive, peaceful, and pluralistic Syria we all seek. This weekend, we enter a pivotal phase in that diplomatic effort. Officials from the Syrian regime and an inclusive opposition represented by the High Negotiations Committee, begin UN-sponsored negotiations in Geneva." Full Text»

Strengthening the International Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

Date: 01/22/2016 Description: Secretary Kerry delivers remarks at the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.  - State Dept Image

Fact Sheet (Jan. 22): U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced today in Davos, Switzerland, that the United States is seeking significant new international commitments to strengthen the international response to the global refugee crisis. This effort responds to the growing numbers and needs of refugee populations around the world, and reflects our sense of urgency about expanding the humanitarian safety net and creating more long-term, durable opportunities for refugees. Full Text»

Statement by the President on Iran

President Barack Obama (Jan. 17): "First, yesterday marked a milestone in preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Iran has now fulfilled key commitments under the nuclear deal. Over more than a decade, Iran had moved ahead with its nuclear program, and, before the deal, it had installed nearly 20,000 centrifuges that can enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb. Today, Iran has removed two-thirds of those machines. Before the deal, Iran was steadily increasing its stockpile of enriched uranium -- enough for up to 10 nuclear bombs. Today, more than 98 percent of that stockpile has been shipped out of Iran -- meaning Iran now doesn’t have enough material for even one bomb." Full Text»

Remarks on Implementation Day

Date: 01/16/2016 Description: Secretary Kerry Addresses Reporters Gathered in Austria After Implementation of Iran's Nuclear Program - State Dept Image

Secretary John Kerry (Jan. 16):  "This evening, we are really reminded once again of diplomacy’s power to tackle significant challenges. And thanks to years of hard work and committed dialogue, we have made vital breakthroughs related to both the nuclear negotiation and a separate long-term diplomatic effort. I’m very happy to say that as we speak, we have received confirmation that five Americans who had been unjustly detained in Iran have been released from custody. And they should be on their way home to their families before long – shortly." Full Text»

Confirmation of Verification of Iranian Actions Pursuant to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

Secretary John Kerry (Jan. 16): " I hereby confirm that the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has fully implemented its required commitments as specified in Sections 15.1-15.11 of Annex V of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The U.S. sanctions-related commitments described in Sections 17.1-17.5 of Annex V of the JCPOA are now in effect." Full Text»

Statement on Humanitarian Access in Syria

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power (Jan. 11): "The humanitarian crisis in Madaya is but one more sign of the Assad regime’s brutality throughout Syria. Such suffering should not and need not continue. Time and time again, we’ve seen the Syrian regime promise to allow life-saving aid to reach starving people, and time and time again, the regime has prevented aid from moving." Full Text»

On the North Korean Nuclear Test

Secretary Kerry (Jan. 6): The United States and nations around the world have unequivocally condemned North Korea’s latest nuclear test. This highly provocative act poses a grave threat to international peace and security and blatantly violates multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions. Full Text»

Inside the United States' Presidency of the United Nations Security Council

(Jan. 4): Each month, a different member of the Council serves as the president, providing it with a critical opportunity to help shape the Council’s agenda and shine a spotlight on some of the most urgent threats to international peace and security. In December 2015, the United States held the presidency. DipNote»


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