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Table of Contents

Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs

Executive Summary

Status of Funds Table

Appendix I — Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund, Sectoral Descriptions

Security and Law Enforcement

Police Training and Technical Assistance (Project Code 10000
Border Enforcement (PC 11000)
Facilities Protection Service (PC 12000)
Iraqi Armed Forces Facilities (PC 20000)
Iraqi Armed Forces Equipment (PC 21000)
Iraqi Armed Forces Training and Operations (PC 22000)
Iraqi National Guard Operations and Personnel (PC 23000)
Iraqi National Guard Equipment (PC 24000)
Iraqi National Guard Facilities (PC 27000)
Iraqi Security Forces Quick Response Program (PC 26000) 
Nonproliferation and Export Control and Border Security (PC 09600) 
Focused Stabilization (PC 08500) 
Commander’s Humanitarian Relief & Reconstruction (PC 28000)

Justice, Public Safety Infrastructure, and Civil Society

Witness Protection Program (PC 30000)
Other Technical Investigative Methods (PC 31000)
Penal Facilities (PC 32000)
Reconstruction and Modernization of Detention Facilities (PC 33000
Facilities Repair (PC 13000)
Fire Service (PC 14000)
Demining (PC 09500)
Public Safety Training and Facilities (PC 15000)
National Security Communications Network (PC 25000)
Rule of Law in Iraq (PC 06500)
Investigations of Crimes Against Humanity (PC 05000)
Judicial Security and Facilities (PC 09000)
Democracy-Building Activities (PC 06000)
Marla Ruzicka Iraq War Victims Fund (PC 06050)
U.S. Institute of Peace (PC 07000)


Generation (PC 40000)
Transmission (PC 41000)
Distribution Network Infrastructure (PC 42000)
Automated Monitoring and Control System (PC 43000)
Security (PC 45000)

Oil Infrastructure

Oil Infrastructure (PC 50000)
Emergency Supplies of Refined Petroleum Products (PC 51000)

Water Resources and Sanitation

Potable Water (PC 60000)
Water Conservation (PC 61000)
Sewerage (PC 62000)
Other Solid Waste Management (PC 63000)
Pumping Stations and Generators (PC 64000)
Irrigation and Drainage Systems (PC 65000)
Major Irrigation Projects (PC 66000)
Dam Repair, Rehabilitation, and New Construction (PC 67000)
Umm Qasr/Basrah Water Supply Project (PC 68000)

Transportation and Telecommunications

Civil Aviation (PC 70000)
Umm Qasr Port Rehabilitation (PC 71000)
Railroad Rehabilitation and Restoration (PC 72000)
Iraq Telecommunications and Postal Corporation (PC 74000)
Iraq Telecommunications Systems (PC 76000)
Consolidated Fiber Network (PC 76500)
Iraq Telecommunications Operations and Media (PC 79000)

Roads, Bridges, and Construction

Public Buildings Construction and Repair (PC 81000)
Roads and Bridges (PC 82000)

Health Care

Nationwide Hospital and Clinic Improvement (PC 90000)
Equipment Procurement and Modernization and Training (PC 92000)
Basra Children’s Hospital (I) (PC 91000)
Basra Children’s Hospital (II) (PC 91500)

Private Sector Development

Expand Network of Employment Centers (PC 01000)
Vocational Training (PC 02001)
Business Skills Training (PC 02500)
Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (PC 03000)
Institutional Reforms (PC 01500)
Agriculture (PC 01600)
Market-Based Reforms (PC 03500)
Iraq Debt Forgiveness (PC 04500)

Education, Refugees, Human Rights, and Governanc

Migration and Refugee Assistance (PC 04000)
Commission for the Resolution of Real Property Disputes (PC 05500)
Governance (PC 06700)
Ministerial Capacity Building (PC 06750)
Banking System Modernization (PC 08000)
Post Conflict Reintegration (PC 08400)
Human Rights (PC 09500a)
Education (PC 06300)
Civic Programs (PC 06600)

Note: Project Code (PC) numbers represent a Department of State tracking system.

Appendix II — Contributions from Other Donors

Appendix III — Economic Support Fund and Other Funding Sources

Security Track

Provincial Reconstruction Development Council Funds
Quick Response Fund
Local Governance Project
Community Stabilization Program in Strategic Cities
Infrastructure Security Protection for Oil, Water, and Electricity
Community Action Program II

Economic Track

Infrastructure Capacity Development
Operations and Maintenance Sustainment
Agriculture Private Sector Development
Ambassador’s Targeted Development Program
Provincial Ecnomic Growth

Political Track

Ministerial Capacity Development
Policy, Legal, and Regulatory Reform
Democracy and Civil Society
Regime Crimes Liaison Office

Programs Funded by Other Budget Sources

Democracy, Human Rights, and Women’s Issues (DF)
Criminal Justice Development and Rule of Law (INCLE)
Refugee Assistance (MRA, ERMA, IDFA)
Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining, and Related Projects (NADR)III-24
Scientist Engagement Program

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