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Written comments - Charles Prescott



Thank you for the reminder. I am a bit puzzled why these proposals were circulated for discussion and comment, rather than the document I’m attaching. Your document contains the proposals for changes to the Letter Post Regulations put forward for adoption at Congress. I suspect that most of them were adopted and will be implemented with appropriate changes to the Letter Post Regulations, etc. They are primarily operational and formal, and are of most interest to operators.

In my view, there isn’t much to say or do about them. With very few exceptions, they aren’t really related to the upcoming work of the POC and CA. Outside these “operational” proposals, there are numerous projects on financial services, hybrid mail, address system development, development of a parcel return product, dot Post, e-services development, An Address for Everyone, the reform of the Union and many other very important projects which will occupy the time of delegates and member states, and the UPU budget.

In order for members to identify issues of critical importance to them within the work program now being budgeted and assigned to committees, I think it would be much more useful for members to review the important resolutions adopted which identify these programs and also contained proposed budgets. I have attached the relevant document. It unfortunately does not contain the budgets that were submitted by the proposals’ advocates, which themselves are extremely interesting. After all, UN agencies, like armies, run on their stomachs. Documents with the budgets proposed should be on the UPU website. Given the fact that Congress voted a prioritization ranking of these proposals, resulting in practical approval of nearly all of them, I spared myself the task of finding the original proposals.

The table of contents of the document isn’t totally reflective of the content of each resolution, but will provide some help in assisting IPOD members in prioritizing their reading. I’ve found it effective to open the document in Acrobat Pro and to use the Search tool to find key words which may reflect one’s interest. For example, searching on “Consultative Committee” will show the numerous resolutions in which the POC or CA is instructed to involve the CC in their work, or the CC is invited to a project. In fact, as a first in UPU history, a resolution was put forward NOT by a member state, but by the CC, and was adopted. It is on innovation and hybrid mail.

You are correct that the upcoming April meetings will be important. They are so important that the Management Committee of the Consultative Committee, which represents the “wider” postal sector, held a well-attended meeting in January in Madrid to mobilize members for the work. We have used the document I have attached to enable members to notify the IB of the committees and projects they wish to make a contribution to.

The document best reflects the project proposals for work over the coming period. This is where the money gets spent and progress (one hopes) is made in improving the international postal network. I believe that it is through this document that IPOD members can best identify where State should concentrate its limited resources, and where they themselves may wish to participate.

I hope everyone gets through this coming storm without incident.



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