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P.L. 105-277, of October 21, 1998, Section 633, entitled "International Postal Arrangements"

October 21, 1998


Public Law 105-277, the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropiations Act, 1999, dated October 21, 1998, contained the provisions below. These may be found in United States Code Congressional and Administrative News, 105th Congress - Second Session, 1998, Volume 3, 112 STAT. 2681-523.



Sec. 633. (a) INTERNATIONAL POSTAL ARRANGEMENTS. -- Section 407 of title 39, United States Code, is amended to read as follows:

"Section 407. International Postal Arrangements.

"(a) (1) The Secretary of State shall have primary responsibility for formulation, coordination and oversight of policy with respect to United States participation in the Universal Postal Union, including the Universal Postal Convention and other Acts of the Universal Postal Union, amendments thereto, and all postal treaties and conventions concluded within the framework of the Convention and such Acts.

"(2) Subject to subsection (d), the Secretary may, with the consent of the President, negotiate and conclude treaties, conventions, and amendments referred to in paragraph (1).

"(b)(1) Subject to subsections (a), (c), and (d), the Postal Service may, with the consent of the President, negotiate and conclude postal treaties and conventions.

"(2) The Postal Service may, with the consent of the President, establish rates of postage or other charges on mail matter conveyed between the United States and other countries.

"(3) The Postal Service shall transmit a copy of each postal treaty or convention concluded with other governments under the authority of this subsection to the Secretary of State, who shall furnish a copy to the Public Printer for publication.

"(c) The Postal Service shall not conclude any treaty or convention under the authority of this section or any other arrangement related to the delivery of international postal services that is inconsistent with any policy developed pursuant to subsection (a).

"(d) In carrying out their responsibilities under this section, the Secretary and the Postal Service shall consult with such federal agencies as the Secretary or the Postal Service considers appropriate, private providers of international postal services, users of international postal services, the general public, and such other persons as the Secretary or the Postal Service considers appropriate."

(b) SENSE OF CONGRESS - It is the sense of Congress that any treaty, convention or amendment entered into under the authority of section 407 of title 39 of the United States Code, as amended by this section, should not grant any undue or unreasonable preference to the Postal Service, a private provider of postal services, or any other person.

(c) TRADE-IN-SERVICE PROGRAMS - The second sentence of paragraph (5) of section 306 (a) of the Trade and Tariff Act of 1984 (19 U.S.C. 2114b(5)) is amended by inserting "postal and delivery services," after "transportation."

(d) TRANSFER OF FUNDS - In fiscal year 1999 and each fiscal year hereafter, the Postal Service shall allocate to the Department of State from any funds available to the Postal Service such sums as may be reasonable, documented and auditable for the Department of State to carry out the activities of Section 407 of title 39 of the United States Code.

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