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April 9, 2013



TEXT: “Technologies that should be used to empower people are being used to repress them.” (President Barack Obama)

Edet Ojo/Nigeria: In Nigeria today the government is trying to regulate the internet.

TEXT: “Information, freedom, and power and intricately linked” (Ambassador Eileen Donahoe, US Representative to the UN Human Rights Council)

Grigory Okhotin/Russia: Now the Internet helps you do it faster, to spread it broader, and most importantly to develop some services which will help people.

TEXT: “The more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes” (President Barack Obama)

Michael Anti/China: For the first time in the history, China has a platform to practice freedom of speech. It’s a good trend for future citizenship.

TEXT: Since 2012 more than 50 internet and citizen journalists were killed globally (reporters without borders).

TEXT: Since 2012 almost 300 bloggers and internet citizens were arrested…

TEXT: … more than half of those arrests were made this year. (reporters without borders)

Bronwen Robertson/New Zealand: Internet freedom means, free and open access to information. Just that- without fear of repercussions, without any restrictions.

Usamah Mohamed/South Sudan: Internet help us greatly in, actually, spreading information more effectively and reaching a greater audience.

Mac-Jordan Disu-Degadjor/Ghana: Internet is helping promote digital literacy, promote innovation, creativity, and promote local content.

Grigory Okhotin/Russia: My name is Grigory Okhotin and I stand for human rights.

Edet Ojo/Nigeria: My name is Edet Ojo and I stand for free speech.

Mac-Jordan Disu-Degadjor/Ghana: My name is Mac-Jordan Degadjor, I stand for open internet.

Usamah Mohamed/ Sudan: My name is Usamah and I stand for internet freedom.

Bronwen Robertson/New Zealand: My name is Bronwen and I stand for a free flow of information.

Michael Anti/China: I’m Michael Anti and I stand for better global internet governance.


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